Xabungle Ep. 33: Unending Troubles


Blume travels on his hovergy but starts having some trouble and wonders if something broke. It eventually crashes into a rock by some woods and Blume is quickly shot at. A red Walker Machine comes out of the woods and Blume is able to knock out its pilot. Meanwhile, Rag and Chill walk through a town carrying some supplies, with Chill having a hard time keeping up. Some kids that Chill recognizes runs by and she follows them, realizing they were with Maria Maria. One of the boys, Tappi, says she moved here with a doctor who is helping Maria out. Meanwhile, the Iron Gear is getting resupplied. Chill and Rag return to the bridge and Rag asks where Jiron is. Kotsett and Rag argue over Katakam. Jiron returns and Chill comes to greet him. Jiron says he hasn’t been able to find Blume. He is wondering if the Salt members are playing around. Rag tells Jiron to help; he asks about Katakam, but he is out meeting with other members of the organization. Katakam is meeting with Collins and other Salt members. Katakam wants Jiron and others in charge of the Iron Gear replaced, but Collins says they don’t have anyone who can command the Iron Gear. He tells them of their obtaining of other landships and Walker Machines though. Dyke and Haiya try to convince Jiron to formally join up with Katakam, thinking doing so will enable them to find Elchi sooner. Katakam is still mistrusting of him. Chill shows up and says that Maria is here and one of the orphans she is with wants to see Jiron. Tappi tells Jiron that Dr. Medick came here with her. Tappi says he wants to become a breaker. Jiron tells him he is too young for this and punches him. He has Tappi bring him to Maria’s. Meanwhile Blume continues on in the Walker Machine he had taken from the pilot who found him earlier. The Walker Machine falls into a pit and he is taken at gunpoint by a man saying he was hoping to catch a lizard. Blume gets out and realizes it is Biel. Biel figures out Blume is a member of the Iron Gear‘s crew. Blume kicks the gun out of his hand and asks him what he is doing here by himself as he holds him down. Blume blames him for many bad past deeds and pulls out a gun. Blume asks if it is really Biel. Tappi brings Jiron and Chill to Maria’s home where they are greeted with many stones thrown by other orphans. They head further inside where Maria and Medick are. Jiron and Medick joke about how Jiron stiffed him on a bill in the past. Blume provides Biel some water and Biel tells him he hasn’t eaten in four days and is unable to buy things with his blue stones. He takes some medicine he says can keep the Innocent alive outside the domes, but doesn’t have much remaining. He claims his body hasn’t been adjusted like that of the civilians. Blume brings Biel with him, but the weak Biel can’t do anything and nearly falls off the Walker Machine.

Jiron talks to Maria who tells Jiron she wanted to get away from the fighting and act as Medick’s assistant. Medick claims that it was Salt who asked them to come here. Jiron laughs when Medick brings up Katakam. He tells the kids to listen to Maria and leaves. Blume comes to a home and is told by a man living there that there is a wandering doctor nearby. Blume heads through the town and sees a cute girl who he asks out but she ignores him. Blume realizes the Iron Gear is nearby. The girl Blume saw, Birin Nada, is a messenger, who reports to Katakam. The Iron Gear starts heading off and Katakam yells at his men to stop them. Birin jumps onboard the Iron Gear and tells Jiron about Katakam’s request to stop it. Kotsett tells Rag Jiron ordered them to head out getting her upset. Jiron stubbornly doesn’t want Katakam’s help. Katakam has somehow made it onboard and says the supplies they have given before aren’t free. He claims to have information on the squadron holding Elchi getting everyone to immediately pay attention. Later, Katakam looks out happily over the forces that have joined Salt, although Jiron remains uninterested. Katakam wants Jiron to train their forces which Jiron surprisingly agrees to. One of Timp’s men finds the Iron Gear and reports back to him. Jiron heads out on the Gallier. Timp orders his men to gather at Mitoka Valley where the Iron Gear is headed. His subordinate tells him that will be difficult given how spread out their forces are. The Gallier continues on and Chill asks Jiron if he is heading out too fast. He says it will be like this in a real battle and continues to do so. Birin thinks he isn’t a very good team member. While Katakam and Kotsett argue, Rag decides to head out on the Xabungle. Timp’s forces, four Capricorn Walker Machines head toward the Gallier and start attacking. The Gallier quickly finishes off one of the Capricorns and Jiron tells his colleagues to fall back. Birin is knocked off of her tiny Walker Machine and grabbed by the pilot of one of the Capricorns until Jiron comes to the rescue. Timp is silent as his subordinate Giron asks what to do. Timp tells him to wipe out the Gallier. Rag’s Xabungle takes on several of the enemy, with success. Birin, now in the cockpit with Jiron helps with firing a cannon. Katakam asks them to transform the Iron Gear into Walker Machine mode, which they do, as Kotsett taunts him behind his back. Timp decides to retreat. Jiron argues with Birin in the Gallier cockpit. Jiron thinks of Elchi as the Iron Gear and Xabungle catch up with them.


This episode is a bit of a reunion of sorts, with several characters including Maria and Medick Helt showing up for the first time in a while. We also see Biel again. Biel appears to have been thrown out/dismissed by the Innocent and is having a hard time living outside. It will be interesting to see if he joins up with our heroes and provide them more information on the Innocent. Blume continues to stay separated from the Iron Gear but can’t help but be close by due to circumstances. We also meet new character Birin Nada who I assume will be a new recurring character given the amount of focus she got in the episode. Tensions continue to mount with Katakam from both Jiron and Kotsett and while the larger organization and supplies are a great help, the interpersonal conflicts with them make things quite difficult. This episode’s got the best animation we’ve seen in a while (with character designer Tomonori Kogawa himself acting as animation director) and also includes several funny shots including a goofy facial expression from Rag, Timp burning his nose with his cigar and one of the most off the wall gags we’ve had in the series thus far when Kotsett, arguing with Rag, changes into a rat for a few seconds, and eats a microphone, knocking out most of his teeth.

Overall Rating
Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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