The Wings of Rean Ep. 4: The King’s Designs


Amahlgan, held captive, is forced to imprint his bloodied thumbprint on a surrender agreement. Sakomizu, Aesap and his friends sit in on a strategy session, with Aesap’s friends providing information on where to attack when they head to the Upper Realm. Sakomizu tells them they will be stationed on the Kintoki as operational strategists. Sakomizu plans to open the Aura Road without using the Wings of Rean boots. He is confident the Fugaku‘s aura power will be sufficient, but Aesap doubts this. Aesap leaves the meeting and is brought to see Lyukus by Codour. Aesap tells Lyukus that the resistance force is being pushed into surrendering. Lyukus tells Aesap to be careful of her step mother. Codour immediately returns and asks Aesap to come with her. Elebos and other ferarios are led to the US-1 plane. Kottou provides Uraku and his colleague information on the resistance’s base, obtained from reconnaissance. Sakomizu is having the ferarios brought along as it will satisfy his agreement with Amahlgan. Sakomizu says Aesap will accompany them. He heads to the Fugaku where he talks to Lyukus, telling her she can do what she wants when they arrive on the Upper Realm. Sakomizu is wearing the Wings of Rean boots, planning to have Aesap use them when they are in the Upper Realm. Lyukus is concerned about Aesap being sent on a dangerous mission. Kanamoto is concerned about their planned battles in the Upper Realm. Codour comes to talk to them, making the spying Kottou wondering what’s going on. The Fugaku and other Aura ships take off. Amahlgan is brought before Sakomizu who tells him he’s going to have him watch. Aesap is ordered by his superior, Kasumi not to counterattack when they arrive at the resistance’s headquarters. Their orders, which Aesap is not yet aware of, are to depart immediately upon handing off Amahlgan’s surrender orders. Amahlgan pounds on the door of his cell until he is able to push through it, finding Sakomizu in battle attire outside. Sakomizu says the evil Garou Ran are lurking among the common land of Byston Well and they must be cleaned out. Sakomizu wants Amahlgan to be mad, as he thinks such emotion can be absorbed and used by the Fugaku to fly into the Upper Realm. Amahlgan is put back in his cell. Lyukus listens from the accompanying cell and starts crying. The plane pilots ask for the ferarios to pray for them to return to Iwakuni in the Upper Realm. Aesap and Kasumi head out on their aura battlers, finding Kiki, leading a trio of aura battlers. Elebos tells the other ferario to pray that they don’t get hurt. Migal reads over the surrender orders as provided by Kasumi and Aesap, which require them to gather all their aura ships. Migal tells Aesap that as a surface dweller he has no idea how much effort was put into the creation of the aura ships. Aesap asks whether they want peace within Hojo. Kasumi says they will hand over the ferario as part of the agreement. Kasumi tells Aesap he can open his orders once he gets back to the Nanajin. Aesap reads his orders, which are to leave after the US-1 plane accompanying them lands on the water. Kasumi sends out the signal for the plane to land.

Various aura battlers depart from the Fugaku. Rori and Kanamoto are set to go last and thinks it is developing into a sneak attack. Sakomizu orders his troops to drive into the resistance force Abuta brass. Aesap yells at Uraku to not land, but he does so. Aesap lands on top of the plane in the Nanajin and tells them Sakomizu will be attacking here. Seeing what the Nanajin is doing, the resistance decides to have their aura ships Aploghene and Kiploghene take off. Aesap grabs Migal and another resistance officer, bringing them to their ships. Uraku orders the ferarios be released to reduce their weight and they are dropped off in the water by those in the body of the ship. Elebos jumps onto the Nanajin asking Aesap what he’s doing. Aesap tells her to head to a resistance ship and that he’s working on repelling the fireballs from Sakomizu’s ship. The resistance officer wonders if she is a Hojo spy. Kasumi excitingly destroys a resistance Aura Battler. Murassa leads a series of Aura Battlers trying to stop those escaping. The Aura ships fire upon each other. Codour is gleeful at the winner’s arrogance and loser’s grudge that will come from the battle. She calls for the resistance to curse the betraying Amahlgan and Sakomizu to manifest aura energy. Amahlgan is impressed by the bravery of the Ghim Ghenen aura battlers fighting before them. He thinks that Sakomizu is going to use the terror and fear of those in this battle. Sakomizu is confident that this is working towards them opening the Aura road to head to the Upper Realm. Aesap lands on Sakomizu’s ship, spotting him and Amahlgan on the deck of the ship. Aesap senses where Lyukus is in the ship and cuts at the cell walls with the Nanajin to let her escape. Lyukus tells Aesap to concern himself with Sakomizu. Murassa grabs the Nanajin with his Aura battler but he knocks her away. Migal has aura power released which causes a shield to appear around the resistance aura ships. Suddenly the voice of Jacoba Aon echoes across the land saying that the Ferario have tried to avoid intervening in the common land of Byston Well. The Wings of Rean boots that Sakomizu is wearing start moving on their own. Elebos thinks that Jacoba is calling them to pray. The wings of Rean appear out of the boots and Jacoba Aon appears in front of Sakomizu. She says she expected Sakomizu to stay in Byston Well but he wants to complete his obligations in both this world and the world of his birth. Sakomizu slices at her with his sword but is unable to strike her ethereal form. Jacoba says his desires endanger both Byston Well and the Upper Realm. Aesap brings Lyukus to the deck, saying that one person’s power can’t erase everything in existence. Sakomizu says his soul has been burning since his failure to kamikaze. He wonders why the Wings of Rean let her go to the Upper Realm. Jacoba says it was to find a successor. Lyukus clutches her knife and lunges at Sakomizu, who also tries to attack her. Jacoba tells Lyukus to kill her father. Aesap is upset at the father and daughter wanting to kill each other. Jacoba is disappointed in him, saying he has not become a holy warrior. Sakomizu says he was going to give him Hojo plus the Wings of Rean boots. The Wings of Rean boots pull themselves off of Sakomizu and the wings disappear, along with Jacoba. Both Sakomizu and Aesap lunge towards the boots. When they grab them a giant quartet of wings appears out of them which encompasses the entire landscape.


This is a fairly good episode, the strongest to this point. There was some interesting battles with the plot quickly moving towards Sakomizu’s attempts to return to Byston Well. Lyukus and Sakomizu’s attempts to kill each other at the end of the episode was quite the shocking thing to see a father and daughter do. Although it will be hard to top the fate of Riml and her mother Louser in Dunbine. If there is anything that’s disappointing, it’s the continuous redo of things that were already done in Dunbine, such as this and Jacoba’s attempt to stop the battling of those in Byston Well. It looks like we’ll be returning to Earth for the final two episodes and the conclusion of the show.

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Wings of Rean Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Jiro Takayama

Mechanical Designer(s):
Tamotsu Shinohara
Takumi Sakura

Character Designer:
Masashi Kudo

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

26 episodes

Japan 12.16.2005 – 8.18.2006


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