Victory Gundam Ep. 42: A Shining Vortex of Fresh Blood


Uso’s V2 Gundam is attacked by two Gedlavs, and they try to smash him between their Einerads. Odelo and Tomas arrive in their Gun Blastors and destroy the Einerads to save Uso. Tomas tells Uso that he has to be careful when he fights since Hangerg is watching. On the Rasteo, Pippiniden sees that Tassilo won’t move his forces unless requested to. With the first defense line breached, Pippiniden has no choice but to retreat to the second defense line. As Pippiniden’s ships retreat, Marbet tells Uso to return to the White Ark. Uso asks Shahkti if she can hear the ringing bells, and Shahkti says she can feel it more than hear it. She also says that it feels different from what they heard on Earth. Karlmann doesn’t seem to hear it while sleeping, and Uso wonders what is going on. On the Rasteo, Pippiniden argues with Tassilo in a video conference over Tassilo’s lack of support. Tassilo explains that his primary duty is to strengthen the defense of Angel Halo. Lupe comes in wearing a dress over her pilot’s suit, and Tassilo wonders what kind of weird woman she is. On the Amalthea, Fuala speaks to Tassilo and then prepares her Zanneck for battle. Pippiniden and Lupe plan their next strategy, and Lupe hopes to destroy the Zanneck from behind and take out the Gundams at the same time. Pippiniden tries to kiss her, but she floats away and goes to the mobile suit hangar to launch in her Bruckeng. On the Reineforce Junior, Cony launches in her V-Dash Gundam Hexa, followed by Miliera. A mechanic gives Francesca a new mega beam shield to use in battle. On the White Ark, Uso launches with in the V2 Gundam with his mega beam rifle, followed by Odelo and Tomas’s Gun Blastors. Uso knocks a Gedlav out of its Einerad while Tomas blows the Gedlav away. Uso steals the Einerad, and Tomas shoots at him as part of a ruse to get closer to the Zanscare fleet. As they approach the fleet, Uso can feel something coming from where Angel Halo is. Two Gedlavs fly by him and attack Tomas.


The White Ark dodges enemy fire and fires its mega particle gun as it enters the battlefield. Elisha is able to detect Angel Halo on the field, and Warren thinks that her senses are sharper now that they are back in space. Shahkti and Suzy try to feed Karlmann a bottle of milk to keep him quiet. In the battlefield, Francesca deploys the mega beam shield when she is attacked by a Zoloat. The shield is too powerful for her Victory Gundam Hexa and causes it to overload. The Zoloat blows her head off, and he uses the shield’s V blast to destroy the Zoloat. She then ejects from the cockpit before the suit explodes and floats away on the shield. With only an hour of oxygen left, Francesca wonders if she can get the shield to Uso. As she begins to drift away from the shield, Odelo finds her and rescues her. He asks her if she is all right, and she tells him it is important to get the shield to Uso. Lupe attacks Uso with the pieces of her Einerad, but he blows them away. She then destroys his mega beam rifle, forcing him to fight with his regular rifle. Pippiniden decides to launch in his mobile armor Birknau and join the battle. Fuala asks Tassilo if they will be helping Pippiniden, but he says not yet. On the Jeanne D’Arc, Mubarac comments that Uso is very strong, but Hangerg has trouble admitting that his son is more powerful than him. Lupe hides behind a ship fragment as two Bruckengs smash into Uso with their Einerads. Lupe moves in with the ship fragment to kill Uso, but he fires his beam rifle at close range and breaks free of the Einerads with his wings of light. Odelo gives him the mega beam shield. Lupe crashes into the shield and says she wants Uso to become her dream. He stabs her Bruckeng with his beam saber and says he can’t do that. Lupe escapes and heads back to the Rasteo. As Pippiniden is about to launch in the Birknau, Lupe grapples onto him and blows up, destroying the Birknau and the Rasteo. Marbet calls Uso and tells him that their fleet has broken through the Zanscare defense line, giving them time to regroup.


This episode picks up in the middle of the battle where the previous episode left off. Here we see that Pippiniden and Tassilo don’t get along too well and don’t want to cooperate. In war, this kind of infighting on your own side can only lead to defeat. These guys should have been more concerned about the League Militaire than themselves. Pippiniden ends up getting it this time, thanks to Lupe’s explosive suicide hug. Lupe always was a strange one, and her bizarre death is fitting for someone like her. With the series finale quickly approaching, more people should start dropping like flies soon.

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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