Xabungle Ep. 38: Dance, Eichi!


Elchi’s landship Gear Gear fires upon decoy versions of the Xabungle and the Gallier, and is successful in blowing up them up while Dowas watches in a craft from above. A decoy version of Jiron also appears and the Gear Gear fires upon it. Dowas comes down and praises Elchi’s performance, telling her she’ll face the enemy for real in the near future. Elchi is pleased and says she’ll resupply. Dowas reports back to Biram. Biram is concerned about the civilians and Salt and tells Dr. Manet they should kidnap someone from Salt to brainwash. Meanwhile the Iron Gear and some Salt landships have stopped within a canyon, near Medick’s medical camp. Jiron and Blume struggle with pushing some barrels into the deck of the Iron Gear. Rag, claiming Katakam could do it, causes Jiron to throw the barrel inside, but it rolls back, knocking over him and Blume. Katakam comes by and says he wants everyone to gather. Birin claims they are going to meet with Arthur Rank, surprising the others. He is supposedly in s warmer region called Yop. Jiron wants to stick around and save Elchi and tries to frame it as the others being cowards and wanting to flee from the enemy. Afterwards Katakam tells Rag he wants the Iron Gear to operate separately and asks her if she can persuade Jiron before he reaches Point H. The Iron Gear takes off shortly afterwards. Maria worries for them as they head off, talking to Medick about it. Salt members make their way into the remaining landships, which also take off, with Medick’s medical vehicle following behind. From above, an Innocent robot spies on them. This is reported back to Biram by Dowas. Biram worries if they have relied too much on civilians like Timp and Horla. He demands that they be crushed. On the Iron Gear, Rag asks Jiron if he’s still in love with Elchi. He questions how the others can abandon her. They argue as the two travel to the bridge and other places around the ship. Eventually they make their way back to the bridge, with Jiron slapping Rag, crying over how Elchi needs their help. On the deck, Fatman starts grunting, sensing the Gear Gear coming off in the horizon. Rag realizes it is an Iron Gear class landship and thinks they should retreat. Dyke says they don’t have enough power to get away. Jiron, using the binoculars, realizes that it is Elchi standing atop the Gear Gear. Elchi is excited at the chance to destroy the Iron Gear and makes orders to those inside.

Fatman happily rushes towards the front of the Iron Gear, holding a suitcase of Elchi’s clothes. Rag is surprised it’s Elchi and says she looks different. Elchi pulls out a sword and orders her men to attack. Blume and Dyke make their way onto the deck, wondering about Elchi and her brainwashing. Jiron also makes his way to the deck and tries calling out to Elchi. Elchi orders her forces to aim towards the bridge and Jiron is nearly hit. Elchi orders her Walker Machine forces to head out. Fatman waves around one of Elchi’s old dresses, which one of her underlings mistakenly believe to be a waiving of the white flag. Elchi says to ignore it and the dress is destroyed by gunfire, to Fatman’s distress. Kotsett ask if their own Walker Machines can be sent out. Rag blames their predicament on Katakam not being with them. Fatman rushes into the dock and Jiron also makes his way there with Chill to get into the Gallier. Fatman heads off in front of them, in a Xabungle. Jiron asks Rag to provide Fatman cover and heads out on the Gallier. Fatman jumps over one enemy Walker Machine and destroys the arm of another. Elchi yells at her underlings to stop the Iron Gear. Rag wants to call out to Katakam for help. Blume pulls out a rifle and tries to shoot Elchi, but is stopped by Rag, who says she wants to beat the real Elchi, not a puppet of the Innocent. Kotsett hears that Katakam will be coming to help them. Jiron destroys several enemy Walker Machines with the Gallier while Fatman’s Xabungle rushes towards the Gear Gear. Fatman gets out of the Xabungle and starts climbing up the ship on a rope, with it getting shot down by a cannon. Jiron helps Fatman who has made it back to the Xabungle. Jiron makes his way up to where Elchi is. She says he is acting too familiar and is her enemy, refusing to listen to anything he says. Elchi pulls out her sword and swings it at Jiron. Meanwhile Katakam and Biran make their way towards the battle. Maria and Medick also watch from afar, surprised at the level of brainwashing the Innocent have done on Elchi. Jiron continues to dodge Elchi’s attacks and she throws a grenade at him. She gets angry at Jiron going a top her landship. Just then, Katakam’s forces join in on the fighting. Elchi complains about her underlings being useless for not spotting Salt’s forces earlier. Maria sees a man killed right in front of her and thinks of the battle, looking at his pistol. Elchi grows even more frustrated as their attack is now a lost cause. The next morning Rag thanks Katakam for the help. He says they have more information about Arthur Rank’s location and wants the Iron Gear there with him. Fatman cries and Jiron says things will work out if they are able to get their hands on Elchi. Katakam agrees to accompany the Iron Gear for now. Jiron tells Rag that Elchi really was trying to kill him but he still wants to save her.


After what seems like a considerable amount of buildup (over 10 episodes now), Elchi is finally sent out to attack the Iron Gear. Without the assistance of Katakam and Salt, this may have been it for the Iron Gear. Fatman and Jiron continue to believe that they can rescue Elchi, despite the fact that she is very much their enemy at this point. I hope we don’t linger too much on battles between Elchi’s landship and the Iron Gear though, which will accomplish little more than making her the latest Timp or Kid Horla. It was surprising to see Rag a bit more supportive of Jiron and Elchi here, especially when she stops Blume from shooting Elchi. Not a ton happens plot-wise beyond this except for Katakam and Salt discovering the location of Innocent leader Arthur Rank, whom they hope to meet with in the future. The episode has a couple of nice montage sequences including one in the middle of the episode and one at the end, which also boasts a new vocal track from Mio.

Overall Rating
Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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