Victory Gundam Ep. 7: The Sound of the Guillotine


On the Recarl, Fuala is informed that Cronicle is alive, and that Duker Iq’s Gattarl squad is searching for the League Militaire. In the forest, Cronicle fires a flare to signal the Recarl. As Shahkti travels through the forest with Karlmann, Flanders and Haro, she spots a BESPA ground patrol unit of Duker Iq’s Gattarl Kou and Otsu battle bikes. The surround her, and Duker sees that she’s just a kid and leaves. As the Camion transport continues to drive through the wilderness, Uso does some repairs on the Victory Gundam and says he will leave to find Shahkti. Marbet tells him that he should go back to Kasarelia, and he wonders if Oi Nyung and Katejina are suffering with BESPA. Odelo, Warren and Suzy take off after Uso and follow him. Cronicle is picked up by the Recarl, and Oi Nyung recognizes Fuala as the commander of the Largaine base. Cronicle says Katejina is a survivor from Uwig, and Fuala tells him not to trust Katejina so easily. Odelo, Warren and Suzy try to catch up to Uso when Odelo spots the Recarl flying overhead. They nearly crash into Uso once they manage to find him, but he stabilizes their vehicle. They spot the Gattarl squad and realize they have to hide the bazooka they brought with them. Warren pretends to be sick, and Uso and Odelo cover him up with their jackets. Warren really does get a fever, and Duker buys the story and leaves. They turn around to find the Camion transport and warn them. Elsewhere, Shahkti hurries back to the Camion transport to warn them about the Gattarls. Duker and Renda De Paloma watch as the Camion transport passes beneath them. As the Gattarl squad attacks, Marbet takes off in the Core Fighter. To serve as a distraction, Warren, Odelo and Suzy fire the bazooka at the Gattarls. Marbet is still too weak from her injuries and crash lands the Core Fighter. Uso lands nearby and takes over for her. Odelo and the others turn around to pick up Marbet.

Uso attacks the Gattarl bikes, but he quickly runs out of ammo. As the Camion transport continues to come under attack, they barely manage to launch the Bottom Fighter. Uso docks with it and transforms into a partial mobile suit. He uses the beam rifle on the leg to fight off the Gattarls. He yells at them and says that if they didn’t attack him, they wouldn’t have to die. Duker says that he will reintroduce bikes and won’t be beaten by simple tricks. Overhead, the Tomliat squadron called Pippiniden’s Circus commanded by Arbeo Pippiniden enters the atmosphere. He spots the battle and tells some of his men to join the battle and get adjusted to fighting in gravity. Uso continues to fight and joins with the Top Fighter. He uses his beam saber and rifle to damage the Tomliats. Elsewhere, Oi Nyung is interrogated by Fuala, who wants to know about Jinn Jahannam and the location of all League Militaire bases in Europe. He tells her his life is over and she should just send him to the guillotine. He says that his death will make the League Militaire stronger, and she tells him he is mistaken about the guillotine. At the Largaine base, Pippiniden talks to his military school apprentice, Cronicle. He tells Cronicle that Keilas Guilie is now in satellite orbit and that Tassilo Wago isn’t pleased with Fuala’s methods. Pippiniden is informed that his men have been defeated by the Victory Gundam, and he wonders if this marks the return of the legendary Gundams. Uso is yelled at by Romero and others for not pursuing the enemy. He says he doesn’t want to kill, especially when those who cause war sit back away from the front lines. All argument stops when a Zanscare propaganda announcement begins. Fuala gives a speech about showing people Zanscare’s power, and Oi Nyung is strapped into the guillotine. The blade then drops and beheads him, which shocks Uso.


Well, being a Tomino series, important characters had to start dying at some point, and Oi Nyung has the honor of being the first. There continues to be more character conflict here as Uso realizes he doesn’t want to fight, but the League Militaire wants him to. With more reinforcements arriving, it looks like they’re starting to get very desperate. And what’s the deal with Duker’s Gattarl attack bikes? I haven’t seen bikes in a mecha series since Mospeada and Megazone 23. I think the AEUG was in a better position in their war and had more resources. With Oi Nyung gone now, I guess the role of leadership falls to Marbet. The question is, will Uso keep fighting for them?

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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