The Wings of Rean Ep. 5: Above Tokyo Bay


The various people, Aura Battlers and Aura Ships are carried through the Aura Road, led by the Wings of Rean from the Fugaku. Sakomizu’s Ouka-Oh forms a barrier around Aesap and Sakomizu. The Aura Ships arrive on the Upper Realm from the ocean, smashing through a bridge. Elebos expresses shock at being on the Upper Realm. The US-1 plane narrowly flies over the aircraft carrier Pabush. Various Aura Battlers appear out of the water as well. Murassa orders Kasumi to gather their Aura Battlers and continue carrying out their original operation. Kottou orders the Aura Battlers to use their Gada bombs and ready their cannons. Amahlgan, released by Lyukus, refuses to believe that Sakomizu’s ambitions caused the Wings of Rean to appear. She is told that the Kintoki is going to continue with its original operation. Amahlgan realizes that the Aploghene is here as well. On the Pabush, Oiji spots the Fugaku. McCabel asks Alex what Japan’s response will be. McCabel wants to attain true independence with the Pabush. He asks Oiji whether Sakomizu will align with them. After McCabel and Alex leave they talk about using them. Alex asks McCabel why they don’t wait to declare independence until further away from the Japanese government as originally planned. McCabel feels more confident now that the aura power is here. Aesap and Sakomizu, being carried by the Wings of Rean are in the past during World War II, spotting some B-29 bomber planes dropping their bombs. Alex recognizes the fireballs being fired by the Aura Ships as being those they saw fired at the Iwakuni base. Kottou tries to call the Renzan and Jinzan to no avail. Lyukus runs in front of the window where they are and asks why they are still pushing forward with the fighting. Codour says that as one with blood of one from the Upper Realm, she could never understand their tribe’s sufferings. Codour orders Lyukus captured but she fights off her captors with a knife. Kiki is ordered to rescue Amahlgan. Codour grabs a sword to attack Lyukus but Kottou gets in the way, causing her to be able to escape. Sakomizu believes he and Aesap are watching an air raid from the past and is upset at the civilians being attacked. Aesap gets in the Nanajin and attacks the planes but has no success as the planes he attacks come back together after he swipes at them. Sakomizu tells him even the Wings of Rean won’t permit them to erase past occurrences. Aesap is surprised to see tears coming from Sakomizu’s eyes. Lyukus contacts Rori and Kanamoto who are attacking Tokyo. She is also able to contact the Renzan. Rori and Kanamoto have no problem with attacking their own countrymen and slice apart a large radio tower. Kanamoto is amazed at their aura power. A Japanese pilot from the Pabush, accompanied by an Aura Battler from the Renzan departs to attack Tokyo. McCabel and Alex depart on a carrier craft. Codour orders the Renzan to attack the military bases around Tokyo, but is told that there aren’t any Japanese military bases, which she and Kottou find hard to believe. Aesap continues to attempt to slice through planes to no avail. Suddenly he and Sakomizu find themselves transported through time again and watch the Enola Gay drop an atomic bomb on Japan.

Aesap rushes towards the atomic bomb in his Nanajin. He and Sakomizu watch as the bomb explodes over Hiroshima. We are then shown Aesap’s parents, before his birth. Alex wants to get a divorce and his mother wants to get an abortion which he pleads with her not to do. Aesap is surprised at how the rain can hit his Nanajin but he can’t communicate with his parents. Alex promises on a feather that he’ll return for their son. McCabel and Alex are brought aboard the Fugaku. Aesap watches his mother crying in the street. Sakomizu grabs him with the Ouka-Oh saying if he gets lost in the Aura Road he can’t stay alive nor die. The two of them suddenly arrive in Okinawa as various battleships fire upon the shore. Civilians pray for their ancestors to protect them, hiding underground. Sakomizu is upset about what is going on as it is not a battle between armies. He claims the Wings of Rean are lying to him and that this must be a dream. Aesap says if it’s a dream they must be able to erase it. Sakomizu attacks the approaching troops on the beach. He gets further upset over children being caught up in the battle. On the Fugaku, Lyukus asks Galun to stop attacking Tokyo but he says it’s an order from Sakomizu. McCabel comes in and says he will try to minimize civilian casualties. Galun tells Lyukus that McCabel is going to build the republic of Pabush. Lyukus says he’s like a Garou Ran, which Alex believes must be Byston Well slang. Codour comes in. A fighter jet destroys one of the Aura Battlers. Rori and Kanamoto realize it’s not one of the jets from the US base. Codour says she won’t go against the pact Galun made while on the Upper Realm. Sitting in Sakomizu’s seat, McCabel says he’s looking forward to meeting him. Codour says she believes that Sakomizu is dead and asks McCabel whether he’ll be able to control the Upper Realm for the coming millenniums ahead. She thinks the Aura Power will make better use of their crafts. McCabel says the Japanese will supply them after they defeat those from Byston Well. Codour says they have the ultimate weapon and McCabel says that’s why he has actually aligned himself with them. Feathers surround Aesap and Sakomizu. Aesap realizes there are souls in the feathers. Sakomizu is particularly upset as he sees them and says this never should have been. The Ouka-Oh grabs the Nanajin and Sakomizu says he’ll make those in Tokyo remember this. Their Aura Battlers fly away in a ball of light and arrive in the present over Tokyo. Sakomizu is surprised at the lack of nature, looking over the city. Those onboard the Fugaku spot the Ouka-Oh and Nanajin, realizing that Sakomizu is alive. Sakomizu says the Wings of Rean have absorbed the lives of those from Okinawa, the mainland and Kantou regions and that he’ll punish those who use their military strength. Aesap says that makes him no different than them, but he won’t listen. Sakomizu tells Aesap he’ll make him part of the Wings of Rean as well and the two do battle. Two jets approach the Ouka-Oh, which Sakomizu easily destroys. He tells Aesap that he won’t stop him.


I was expecting a drop off in this episode with the action returning to the Upper Realm, but the time traveling storyline with Aesap and Sakomizu was an interesting part of the episode which helped pick things up a bit. Still, it was not as good as the last couple of episodes have been. All the traveling through time has seemed to have gotten Sakomizu more driven towards attacking Japan than ever. Rori and Kanamoto attacking Tokyo in this episode is quite reprehensible. Its one thing to attack a US base stationed there, but they seem gleeful at attacking their own countrymen, and civilians at that. The plot didn’t go as far as I thought it would, so I’m hoping they don’t have to rush things too much in the finale.

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Jiro Takayama

Mechanical Designer(s):
Tamotsu Shinohara
Takumi Sakura

Character Designer:
Masashi Kudo

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

26 episodes

Japan 12.16.2005 – 8.18.2006


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