Xabungle Ep. 25: A Mighty Battle Between Two Men Risking Their Lives


Karas travels on a dilapidated landship he recently purchased and complaints to his pilot about their pace. He pushes his forces to go faster but orders a quick stop as they approach an Innocent dome. They are able to stop before tripping off any alarms. Meanwhile the Iron Gear works on repairs in Mortar Valley and Elchi complains to Kotsett about it not going quicker. Jiron checks in on Dyke and Chill, who are recovering parts from a defeated Walker Machine. Rag arrives and says they should hurry up, also asking Jiron if he’s looked through Karas’ landship. Meanwhile, outside the Innocent dome, Karas thinks his reputation will be enough to talk with the Innocent about lending him a landship, even though he has no blue stones. A small shuttle heads out of the dome and says he is permitted passage. Karas says to check with Administrator Biel. Jiron and Rag go through Karas’ destroyed landship looking for salvageable parts. Jiron plays a gag on Rag about getting knocked out when his Xabungle falls through the deck. Elchi yells at them for fooling around. Karas’ landship heads into the dome and passes by an Iron Gear-class ship as well as some others. Karas heads inside and asks his silent attendant if they are going to Biel. Along the way he passes Horla, not noticing him. Karas sees Biel, admitting he has no blue stones or money but claims that he can pay back later. Biel says there is no precedent for such a thing and that he cannot approve this. Karas claims he’s been stripped of everything including his brother and wife because he couldn’t compete with the battle capabilities of his enemy. Biel thinks that by granting him the same type of landship that Jiron and the others have that it will be a good test for them and decides to allow it. Karas’ men happily head to the Iron Gear-class ship, excited at the power of it. Karas says he will call his ship the Greta Gully. Meanwhile, repairs continue on the Iron Gear. Lovely Rose complaints to Plopopieff and wonders if it is time to move on. Elchi complains at Rag and Jiron again about their work effort and says she needs to see more from Rag to prove herself. Suddenly an attack hits near Rag’s Xabungle. Jiron spots the Greta Gully approaching and they quickly realize it is Karas attacking them. Karas swears he will choke the life out of them. Kotsett is worried given the current state of the Iron Gear against a brand new landship.

At the Innocent Dome, Dowas asks Biel if it is true that he gave Karas a landship advance and is worried about what other administrators would think if they hear about this. Biel ask Dowas what their purpose is and he says to remold people so they’re properly adapted to live on Zola. Biel claims this is an experiment for those goals and this experiment is necessary to see if Jiron and the others are up to it. Dowas is worried about the world order with the civilians breaking down and Biel grows angry, slapping him. Biel steps outside and is confronted by Horla who also asks about Karas getting an Iron Gear class ship. Biel says he is going to leave the dome and Horla wants to accompany him. Meanwhile the Iron Gear and Greta Gully battle each other. Elchi complains about them not performing to the same level as the enemy. Rag says they should advance and Elchi tells Kotsett to do so but can’t with the state the ship is in. Rag and Jiron advance in their Xabungles. Karas thinks the Iron Gear suffered a lot of damage due to its lack of movement and wants to deliver a crushing blow. Jiron attacks a Walker Machine but quickly realizes he is out of ammo. He jumps up to the Greta Gully‘s cockpit, asking Karas where he got this landship. The battle continues and a enemy Walker Machine crawls up to the Iron Gear‘s bridge only to get blasted away by Elchi. Karas tells his subordinate to transform the Greta Gully into Walker Machine mode so they can defeat the Xabungle. Elchi thinks this is their opportunity to defeat them, thinking they are retreating. Chill soon realizes they are transforming and Elchi wants to do the same, but Kotsett says they can’t move. Jiron and Rag rush towards the Greta Gully trying to prevent it from fully transforming. Jiron’s Xabungle damages its shoulder joints during the attempt and the Greta Gully completes its transformation. Rag says their size alone won’t be enough to defeat them and attacks one of the Greta Gully‘s cannons. Meanwhile Biel and Horla watch from afar. Biel says Karas is the one who appears flustered even though he currently has the advantage. Biel admits the Iron Gear is the strongest Innocent landship but hasn’t seen two of them fight each other before. Rag pushes up one of the Greta Gully‘s cannons enough that it mistakenly blasts the Great Gully’s knee. Both Xabungles work on pushing the Greta Gully‘s legs so it transforms back towards landship mode. Jiron’s Xabungle has its knee joints damaged in the attempt. Kotsett tells Elchi the repairs are finished and Elchi says to push forward towards the Greta Gully. Karas orders them to attack and the Iron Gear‘s bridge is damaged. The Iron Gear brings its way right through the Greta Gully‘s descending legs, smashing into it. Biel is impressed with the will power of the Iron Gear‘s crew. Jiron and the others head into the wrecked Greta Gully and realize much of their small crew is dead. Karas, trapped beneath a collapsed piece of ceiling, fires upon them with a pistol and misses. He tells them about how he was able to get an advance from the Innocent but dies as he is about to say something about them. Horla thinks Biel knew this would happen from the start.


This episode gives us an interesting twist as Karas is able to get his own Iron Gear-class landship and attack our heroes with it. It is quite rare in a mecha show to see both sides of the battle using the same model ship or mech. His Greta Gully was able to come quite close to defeating the Iron Gear, enough so that I thought this may turn into a multi-episode battle. Instead the Iron Gear is able to repair itself in time, leading to a rather rushed conclusion. Karas passes away, not realizing his wife Greta is still alive. Since the battle took place in the same valley as last episode I’m surprised she didn’t make an appearance and wonder if she’ll show up later seeking revenge herself. It was good to see an Innocent dome and Biel again, who have been absent for quite a bit. The episode also features a vocal insert song during the battle from Mio, who would later sing opening/ending themes for shows such as Aura Battler DunbineHeavy Metal L.Gaim and Mobile Suit Gundam 0083.

Overall Rating

Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Yoshiaki Akutagawa
Yoshiyuki Tomino

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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