Xabungle Ep. 14: Timp’s Futile Struggle


The “Ascension of Light” continues to rise in the sky as those on the Iron Gear watch. Kotsett says they see the Ascension of Light once every 6 months and the Innocent are guarding it. Elchi expresses gratitude towards Biel for being able to see the Ascension of Light up front. Jiron tells her to cut the crap and that they should go, picking her up and leaving. Aboard the Iron Gear, the Sand Rats laugh at Elchi’s claim that the Ascension of Light went up due to her. She says they are staying here for the night and Jiron goes down the elevator, thinking about Timp and how he is carrying out the orders of the Innocent. He knows he has to do something tonight before they set off the next morning. Jiron thinks so long that the elevator goes back up to the bridge. Later in the dock, Jiron works on loading weapons onto the Xabungle as everyone sleeps. He once again flashes back to his parent’s death. He demands the hatch be opened and a sleepy Kotsett permits it. Jiron heads out on the Xabungle, but finds the weapons he is carrying to be a lot of weight. He soon approaches the sacred grounds and jumps down towards them. Devices on the ground quickly detect and shoot at him, but he blasts them and continues closer towards the Innocent dome. Inside, Dowas is leading a group of Innocent watching him. Biel comes in and talks about Jiron being on a quest to avenge his parents and that he sent out Timp to protect them earlier. He realizes this is a mistake since Jiron knows they were hiding Timp. He consents to Timp going out to fight Jiron off, and not sending out a separate patrol. Biel thinks to himself that he is impressed with Jiron. Jiron hears a noise and some birds fly off. Suddenly a missile narrowly misses him. Jiron shoots out a signal flare and their Walker Machines head towards it. Jiron gets there first and blasts the area where he thinks Timp is. He misses however and Timp fires back. Timp says his weapons he’s gotten from the Innocent are more powerful than those Jiron has. He also comments on how slowed down Jiron must be with so much equipment. However Jiron quickly comes upon him and grabs a hold of him. Jiron asks if the Innocent ordered his parent’s deaths and Timp says no, and that he’s a lone wolf. Timp is able to knock down the Xabungle and flies away while blasting at it. Jiron spots him heading into an open pipe that is descending into the water. He quickly heads into it with the Xabungle, realizing it is leading to Innocent installations. He quickly runs through, realizing that with little space he’s doomed if he is fired at. Jiron spots what he thinks is a door to a laboratory and wonders if Timp isn’t attacking because he doesn’t want to destroy the place. But just then Timp fires at him with a missile, breaking the pipe and causing water to flow in. Biel gets upset about this and orders Dowas and a patrol to be on standby. Jiron makes his way up the pipe and out of the water.

The Xabungle approaches a closed door towards the end of the pipe and Jiron fires at it, breaking a hole through it. Inside he finds an old abandoned dock. The Gabament fires upon him but Timp’s firing mechanism fails, causing him to fail to hit the Xabungle. The Gabament nearly falls down a chasm enabling Jiron to blow off its leg and knock it near a large golden door. Timp knocks back into the door, complaining that the Innocent aren’t letting him in. Jiron charges at him and smashes the Gabament enough that it opens a hole in the door that Timp flees through. Jiron chases Timp throughout the town area of the Innocent dome. Several Innocent androids flying on Hoverhelis fire at him, causing Jiron to lose track of Timp. Jiron finds a spacecraft in the street. He hides from Dowas, who is leading some androids. Dowas reports to Biel, asking for more reinforcements. Biel thinks of how this is unusual and the civilians have never done something like this before. He orders more guardsmen to appear in the briefing room. Timp aims at Jiron from the top of a roof, but falls off of it. Dowas runs into Timp and complains about how he has caused this. Timp tells him he told them that Jiron was a careless kid and says Dowas is talking mighty for having not gone after Jiron with weapons himself. Dowas claims its the law, and it is to enable the strongest to survive. Jiron approaches and Dowas flees. Jiron throws a grenade that Timp avoids. On the Iron Gear, people wake up and realize Jiron is gone. Elchi is mad at Jiron and doing this around the Innocent dome. She orders the Iron Gear to head out. She orders everyone to head to the dome and find the Xabungle. She worries that they won’t be able to come to relay point P anymore and she also won’t be able see Biel anymore if he causes trouble. Her and Rag argue with each other. More Innocent androids are told that they can shoot Jiron. Jiron heads into a mansion where Timp fires at him with a tank, missing. Timp attacks him once Jiron approaches. Timp is about to poke out Jiron’s eyes but Jiron fights him off with his knife. More Innocent androids approach and fire at Jiron, who worries that he’ll lose track of Timp. Biel worries that Jiron may damage the Dollglow, which would destroy the dome if destroyed. Jiron jumps on a Hoverheli and hears Biel’s order, saying he’ll take care of the Dollglow after defeating Timp. Jiron quickly catches up to and shoots Timp, who falls off his vehicle. Jiron cries in glee at finally being able to avenge his parents. Numerous Innocent androids approach him on Hoverhelis and he fights back at them, saying to hell with the Innocent and their culture. Jiron approaches the Dollglow, a large mechanical column and destroys it. He flies past Timp, who is revealed to be alive and having faked his death. A large explosion erupts due to the destruction of the Dollglow. The Iron Gear spots a large light emitting from the Innocent dome and its crew watch in shock as a large explosion erupts. Biel and Dowas escape the dome on a small craft. Dowas asks Biel why he didn’t use the dome’s defense system. Biel says he has wanted to test Jiron since he saw him, and that the planet Zola is entering a new age. A large pillar of smoke emits from the destroyed dome. Later, Elchi yells at Jiron about how he’s ruined their ability to do business with the Innocent and Biel likely hates them now. In response to the Sand Rats, Jiron says he’s willing to be a Breaker and obey Elchi, now that he has satisfied his quest for revenge. Jiron passes out and Blume realizes he has a fever.


Things appear to hit a climax for the early part of the show as Jiron has another long, drawn out battle with Timp. This one is a bit more interesting than the one we had in episode 11, fighting throughout much of the Innocent’s sacred ground. Jiron believes he has killed Timp and gotten his revenge, but didn’t pay close enough attention as Timp is not only not dead, but appears to not be that harmed. With Jiron believing him to be dead, I figure the story will be going in another direction for a while, which is good as supporting a 50 episode show on a revenge quest would get tiring after a while. Jiron seems to really be going overboard in this episode with his fighting against the Innocent though, even destroying their dome. With their advanced technology and power, having created the most powerful landships and weapons in the show, you’d think that one wouldn’t want to make the Innocent their enemy. It will be interesting to see if they come after Jiron now for revenge, much like he has been after Timp. Dialogue from both Dowas and Biel makes it seem like the Innocent are testing the civilians as to how strong they are. While inside the dome, Jiron spots a spacecraft that looks a lot like the Apollo landing craft used to land on the moon. Makes one think that the Ascension of Light likely is the Innocent sending crafts out into space.

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Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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