The Wings of Rean Ep. 3: Groundling Aura Force


Lyukus awakens in a cabin near where the resistance fighters are camping, and Elebos and Amahlgan come in to see her. Lyukus wonders why Amahlgan didn’t take the Wings of Rean boots off of her feet and thinks she may be used by him. Lyukus tells Amahlgan her parents are furious with her and she wouldn’t be worth much. Amahlgan goes to get her some soup but Lyukus insists on coming with him and exits the cabin. She walks by a series of tents and gets into a line of people awaiting soup. She gets some soup and eats with Amahlgan. The people there talk about “the woman from Hojo.” Lyukus wonders if the Wings of Rean stopped appearing when the aura ships started being used. An aura ship, the Kiploghene, arrives. Meanwhile, a force of soldiers recover the US-1 plane and F-35 fighter jet from the Upper Realm, bringing them to Hojo castle. Aesap sees them arrive and greets his friends Rori and Kanamoto who had come aboard the jet. Sakomizu confirms that he wants to invade the Upper Realm and learn information from them. Uraku, one of the US-1 plane pilots asks Aesap if he is Commander Alex’s son and tells Aesap his father is a bit of a pain. Codour questions whether the plane and jet will be any use to them. The aura ship Fugaku passes by, impressing Rori and Kanamoto. Aesap discusses the origin of the name Hojo with his friends. Later, Sakomizu greets those from the Upper Realm inside the castle, showing them a replica of a kamikaze plane. Sakomizu tells them he was struck when battling in one during World War II which was when he was transported to Byston Well. Aesap thinks bringing a foreign energy into the Upper Realm will be dangerous, but Sakomizu questions whether Aesap feels the same way about himself due to his American and Japanese mixed heritage. Sakomizu says he’s been dedicated to finding out how to convert Aura power into energy. Codour asks Rori and Kanamoto if they want to be Aura Battler pilots. Meanwhile, at the resistance’s camp site, a man named Migal Ittsumo and Amahlgan talk about how he went to the Upper Realm. Kiki tries walking with the Wings of Rean boots to no avail. Amahlgan introduces Migal to Lyukus, telling her he will lead their attack on Hojo. Lyukus says she was just a mediator, called by a holy warrior when Migal asks Lyukus if she led her forces to the Upper Realm. Uraku and his fellow pilot are able to communicate with people on Earth, finding that Aesap’s father is stationed on a craft called the Pabush, which will be rebelling against the U.S. forces. Rori and Kanamoto are excited by the prospect of heading to the Upper Realm as an additional power.

On Earth, Aesap’s father Alex heads out to an aircraft carrier with another officer, McCabel. There they are greeted by some Byston Well soldiers and their Aura Battler, which were from the aura ship Renzan. Two of the soldiers introduce themselves as Commander Galun Del and Captain Oiji Yasu. Alex and McCabel are told by Oiji that their commander is from Japan. Alex says they want to use the forces of the Renzan. Rori and Kanamoto get their chance to try piloting aura battlers, being led by a woman named Murassa. Sakomizu watches from aboard a flying bug then heads to the Fugaku where he meets with Aesap. Sakomizu tells Aesap to keep it a secret that he’s ordering them to get back Lyukus. Codour tells Uraku she’s counting on him, as he heads off in the US-1 plane. The plane quickly descends, but is able to recover its altitude under its aura power. Uraku and his colleague are impressed at the size of a nearby aura battler. Numerous forces are led by Sakomizu. Aesap departs the Fugaku on the Nanajin, landing on top of the plane. Uraku thinks neither Sakomizu nor Codour trust them. Sakomizu thinks of how compatible those from the Upper Realm are with the Aura Battlers. Lyukus gets into an Aura Battler at Amahlgan’s behest, the Ghim Ghenen. Lyukus tells Amahlgan that her father wants to go to the Upper Realm to get back at Japan losing World War II. She wonders if she has a lack of aura power due to his grudge. Amahlgan wonders what has happened to the holy warrior that helped him retrieve his country. He flashes back to when Sakomizu was a powerful warrior who found the Wings of Rean and founded the country of Hojo in order to facilitate getting back to the Upper Realm. On Earth, McCabel talks to Galun and Oiji about providing places to live for those from Hojo, planning on giving them the continent of America. A pilot tells Oiji about how the Aura Battlers have greater strength here in the Upper Realm. In Byston Well, Kiki, leading Aura Battler forces, realizes there is a plane nearby. Lyukus warns Amahlgan that a battle here will reveal his hideout. He thinks smoke rising from a decoy camp will prevent that from happening. They plan on attacking the Hojo castle and Lyukus wants to get Aesap back. Explosions go off nearby, and the plane and Aesap in the Nanajin appear. Aesap realizes their enemy has many Aura Battlers. Rori and Kanamoto accompany him. Rori’s Aura Battler is quickly damaged by Amahlgan. Lyukus spots the Nanajin and Aesap spots her Aura Battler moving different from the others. Amahlgan’s Aura Battler is damaged, and soldiers from the US-1 plane fire as well. Aesap tells Lyukus he is using the Nanajin just to find her and does not intend in participating in her father’s operation. They land on the ground and embrace each other. Elebos watches and flies down. Murassa flies down, thinking that Aesap has captured an enemy Aura Battler. Amahlgan is captured, but is looking forward to being able to meet with Sakomizu, thinking his wisdom will suit him well. The Nanajin assists in the transport of Lyukus’ Aura Battler.


This episode acts mostly as set up, with only a short battle at the end. More insight is given into Sakomizu’s background, revealing that he tried to kamikaze in World War II, only to end up in Byston Well. On Earth, the Japanese appear ready to fight back against the Americans as well and give America to those from Hojo. Overall it’s an alright episode, with no significant flaws, but at the same time there’s not really anything great about it either.

Overall Rating
Wings of Rean Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Jiro Takayama

Mechanical Designer(s):
Tamotsu Shinohara
Takumi Sakura

Character Designer:
Masashi Kudo

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

Japan 12.16.2005 – 8.18.2006


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