Victory Gundam Ep. 47: The Women’s Battlefield


On Earth, several planes and trucks take video footage of the effects of Angel Halo. On the Jeanne D’Arc, Hangerg and Mubarac watch the footage. Mubarac says that if they don’t stop Angel Halo it will destroy everyone’s minds and eventually cause them to die. Around Angel Halo, Uso fires missiles at Fuala to fend off her attacks. She presses her attack but separating her back engine unit and attacking with it and her Gengaozo. Uso sees Tassilo’s ship leaving and goes after it, and Fuala vows not to let him get near Tassilo. Cronicle and Katejina return to the Adrastea, and Katejina wonders if it was wise to hand Shahkti over to Kagatie. Cronicle answers that he doesn’t have control over Shahkti yet and can’t help on. Kagatie explains to Shahkti how Angel Halo works and has her step into the core to pray. Shahkti begins to pray and asks the psychickers to lend her their power to stop the fighting. Operations run smoothly, and Kagatie is very angry at Cronicle for having Shahkti and not handing her over sooner. Uso continues to fight off Fuala’s attacks and ejects his Buster parts to increase his mobility. Maria’s voice contacts him and tells him that because of her weakness she became Kagatie’s puppet and was overcome by evil thoughts and emotions. She says she was a weak leader and that her ideals will lead to great suffering. Uso separates his Bottom Fighter and has the legs attack Fuala. He tries to outmaneuver Fuala and is unsuccessful. On the White Ark, Marbet launches in a Victory Gundam and takes a mega beam rifle with her. Marbet senses where Uso is, and she fires the mega beam rifle at Fuala and misses. The mega beam rifle malfunctions after one shot, so Marbet tosses it aside and gives her Top and Bottom Fighters to Uso. Marbet attacks with only a Core Fighter, and Fuala laughs at how foolish that is. She rushes in to attack Marbet and stops when a light begins to emanate from Marbet’s stomach. She hears two heartbeats coming from Marbet and wonders what is going on. While she is distracted, the V2 Gundam sneaks up from behind and attacks.

Uso uses Marbet’s Top Fighter and has its beam saber slice off the Gengaozo’s legs and left arm. Uso then moves in and destroys her back engine unit. Fuala tries to dodge, but Uso sticks his beam saber through the Gengaozo and destroys it. Tassilo hears the bells stop and realizes that Fuala is dead. He tells Maria that he’ll have to eliminate Kagatie before he respects her as a Queen. She asks what he will do with her, and he says that after he assesses her worth he will build a new Zanscare Empire based on motherly love. On the Adrastea, Cronicle sends out mobile suits to find and destroy the Jeanne D’Arc. Mubarac decides that the Jeanne D’Arc has to move forward and catch up with the Reineforce Junior. Odelo and Tomas return to the White Ark to replenish the weapons on their Gun Blastors. Marbet asks Uso if he is crying, and he lies and says he isn’t. He helps hot wire her Victory Gundam and tells her she has to get back to the White Ark and keep her baby safe. He tells her that though Shahkti is on Angel Halo, he thinks it is important to rescue Maria since she is the symbol of the Empire. Uso feels himself being drawn towards Maria, and Odelo and Tomas can hear her two. After Marbet returns to the White Ark, the ship moves forward and attacks. The Jeanne D’Arc flies past it and continues head on into enemy territory. It deploys its beam shield and uses it to ram into and destroy the bridge of an enemy ship before moving on. Uso meets up with Odelo and Tomas and saves them from an attacking Rig Shokew. and they can all hear Maria’s voice guiding them. Tassilo notices that the enemy is attacking in a strange pattern, and he wonders if someone is directing them. He runs over to Maria’s room and finds her giving directions to Uso. He grabs her and drags her up to the bridge. Several enemies fly away from Uso, and he sees it is because the Jeanne D’Arc is approaching from behind. He flies over to the bridge and tells his father not to attack the Amalthea because Maria is on it. Uso chases after the Amalthea and wonders if he can save Maria. Elsewhere, as Shahkti continues to pray, Angel Halo enters Earth’s orbit to begin its descent to the surface.


The epic final battle continues, and of course it means some people have to die. This time it’s Fuala, and Uso sure had a hard time fighting her. She’s actually one of those rare pilots who actually gets more threatening as she gets more powerful mobile suits, unlike Zeta Gundam‘s Jerid Messa. Speaking of death, since Tassilo is now angry at Maria, I predict that she will have a tragic death very soon, much like Myra did when she was being held hostage. Also, it looks like Angel Halo is not doing what Maria or Shahkti thought it would. Even with Shahkti in control of it, it seems like it is destined to perform a “psychic genocide.”

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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