Victory Gundam Ep. 44: Love Lies at the End of the Light


The White Ark approaches the area of Angel Halo with lots of junk tied to it to make it seem as if it is hauling spare parts. A Rig Shokew For Imperial Guard squad led by Kishowl Bagwatt and Kalinga Wogel stops the ship and begins an inspection. Kishowl thinks that the ship looks like a pirate ship with all the stuff it is carrying. He and Kalinga go into the ship’s cockpit and find everyone there. A disguised pregnant Marbet explains that they are survivors of Pippiniden’s fleet who are transporting captured enemy mobile suits and other supplies. Kalinga asks Marbet when her baby will be born, and Marbet quickly lies and says one month. Kishowl asks Kalinga if she likes children, and she says that she would like to be a mother some day. He says that after the war is over he’d like to have a child with her. Everyone congratulates Kalinga on the proposal, and the two pilots leave. Marbet removes the bundle that makes her looks pregnant, and Shahkti thinks that she really is pregnant. Uso asks if that’s true, and Marbet says she doesn’t know. The Imperial Rig Shokews escort the White Ark to the old colony Blue 3. There, everyone sees followers of Maria like the ones from Underhook. However, these “psychickers” have been brainwashed because they will become the power source for Angel Halo. Kishowl and Kalinga say goodbye to them and kiss each other as they leave. Nearby, Maria tells Kagatie and Mutterma that she can feel Shahkti’s presence nearby. She says that Shahkti is more powerful than she is and that they will need to use her for Angel Halo to reach its full potential. Maria wants to use Angel Halo to spread waves of peace over Earth and space to make everyone forget about war. Kagatie sends out men to find Shahkti. Uso and Shahkti are caught planting bombs on Blue 3’s exterior by Kishowl, and Uso knocks Shahkti away. He jumps onto Kishowl’s beam rifle and asks him not to shoot. As Kishowl and Kalinga move in closer, Odelo attacks with his Gun Blastor. Kishowl is caught in a net when he attacks a decoy, and Uso launches in the V2 Gundam. He grabs the Imperial Rig Shokew from behind and forces Kishowl to escape. The White Ark fires adhesive gum, and when an explosion is set off nearby, Kishowl gets stuck to the V2 Gundam.

On the Amalthea, Kalinga explains the situation to Fuala and says she wants to avenge Kishowl. Fuala agrees to help Kalinga because she wants to test out her new Gengaozo mobile suit. On the White Ark, Tomas pilots the captured Imperial Rig Shokew as part of the ruse to infiltrate Angel Halo. Shahkti goes down to see Kishowl and says she wants his help. She tells him she is Maria’s daughter and wants him to take her to Angel Halo. He doesn’t really believe her, but she says she knows Maria wants to use Angel Halo for something good and that she wants to help. Kishowl says he can’t do anything while handcuffed, so Shahkti releases him. He takes her to the cockpit and threatens everyone with a gun. He demands that Tomas return his Imperial Rig Shokew and says he’ll shoot Shahkti if anyone moves. Kishowl and Shahkti take off in the Imperial Rig Shokew, and Uso, Tomas and Odelo chase them. As Kishowl is chased from the rear, at his front he spots Kalinga’s Imperial Rig Shokew squad and Fuala’s Gengaozo. Kalinga wonders if Kishowl is still alive, and Fuala tells her that the League Militaire often captures Zanscare equipment to try to trick them. Kalinga is disgusted that they would use her mobile suit, so she attacks. Kishowl deploys his metal whip to protect himself from Kalinga’s attacks. He tries to contact her, but the density of Minovsky particles is too thick for him to reach her. Uso tries to get Kalinga to attack him, but Fuala sneaks up behind him and fires her beam launcher at him. As the fighting continues, Kishowl ejects Shahkti into space so that she can get away. Kalinga attacks once more, and she and Kishowl drive their beam sabers into each other’s cockpits. Kishowl flies over to Kalinga and finds her mortally wounded. He asks her about their child, and she tells him to raise the child well. Kishowl says he wants to get married now and that they should imagine Angel Halo as their wedding cake. Kalinga dies, and the two are blown away when the Imperial Rig Shokews explode. Fuala grabs Shahkti and takes her back to the Amalthea. Tassilo wants her to be the Empire’s symbol, and she agrees to help him.


We learn more about Angel Halo this episode, and we also get to see some more tragedy, Tomino style. In a manner somewhat like Romeo & Juliet (with robots), here two lovers have to die due to a misunderstanding. However, at least Romeo didn’t slice up Juliet with a beam saber. Kishowl and Kalinga are another example of how Zanscare pilots are human too, much like Mathis Walker was. Here we learn that Angel Halo is a psycommu weapon that uses thousands of brainwashed people for its power. Maria says it will spread waves of peace, but somehow I doubt that is really the case. Also, Shahkti manages to get herself captured again. When will she learn that she can’t reason with the Zanscare?

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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