VOTOMS Phantom Arc Ep. 5: Cocoon


The ScopedogBerserga WP and several Berserga Praetorios fall through a deep chasm. Several Berserga Praetorios are destroyed as they smash into a large tree, and a a series of cables serve to slow Chirico’s fall and allow him to jump down to stable ground. The baby begins to cry, and Chirico lets go of his handhold when a Berserga Praetorio swings in to attack. After destroying the attacker, Chirico grabs a vine and swings down to a lower level. Shako warns him to watch his back, and Chirico arm punches a Berserga Praetorio that Shako was chasing, sending it falling to its doom. Several wormlike doyo creatures begin spitting liquid to put out the sparks on several exposed circuits. Shako apologizes for causing Chirico trouble, and Chirico says it’s ok because he knew Shako was trying to stick to the rule about Quentians not fighting each other. Chirico asks where they are and what’s with the trees, and Shako says they might be the subterranean woods that he’s heard rumors of. The baby begins to cry again, and a teenage girl tells Shako in ancient Quentian that they need to stop the crying because the doyo are coming. The doyo begin to appear from everywhere and start spitting out webbing that encases both ATs in a cocoon. The girl slides down to where they are and uses a small knife to cut Shako and Chirico out of the cocoons. The doyo take the baby away, and Shako translates for the girl, whose name is Juno. Chirico asks if Juno is from around here, and she tells Shako that she was dropped down here as Child of God. Chirico wonders how she survived, and Shako says it has something to do with “fireflies,” but he doesn’t know what that means. Chirico asks Juno to guide them to the baby’s location, but Shako says she wants to head to the surface. On the surface, Zeno laughs and proclaims that the peace of the galaxy will be upheld. Tedaya says he isn’t so sure and reminds Zeno how Quent was destroyed 30 years ago, and the priest counters that an ancient system on Nulgerant teleported them there the second Quent exploded. Tedaya then asks what caused that and explains that it was due to Chirico killing God – the same Chirico now trapped underground with the Child of God. The priest then tells them to move out of the way as several Berserga Praetorios haul in new stones to repair the floor. Coconna wonders what’s going to happen to Chirico and the baby, and Gotho says there’s nothing they can do now. Deep underground, Chirico and Shako follow Juno as she leads them to the doyo. Juno begins to spread a liquid on both ATs that attracts the fireflies, which suppress the urge of the doyos to attack. They reach a large cocoon and head inside.

They pass through a tunnel and find multiple cocoons, which Shako explain are filled with dead Children of God. Chirico asks about a glowing cocoon in the distance, and Shako tells him that’s their child. Shako says the cocoon is sending information somewhere, probably to determine if the baby is the actual Child of God. Chirico asks what happens if it really is the Child of God, but Juno says she only knows that it’ll die if it isn’t. With the fireflies gone, the doyo begin to shoot webbing at both ATs. They then begin to move the cocoon, so Chirico and Shako give chase. They speed along an outer path that follows the course the doyo are crawling along, and they reach a tunnel with a large air pocket that propels them upward. The image of the baby murkily appears in front of them, and Chirico has a sudden flashback to being a child on Sunsa when the Red Shoulder Battalion attacked. As Chirico and several other children ran away from the research institute, Red Shoulder commander Yoran Pailsen gave orders to his men to burn everyone so they could see if there are any abnormal survivors. Pailsen then saw Chirico standing in a circle of flames running toward a girl. Shako then snaps Chirico back to his senses, and both men realize that their pasts were being dug into. The scene around them then changes to an illusion of one of Shako’s past battlefield memories. The three controlled Erdspinnes mix in with the illusory ATs and suddenly open fire on Chirico and Shako. Chirico and Shako then speed through the streets to evade their attackers. The Erdspinnes give chase and trade fire with Chirico and Shako. The Erdspinnes fire their grappling hooks into the chamber’s ceilings and jump up so they can attack from the air. Chirico and Shako are sent falling into another chasm and grab hold of several wires. They fire into the central column to create a hole and swing to safety. On the surface, the priest argues with Rochina and tells him he can’t enter Gomor Tower. Rochina says he’s been summoned by God and that the Child of God will become God’s successor. Rochina says he has to know what will happen because it’s the only thing that gives his life meaning. Rochina is then able to enter the tower, but a force field blocks the priest. Elsewhere, a Gilgamesh military assembly convenes to discuss the current situation.


It shouldn’t be any surprise that Chirico can survive falling into a ridiculously deep pit. This episode takes Chirico and Shako on a strange journey through an underground world, accompanied by a girl named Juno. It seems that many Children of God are sent underground to die in cocoons, but somehow Juno managed to survive and has been living underground for years. Much of the episode is spent chasing after weird worm creatures that have kidnapped the baby, but there are also brief encounters with some Praetorios and Erdspinnes. Interestingly, mad Rochina is allowed entry into Gomor Tower, but the Quentian priest isn’t. Pailsen makes a brief flashback cameo here as Chirico recalls his first encounter with the man years before on Sunsa. There’s only one episode left in this OVA, but there’s still a lot of ground to cover.

Overall Rating
Phantom Arc Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Fuyunori Gobu

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer(s):
Hiroki Inui
Yasuaki Maejima

6 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 03.26.2010 – 10.27.2010
U.S. 07.23.2019


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