VOTOMS Ep. 7: Raid


Police helicopters search the city for signs of Chirico and the others. One of the helicopters fires missiles close to where everyone is hiding. Vanilla is disappointed to find all his liquor gone, and Gotho tells him it’s punishment for failing to properly case the target. He says it’s all Chirico’s fault, and Gotho asks Chirico if he’s after the jijirium too. Chirico says he isn’t and leaves, but Coconna goes after him to follow his movements. At a chapel, Borough asks the Phantom Lady about the dirty footprints in her shower room. She says it must have been made by Chirico, but she insists that she had no contact with him. Borough asks how that’s possible, and Iskui says that if the Prototype says so it’s true because she can’t lie. Iskui and Borough then leave to discuss their plans for the jijirium shipment. While eating at a street side food stand, Chirico learns that the police come out in force once a month when they transport their jijirium shipments. However, they just recently moved a shipment, so it’s strange that they’d move another. Coconna follows Chirico, but a tall man asks her to come have fun with him. She loses him and follows Chirico to a strange pet store. Chirico goes inside and asks for something poisonous to kill roaches. Chirico meets with a cop and offers him a bag of money in exchange for the time and location of the the jijirium shipment. The cop refuses and confiscates the bag of money. When he opens it, a strange creature called a eunoi attacks his face. Chirico tells the cop he has two minutes to live without the antidote, and the cop tell him the transfer will occur at the airport. Chirico then tells the cop that the creature isn’t harmless. Coconna calls Gotho with the information and confronts Chirico, but he ditches her on the street. When she tries to follow him, the tall man grabs her and takes off on his bike. Chirico finds Gotho and Vanilla adding new weapons to the helicopter, and he tells them they shouldn’t be involved with him. Vanilla says their goals are different, and if they run into each other it’s only a coincidence. The tall man takes Coconna to the old Boone Family complex where many of the former gang members are still holed up in. One of them tells Coconna that they plan to kidnap 100 girls and start their own city. Coconna tries to escape, but she’s surrounded by men on all sides.

At the Melkian army base, Rochina reports to Battentain that he is sure the Prototype is in Woodo. Battentain tells Rochina that they need to find her because he wants the Perfect Soldier Project to be the centerpiece of the 13th Melkian defense strategy meeting. He tells Rochina that both their careers depend on the success or failure of retrieving the Prototype. Rochina leaves and boards a helicopter to fly to Woodo. As everyone prepares for the assault, Chirico asks where Coconna is. Vanilla and Gotho don’t know and don’t seem to care because she’s just one girl. At that moment, Coconna walks in with her clothes ripped part and tells them all that they’re terrible men. They ask her what happened to her, and she tells them that she told the Boone Family about the entire plan to steal the jijirium. Gotho and Vanilla call her an idiot, and Chirico goes outside to look for Scopedog parts. Vanilla and Gotho ask him if he intends to stick to the plan, and he says that the Boone Family’s involvement makes things easier. He explains that the cops will be busy fighting off the Boone Family, and the airport is armed with heavy weapons that are no good against such small targets. Gotho sees what Chirico is planning and offers to find him an AT. Iskui and Borough watch the transfer from the control tower and think everything is going smoothly until the Boone Family attacks. At the same time, Vanilla and Gotho fly in with the helicopter while Coconna drives a truck carrying Chirico’s Scopedog. The cops are too busy fighting off the Boone Family to even notice Chirico and the others. Iskui yells at his men to not use missiles because they’ll damage the transport plane. Chirico launches in the Scopedog and forces the driver out of the jijirium truck. Gotho and Vanilla are chased by several helicopters, but Vanilla uses his piloting skills to evade and destroy them. Coconna steals the jijirium truck with Chirico riding on the roof to provide cover. Iskui orders his men to chase the truck, but they’re too late. Rochina flies by and wonders what is happening. Chirico wonders if the Prototype will come after him to get the jijirium she needs.


As expected, Vanilla continues with his plot to steal the police’s jijirium. With Chirico’s help, things go pretty smoothly. The Boone Family is still around, but without Boone they’re not as formidable as they used to be. However, they provide a great distraction for Chirico and the others to steal the jijirium. From Battentain, we learn that the Phantom Lady is a “Prototype” in the Perfect Soldier Project. What exactly that is remains a mystery, as is what Iskui and Borough plan to do with the Phantom Lady. Despite his loner attitude, Chirico is becoming increasingly entangled with Vanilla, Coconna and Gotho. We also learn a bit about Vanilla when he displays military level piloting skills. Things won’t be easy for them with Iskui out to get his jijirium back.

Overall Rating

Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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