Victory Gundam Ep. 46: Tassilo’s Mutiny


Uso and Juca examine the newly upgraded V2 Buster Gundam, which now comes equipped with a mega beam cannon and a spray beam pod. With this new weaponry, Uso hopes he can get to Angel Halo and find Shahkti. On the Amalthea, Shahkti tells Tassilo that she’ll become the symbol of the Zanscare Empire on the condition that he take her to Cronicle’s Adrastea. Tassilo agrees and has Fuala transport Shahkti there in her Gengaozo. Shahkti meets with Cronicle, and he is glad that she has finally accepted her position. She tells him she’ll do what he says if he destroys Angel Halo. Cronicle laughs and says that’s ridiculous because Angel Halo will spread waves of peace over Earth. Shahkti says that Angel Halo is a strange machine and has an air of madness, and that her mother is Kagatie’s puppet. She rushes Cronicle and steals his gun from his hip holster. When Katejina comes in, Shahkti shoots Cronicle and hits him in the shoulder. Katejina knocks the gun out of Shahkti’s hand and holds it to her head. Shahkti says that Angel Halo is making everyone weird, including Katejina. Katejina tells Shahkti she isn’t weird, and Cronicle orders Katejina to place Shahkti under guard because they can still use her as Maria’s daughter. Uso is attacked by a Zoloat and destroys it with his spray beam pod. He tests out his mega beam cannon on an enemy ship, but it blocks with its beam shield. Fuala heads out in her Gengaozo to look for Uso. Marbet, Cony and Juca engage several Gedlavs equipped with Einerads. Cony forces a Gedlav out of its Einerad so that Marbet can destroy it. Uso is attacked by more Zoloats, but he destroys them with his spray beam pod. Marbet calls Uso and tells him that the Reineforce Junior will be arriving soon. As more Gun-EZs and Javelins attack, Tassilo decides to retreat. Fuala fires her beam launcher at Uso, and he blocks her shot by firing his mega beam cannon and spray beam pod simultaneously. Marbet begins a kamikaze run and ejects from her Victory Gundam before it smashes into a Callisto and destroys it. Tassilo is annoyed that Gundams challenge him at every step of the way.

Tassilo sees that Cronicle’s fleet isn’t moving, so he has his Amalthea fly to Angel Halo. Nearby, Uso counters Fuala’s shots by firing his spray beam pod to block her beam launcher. Fuala uses her beam mace to destroy Uso’s mega beam cannon before escaping. Inside Angel Halo, Maria continues to focus her thoughts on prayer. On Earth, an entire town’s worth of people passes out from the effects of Angel Halo. Tassilo enters the core of Angel Halo, and Kagatie asks him why he’s come when there’s a battle going on outside. Tassilo says he’s not a clown and pulls a gun on Kagatie. Kagatie says he falsely sent Tassilo to the guillotine, and Tassilo says he would have died if not for the League Militaire. He tells Kagatie that he swallowed his pride to wait for the opportunity to destroy Angel Halo. Shahkti watches as Angel Halo glows brightly and then stops. Cronicle wonders why Tassilo is at Angel Halo and has the Adrastea fly over there. He takes Shahkti and Katejina with him and finds Tassilo holding Maria and Kagatie hostage. Tassilo calls Kagatie a liar and tells Maria that Angel Halo will really turn people’s minds into something like that of babies. Maria asks Kagatie if that’s true, and Kagatie says Tassilo is a liar. Tassilo tosses Kagatie aside and leaves with Maria as his shield. Odelo and Tomas fight off several Zoloats and wonder where Uso went off to. Uso flies between the rings of Angel Halo while fighting Fuala. He uses his wings of light to dodge her attacks. She fires at him and hits Angel Halo, causing a hull breach. Cronicle saves Shahkti from the vacuum while Tassilo gets Maria to his ship. He tells her that with Kagatie out of the way she is now the true ruler of the Empire. Cronicle tells Shahkti that he wants her to go into Angel Halo’s control room and control the psychickers. Fuala destroys Uso’s spray beam pod and moves in for a final attack on him.


As I expected, Tassilo plays his hand as a traitor villain and makes his move. What surprised me was that he held Kagatie at gunpoint but didn’t kill him. A real traitor villain needs to kill other villains. The battle over Angel Halo seems to be intensifying here. Uso is no longer susceptible to Angel Halo’s waves of peace, and his Gundam has been upgraded to be as powerful as some of these recent Zanscare prototypes. With Maria in Tassilo’s hands, Kagatie and Cronicle still have Shahkti to control Angel Halo, so they’ll probably proceed with their plans. But will Angel Halo bring peace to humans, or will it turn their minds into that of babies?

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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