VOTOMS Ep. 9: Rescue


Iskui laughs at Chirico and tells him he’s no match for the Brutishdog. He has several cops pull Chirico out of the Scopedog and take him to a paddy wagon. Iskui tells Chirico he’ll only stay alive until it’s discovered who he works for. From nearby, one of the Melkian spies reports to Rochina that he’s found the Prototype. Rochina orders the spy to let her go and continue the surveillance so they can determine her connection to the police. Chirico is thrown into the paddy wagon. with a cop guarding him. The cop tells Chirico his friends abandoned him, and Chirico says they’re not his friends. Vanilla and Gotho return to the hideout and show Coconna the gold. The three celebrate and begin playing with their new treasure. As the police escort heads back to the city, the cop continues to harass Chirico and tells him there’s no point in him playing tough. Coconna asks why Chirico is so late in returning, and Vanilla and Gotho let slip that he was under attack when they left. Coconna asks how they could abandon him, and they say there was no point in them staying and trying to do anything useless. Suddenly, a police helicopter flies overhead and spots Gotho’s buggy from the exchange. The helicopter lands and the cops investigate the garage. Vanilla and Gotho jump the cops and knock them out. They decide to take the chopper for their escape when a radio call comes in from Iskui. Vanilla pretends to be one of the cops and says they’re still looking for the money. He asks Iskui for a report, and Iskui mentions they’re taking the prisoner back to headquarters. Coconna is glad that Chirico is alive, but Vanilla and Gotho have no intention of helping him. They say he could probably get out of it on his own, and Coconna accuses them of being cowards. She calls them scum for abandoning a friend who helped them out several times. After being berated, Vanilla and Gotho decide to rescue Chirico. They fly around and spot the police escort driving back towards the city. They then land the helicopter on a nearby building to set up their trap.

Gotho and Coconna walk up to a gas station and steal a truck and a motorcycle. They then drive towards the police escort, and Iskui orders his men to shoot them. Coconna jumps out of the truck just before it crashes into a Garshim. At the same time, Vanilla attacks from the air with the helicopter. While his guards are distracted, Chirico attacks them and steals a gun. He shoots at some of the cops, but he’s pinned down in the paddy wagon. Iskui shoots a flash round into the paddy wagon. and blinds Chirico. Chirico falls out of the wagon and is captured again. Iskui kicks him in the face for wasting his time. The other three escape, and Vanilla and Gotho decide it’s impossible to rescue Chirico. Gotho says he’ll use some money to buy Chirico a nice headstone, and that gives Coconna an idea. She says if they fly over the city and dump the gold on the streets, the people will go crazy and take care of the cops. Vanilla and Gotho don’t want to dump their money, and Coconna calls them scum again for valuing money above a friend’s life. They reluctantly agree with her plan and take off in the helicopter. They fly over the police escort and come under fire as they begin to dump the gold. When people see the gold, a frenzy begins and they block the police escort. Iskui is knocked around, and eventually the people begin to riot against the police. Vanilla lands the helicopter on the paddy wagon., and Gotho knocks out Chirico’s guards. They grab him and fly away in the chaos. Rochina is informed that Chirico has escaped, and he decides to change the plan and calls headquarters for reinforcements. At the hideout, it turns out that everyone kept a bit of money for themselves. Chirico thanks them for saving his life and says he owes them. Everyone is shocked that Chirico has said something so nice.


The title of this episode pretty much explains the plot. Most of it is spent trying to rescue Chirico from the police. The first attempt fails, but the second one works when they dump all their gold over the city and set off a riot. Even the corrupt cops want a piece of the action and try to collect gold for themselves. Although Vanilla and Gotho first decide to abandon Chirico, they end up helping him and prove themselves as friends. Perhaps Chirico will open up to them now and drop a bit of his cold exterior. Andy what exactly does Rochina plan to do with his reinforcements? Will he attempt to retrieve the Prototype?

Overall Rating

Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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