Victory Gundam Ep. 4: For Whom Do We Fight?


Shahkti watches as the League Militaire works on the Camion transport carrying the different segments of the Victory Gundam. With the help of Haro, Uso spreads wire across the road to act as a trap for Yellowjacket mobile suits. Katejina tells Shahkti they are preparing for an attack because they can’t leave until the Core Fighter is repaired. As camp is set, Oi Nyung asks Shahkti to help hand out food. At the Largaine base, Sabat tells Fuala and Dupre he lost because he was attacked by a ground turret, and he wants revenge for Garry. Cronicle is placed under Sabat’s command to find the League Militaire in Kasarelia and retrieve the Shokew. Uso finishes preparing his traps, and Oi Nyung asks if he can see Uso’s spare computer chips. He rides with Oi Nyung and Romero over to his house, where he shows them a secret area filled with computer chips, a library, and an old mobile suit simulator. They ask if they can use spare parts for the Core Fighter, and Uso agrees. Elsewhere, Sabat and Cronicle search the area for the League Militaire’s camp. Cronicle lands to investigate and spots one of the wires. He happens to see Shahkti go by on a hovercraft and asks her what the wires are for. She lies and says they are for the telephone. Cronicle hears explosions nearby and returns to his Zolo because Sabat has found the League Militaire and has begun an attack. Uso finds Shahkti and tells her to catch up with the Camion transport but not stay too close to it. She says the trouble is being caused by their presence, and Uso tells her he doesn’t want to have to worry about her when he is fighting. He thinks the Camion group is troublesome, but he has no choice and must fight. He then hurries to where the Shokew is hidden and activates it.

Uso sees that Shahkti is too close to the Camion transport and wonders why the trucks have stopped. Despite her injury, Marbet gets inside the Core Fighter so that she can lead the enemy away from the Camion transport. She tells Uso he was lucky before and that he can’t overdo things while fighting. Uso grabs a Gatling gun from one of the trucks and takes off. He flies through the smoke and is attacked by Cronicle. Sabat and Cronicle transform their Zolos into mobile suit mode and attack Uso. Uso attacks one of the transforming Zolos and disables it. Marbet joins the fight and tells Uso he can’t rely on firepower alone. Sabat wonders where the Core Fighter came from, and Cronicle says he is being humiliated because of it. Marbet attacks Cronicle, and Uso moves in to help her. Romero and Odelo work to get the Top Fighter ready for Marbet. Sabat chases Uso into the forest, and Marbet returns to the transport to dock with the Top Fighter. She rejoins the fight, and Cronicle wonders where another fighter could have possibly come from. Marbet attacks one of the Zolos with her beam rifle and causes it to crash in the ground. Sabat attacks Uso and accidentally triggers one of the traps. Uso tries to use a beam rifle, but Sabat knocks it away. He moves in for a killing blow, but Uso is saved by the Shokew’s shoulder cannon. Sabat’s Zolo is hit, and he accidentally impales himself on the Shokew’s beam saber. Uso is shocked by what happened, and Shahkti wonders what he did. Cronicle then attacks Uso and forces the Shokew into a corner. With no weapons left, Uso is forced to eject the cockpit pod, which Cronicle shoots at. Uso safely lands in a tree and runs off. In the present, Shahkti notes that Uso seems to be mesmerized by the Victory Gundam.


Now we’re finally caught up on the events of episode 1. A lot of things happened before it, and I still think it’s odd that Tomino chose to begin the series in this manner. However, this was a good action-packed episode. It looks like Uso is starting to get the hang of being a mobile suit pilot, having now used the Shokew and Victory Gundam to kill several Yellowjacket officers and send Cronicle away in defeat. Now that Uso is the pilot of the Victory Gundam, it’s obvious that he’ll join the League Militaire. He may not like it, but he doesn’t seem to have much of a choice. We’ll see where the story goes now that the flashbacks are out of the way.

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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