Victory Gundam Ep. 50: A Showdown Demanded by Hate


Uso and Shahkti fly to the Jeanne D’Arc in the V2 Gundam. As it is fitted with the Assault parts, Uso and Shahkti tell Hangerg they are going back to Angel Halo to stop it and save the psychickers. Hangerg asks Uso what is more important: the psychickers or the destiny of all humanity. He reminds Shahkti to lead Uso properly, and she sees that he doesn’t trust her. Once the Assault parts are added, Uso launches and is joined by Odelo, Tomas, Marbet and the Shrike Team. Uso fires his beam rifle to counter a shot from the mega beam cannon on Katejina’s Gottrlatan. She begins a massive barrage of fire, and Uso uses his wings of light to try to block her shots. Several EFF ships are destroyed, and Mubarac decides that the Jeanne D’Arc will do a kamikaze run to destroy Mutterma’s flagship. Uso stays ahead of the Shrike Team, and Cony asks Marbet to fall back and defend the Reineforce Junior. At Angel Halo, Kagatie complains about Cronicle’s fleet not doing anything, and Mutterma says he has sent Cronicle out to battle. Cronicle launches in his Rig Contio and is determined to find Uso. He flies by the Jeanne D’Arc and destroys its bridge, killing Mubarac. There is a massive explosion, and Shahkti tells Uso that the Jeanne D’Arc has been destroyed. He uses his mega beam rifle to destroy several Einerads, but a Zollidia destroys his rifle. He flies by the Adrastea and uses his wings of light to destroy the bridge. At Angel Halo, Francesca and Miliera defend the entrance as Uso and Shahkti enter the fortress. Uso knocks out a guard along the way with a wire gun, and soon after they find the central core. The operators are shocked that Shahkti has returned, and she says she’s back because thousands of people are killing each other outside. She says she wants to save the psychickers and use the full potential of Angel Halo to stop the battle outside. The operators start up Angel Halo’s systems, and Shahkti goes back inside the central core to pray. She asks the psychickers to bring everyone to a world of love where there are no battles.

Katejina hear Shahkti’s singing being emanated from Angel Halo, and she doesn’t like how it makes her feel, so she starts firing at Angel Halo with her mega beam cannon. Francesca comes out of hiding thinking that Katejina wants to defect, but Katejina instead kills her. Miliera attacks to avenge Francesca, and Katejina kills her too. She knows Shahkti is inside Angel Halo, so she blasts her way in to find her. The voice of Shahkti tells Katejina that she doesn’t belong inside Angel Halo. She finds Uso about to get into the V2 Assault Gundam and points her beam rifle at him. She tells him she’s sick of kids humiliating her, and he asks how she could misunderstand him. Haro fires the V2 Assault Gundam’s vulcans and activates the wings of light to slam into Katejina. Uso gets back inside the cockpit, and Katejina calls out to Cronicle to come help her. Elsewhere, Cronicle targets the Reineforce Junior with his beam launcher. Odelo slams a small cargo ship into the Rig Contio, and Cronicle misses but manages to destroy one of the ship’s engines. A Contio comes to attack Odelo from behind, but Marbet destroys it and saves him. Cronicle hears Katejina’s call for help and leaves. Gomez has the damaged engine separated, and Jinn decides that they will proceed forward. The old men make everyone else evacuate, and Gomez asks Marbet to protect the evacuated crew. Marbet asks why they don’t completely retreat, but she realizes then that Gomez intends to go on a kamikaze attack. Romero and Leonid get into a damaged Gun-EZ and use it as a turret on the ship’s surface. As the ship heads forward, a Zollidia kills Romero and Leonid. The beam shield’s output is reversed, and the Reineforce Junior crashes into Cronicle’s Adrastea, destroying both ships. Uso exits Angel Halo, and a bright light emanates from it as the rings begin to separate. Cronicle attacks and destroys his shield and beam rifle, but Uso slices off Cronicle’s beam launcher. Uso blames Cronicle for changing Katejina, and Cronicle says that’s what she wanted. Cony attacks Cronicle, but Katejina shoots her from behind. She says she won’t allow anyone to interfere and kills Cony. She wants Uso and Cronicle to fight to the end and pledges to give her heart to the winner.


As this bloody conflict reaches its climax, more people die in this episode than I can count. Hangerg, Mubarac, the remaining Shrike Team and all the old guys of the Reineforce Junior are dead. This is the kind of epic battle that hasn’t been seen in a long time. Katejina manages to singlehandedly wipe out the Shrike Team by herself. Cronicle doesn’t seem to be acting like his normal self here. It’s almost like he’s been mesmerized by Katejina and is her slave or something. Shahkti’s singing causes some strange reactions, so maybe somehow she really is using Angel Halo in the way it was originally intended. Haro again proves what a reliable plot device it is, because now it can control the V2 Gundam too! There’s only one episode left, and I believe quite a few more people will die before the battle ends.

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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