WMS-03 Maganac Abdul Custom


Model number: WMS-03
Code name: Maganac Abdul Custom
Unit type: custom mobile suit
Manufacturer: Maganac Corps
Operator: Maganac Corps
First deployment: unknown
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: unknown
Weight: unknown
Armor materials: titanium alloy
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: none
Optional fixed armaments: cannon, mounts over left forearm
Optional hand armaments: heat tomahawk, battery powered; beam rifle

As the Maganac Corps of the Middle East region waged an underground war of resistance against the encroaching military control of OZ and the United Earth Sphere Alliance, many Maganac Corps members and squad leaders customized their Maganac mobile suits. One such customized model was operated by Abdul, a squad leader whose Maganac featured large shoulder armor that mounted additional thrusters. Its left forearm could also be fitted with a shell-firing cannon, turning Abdul’s Maganac into a sort of fire-support unit.

Pilot: Abdul
First appearance: New Mobile Report Gundam Wing
Original mechanical designer: Junya Ishigaki


Beam rifle (Version 1)


Cockpit (Version 1)


Heat tomahawk (Version 1)


Rear view (Version 1)

Gundam Wing Info

Masashi Ikeda
Shinji Takamatsu

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Akemi Omode
Toshifumi Kawase
Masashi Ikeda
Katsuhiko Chiba

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Ko Otani

49 episodes

Japan 04.07.1995 – 03.29.1996
U.S. 03.06.2000 – 05.11.2000


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