VOTOMS Pailsen Files Ep. 7: Sniping


The Barkoff squad flies in an air transport, but the plane experiences engine failure. Pilots Greyson and Shockitt try to extend the gliding wings, but they don’t work either and the plane goes into freefall. Greyson and Shockitt manage to pull up enough and make a crash landing in a barren field. Barkoff comments on how they almost died and wonders where they are. He goes into the cockpit to complain to the pilots, but just then a sniper’s bullet smashes through the glass canopy. Barkoff and the pilots crawl into the cabin, which also comes under fire. Zaki wonders if it’s a Balarant scout unit, but Greyson explains the area is under Gilgamesh control. The shooting stops, and Barkoff tells Chirico and Zaki to peak outside through the bullet holes. They take a look and spot nothing, so Barkoff comments that the enemy must be allied forces. He tells Kochak to look out the door, which is hit by a bullet as he reaches for the handle. Kochak then crawls over to a duffel bag to get a scope. Zaki uses the scope and spots nothing outside, so Barkoff concludes that it’s a sniper hiding in the environment. Godan comments that he’s survived through the devil’s luck, and Kochak complains that he has no luck because he can’t get his transfers. Zaki tells him to shut up and think instead about why there happened to be a sniper where they crash landed. Barkoff tells Greyson he’d better not be in on anything, and Greyson explains he was following his orders to fly them to their destination. Shockitt comments that they crashed because of an engine malfunction, but Barkoff thinks that’s suspicious. They get a radio message welcoming them to the Castio Highlands, and Greyson demands to know who’s on the line. The voice tells them that their crash landing was a greeting from the Gilgamesh Purification Committee. Chirico asks if they made the transport crash, and the voice demands that they hand over Grim Reaper Sirasko. Barkoff asks who that is, and the voice explains that he’s dodged death and let his comrades die and goes under the name Godan. The voice tells them that if they don’t hand over Godan/Sirasko, they’ll be judged guilty and shot as well. Barkoff asks Godan for his side of the story, but Godan responds by pulling out a gun. Barkoff comments that Godan must really be the Grim Reaper, and Godan answers that his style is to always make the first move. Zaki says everything would be taken care of if Godan left, but Godan refuses to leave. He says he might leave if he finds out who sold him out, so he can use that person as a shield. Looking everyone over, Godan thinks of Chirico, but more shots come in. Chirico wonders how the enemy knows their positions. Barkoff asks Greyson to come with him, and Chirico uses the scope to check outside again. In the AT hangar, Greyson tells them they can’t launch the Scopedogs without doing a proper landing.

Godan forces Kochak to move containers and cover the holes in the fuselage, but more shots come in and barely miss Kochak. Barkoff comments that the shots are coming from a distance, and Greyson reiterates that they can’t use the Scopedogs. The transport is then bombarded with mortars, and the voice on the radio tells them they’ll all be targeted along with Godan. Kochak says he doesn’t want to die for Godan, and Zaki comments that Godan might once again figure out how to be the only survivor. Chirico asks Greyson what he needs to do to get the launch system going, and Greyson answers that they need to lift the plane, which they can’t do. Chirico asks to look at the electronics and goes into a crawlspace with Greyson. Chirico says they need 10 seconds of lift for it to work. Looking at the engine control panel, Greyson sees it’s been sabotaged and must’ve happened after launch. Shockitt appears with gun in hand and reveals that he did it to purify Sirasko. Greyson tells Shockitt that he’ll be court-martialed, but Shockitt says that won’t happen because Greyson died on impact during the crash. Just then, Godan grabs Shockitt from behind and gets him in a choke hold. Shockitt says if he doesn’t call in, they’ll be hit with concentrated bombardment. Another shell hits, and Godan accidentally breaks Shockitt’s neck during the shock of impact. They return to the cabin, and Kochak pulls a gun on Godan. Everyone ignores him because Barkoff discovers that Shockitt was relaying their positions to the enemy. Zaki looks outside again and spots the snipers on both sides of the plane. The radio voice asks for Greyson and demands that they send out Shockitt. Greyson lies and says Shockitt is in the AT hangar, and the voice accuses him of lying. Chirico tells Greyson to prepare for launch while they get the Scopedogs ready. Godan tells Greyson there’s no need to stay behind and suggests using Shockitt’s body to pull back on the stick. Greyson activates the engines as more mortar shells come in. The engines activate, but the plane doesn’t move. Chirico dodges bullet fire to get to the AT hangar, the plane finally gets enough thrust to slide down the hill and get airborne on an incline. Greyson opens the hatch and runs back to the AT hangar with Godan. With the hatch open, the entire squad is able to launch its Scopedogs. Now on the ground, the Scopedogs divide into two groups and begin to attack the sniper positions. After eliminating the snipers, Barkoff sends Kochak to confirm for survivors. Kochak spots a trench and underground room. A shot hits him, so he rips the roof off and reveals them. Barkoff wants to hand them over to Greyson, but Godan kills them all with his machine gun. The Scopedogs begin a slow march to their northward destination.


After their miraculous survival last time, the Barkoff squad comes under attack en route to a new destination. Once again, those Gilgamesh Purification guys are out for Godan’s blood, and once again they fail. Although Godan jokes about it, I think he seriously would’ve sacrificed them all if it meant his survival. It’s interesting to see the tension as more sniper fire comes in and Kochak wants to hand Godan over. It’s even more amusing when he threatens Godan with a gun and is completely ignored. Overall, there’s not much point to this episode because it doesn’t add to the larger story, but it is interesting to see how everyone works together in a tricky situation when they come under attack from unknown enemies. It also shows how Godan has no mercy for his enemies, as he easily mows down the last batch of Purification guys hiding in the trench.

Overall Rating
Pailsen Files Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Ryosuke Takahashi
Masayuki Nishimura

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer(s):
Hiroki Inui
Yasuaki Maejima

12 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Video Release:
Japan 10.26.2007 – 08.22.2008
U.S. 05.14.2019

Theatrical Release:
Japan 01.17.2009


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