Victory Gundam Ep. 41: The Battlefield That Father Made


The Reineforce Junior and White Ark arrive in space and are immediately attacked by several Jabacos and Fuala’s Zanneck. Fuala continually takes shots at both ships and barely misses. A Jabaco attacks Francesca and grabs onto her V-Dash Gundam Hexa with its heat rod, but Uso cuts the rod in half with his wings of light and saves Francesca. Fuala hopes to draw the Gundams in closer because she believes the bells she is wearing can tell her where her enemies are moving. Uso deploys his wings of light and tells Francesca and Miliera to use them as a shield. Fuala fires her mega beam cannon again, and Uso deflects them with the wings of light. Uso then moves in and tries to slice at the Zanneck with the V2 Gundam‘s wings of light, but Fuala dodges and retreats. Francesca and Miliera compliment him, and he says it’s nothing. They say he does things differently since he’s a Newtype, and he says he’s just excited to work with two beautiful women. After docking at the Reineforce Junior, they bug him about who he thinks is beautiful and tell him not to imitate Junko. Uso sees that Karlmann is making noise and asks if he is hearing the bells, but Shahkti says it is different this time. Jinn asks Shahkti up to the bridge and wants to know if Karlmann can really hear the bells. Gomez says that he heard them in Largaine, which helped out there. As the ships approach Hiland, Gomez shouts out some commands and nearly wakes up Karlmann. Uso changes clothes and goes to one of the observation ports to get a look at Hiland. He spots a EFF fleet docked there, led by the flagship Jeanne D’Arc. The Reineforce Junior pulls in and connects a docking tube to the Jeanne D’Arc. Uso goes over to the ship to have a look and is grabbed by someone. He turns around and is shocked to see that it is his father Hangerg Evin. Hangerg says that he’s read about Uso’s experiences and sees that he’s done well. Uso asks him what he is doing on the ship.

Uso tells Hangerg that he buried Myra’s ashes in Kasarelia, and Hangerg says he is sorry he couldn’t do more. Hangerg says that Myra liked Kasarelia a lot and would have no regrets about being there. Hangerg sheds some tears and hugs Uso. He tells Uso that he’s become a better man than he ever thought he’d become. Uso asks him where he’s been, and Hangerg says he’s been trying to get the EFF to help the League Militaire. Shahkti and the others show up, and Hangerg sees that Shahkti has grown quite a bit. An EFF officer addresses Hangerg as Jinn Jahannam and tells him that General Mubarac Stern is waiting for him. Everyone is shocked that Uso’s father is the real Jinn, and Hangerg leaves. Elsewhere, Fuala flies by the Rasteo and tells Pippiniden that he will have to handle the League Militaire on his own. Pippiniden tells Lupe that he doesn’t like Fuala or Tassilo, who is nothing but a puppet for Kagatie now. Pippiniden wants to get his hands on Angel Halo, which Tassilo is guarding, but it means having to get closer to Kagatie. Fuala arrives at Tassilo’s Amalthea class ship, and he tells her that it is important for them to protect Angel Halo. On the Jeanne D’Arc, Hangerg and Mubarac give a briefing to EFF officers about Angel Halo. The League Militaire had to make many sacrifices, and all they could learn was that Angel Halo is a psycommu fortress. Uso, Odelo and Tomas are called into the meeting, and Mubarac tells them that from now on they are officially enlisted. The EFF officers can’t believe that a kid like Uso is the pilot of the V2 Gundam and think he must be a Newtype. Hangerg gives Uso orders to test his mega beam rifle. On the Adrastea, Lupe’s Bruckeng squad launches to attack the League Militaire and the EFF. The EFF fleet deploys for battle, and Uso fires his mega beam rifle from the White Ark. Lupe tries to attack the Jeanne D’Arc, but Uso keeps her away. She jumps out of her Einerad to attack, but he slices off her hands and chases her away. Hangerg is amazed by Uso’s power, and Mubarac thinks Uso is a true Newtype.


Well, there’s certainly quite a bit going on in this episode. The powerful Zanneck appears briefly here, and we see that its mysterious pilot is none other than Fuala, who had previously been sentenced to die in space by Tassilo. However, things have changed since then, and now it looks like she’s working for him. She also appears to be quite insane. We also get to finally see Uso’s father Hangerg, and it just so happens that he’s the real Jinn Jahannam. That would certainly explain his absence up until now. The EFF also seems to finally be taking action, and General Mubarac Stern seems like a capable commander. However, for some reason he looks nearly identical to General Revil from the original series. Coincidence or not? Maybe we’ll never know.

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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