Xabungle Ep. 40: Katakam Gets Desperate!


Elchi angrily walks around her room aboard the Gear Gear and pours herself some alcohol. She says that she loves Jiron then suddenly her mood changes, wondering how she could have said such a thing. Elchi rushes onto the bridge and yells at her underlings, who are resting, playing cards and cooking. Her men claims they need more weapons but this doesn’t stop her from beating them with her whip. Gautz watches from a ways away, thinking Elchi is hysterical. On the Iron Gear, Katakam heads towards the bridge but overhears everyone talking about him and if he should be punished. Even Rag is going along with it. Jiron asks if they will make enemies of Salt doing this, but Birin says everyone in Salt will follow him. Blume, Dyke and Chill taunt Rag about her changed feelings for Katakam. They agree to put Jiron in charge. Jiron says he’ll head out ahead in the Gallier to secure the Iron Gear a route. Katakam is flabbergasted that hey, even Birin, have abandoned him and falls down the stairs. Dyke spots some approaching Walker Machines, bearing a flag of Salt. Blume calls out to them and they soon get onboard the deck of the Iron Gear, asking for Jiron. One of the men attacks Jiron but is quickly overcome by him. The man claims to simply be feeling out Jiron. They say members of Salt are angry at the Iron Gear for not showing up, and they can’t get in touch with Katakam either. Jiron agrees to head off with them. On the Gear Gear, Gautz is upset to hear that Elchi plans on resorting to a kidnapping plan again. The two argue and scratch at each other. Elchi says she is the captain and orders Gautz to launch their Doran squadron and wipe out Salt’s field hospital. Jiron, Dyke and Blume head off on the Xabungle. Rag and Birin head off to do maintenance while Katakam watches from afar. A spy from the Gear Gear watches. Later, more Walker Machines approach the Iron Gear deck. Katakam happily approaches their group, which includes Collins. Collins tells him they will be fine if they head towards Yop and they haven’t come across Timp or Horla. Katakam feels that he needs to meet with Arthur Rank as soon as possible to unite Salt. They head up to the bridge of the Iron Gear and knock out Kotsett and Fatman, hijacking the bridge. Meanwhile, Chill and Rag talk about clothes when the Iron Gear shakes. Rag calls up to Kotsett about what is going on but gets no response. She and others head up to the bridge where they find Katakam has had Kotsett and Fatman tied up and is controlling things. Katakam tells Rag to be patient and ties up her and the others. He thinks everyone will think better of him after he meets with Arthur Rank and he needs to do this to put Salt in order. Kotsett trips Katakam, causing Fatman to angrily shoot at him. Chill crawls up the stairs but stays quiet and flees. Meanwhile Maria orders around some of the children while Medick rest sand has a drink. Suddenly a group of Dorans arrive and launch an attack. Maria wields a gun to help in fighting back against them.

One of Elchi’s underlings reports to her about the Iron Gear heading north, pleasing her. Elchi calls out to Gautz’s Doran squadron with no reply. The medical camp crafts split up. Gautz tells Elchi she’s in the middle of a battle. Elchi requests she head to point R-3 to take part in an attack on the Iron Gear, despite her earlier orders. Gautz is fooled by a smoke screen into thinking she destroyed Medick’s craft and leaves. Doran talks to her men who are sick of Elchi’s mood swings and think Gautz would be a better leader. Jiron talks to a number of Salt members, saying Arthur Rank is on their side but they can’t keep fighting in a scattered manner like this. The crowd reacts happily to this causing Dyke to recall this being similar to reactions Katakam would get. On the Iron Gear, Chill sneaks onto the bridge under a box and brings Rag a knife, but is quickly found by Katakam’s men and flees. Jiron leads forces back to the Iron Gear but spots Gautz’s group of Dorans. He, Blume and Dyke climb down a cliff in order to spy on them. As there are only 3 of them, Jiron and the others plan on grabbing them, but are spotted crawling across the cliff. The enemy gets back into their Dorans and takes off, causing Jiron and the others to flee through a cave. Gautz says to stop and that they should head to point 5, despite Elchi’s orders. On the bridge of the Iron Gear Katakam talks with Rag, saying he is disappointed in her and can easily take care of Jiron when he returns. Collins spots the Gear Gear coming. Kotsett fears Katakam’s actions will result in the Iron Gear‘s destruction. Jiron, Blume and Dyke find Chill and some others who fled the Iron Gear. Chill tells them what has happened and Jiron heads out with them. Katakam quickly has a hard time leading the Iron Gear as it is under attack causing him to even ask Kotsett for help. Birin and others head out to defend the ship. One of the Salt landships is destroyed and a Doran fires at the bridge, blasting holes in Katakam’s cape. He puts Collins in charge and starts to head off the bridge but is talked down by Rag for not attacking first. Katakam lets Rag and the others loose so they can help out. Collins and Katakam’s other men leave the bridge to Kotsett and the others. Jiron soon arrives on the Gallier with others, to Elchi’s dismay. Rag comes out on the Xabungle to give him a rifle. Rag grabs a hold off and blasts one of the Dorans and Jiron defeats another one. Elchi asks where Gautz’s squadron is and calls out to heron the communication system. Kotsett struggles controlling the Iron Gear, but the Gear Gear departs. Elchi is angry at Gautz not coming to help. Jiron tells Rag to stop attacking and they should gather Salt’s forces. Jiron is cheered on by Dyke, Blume and several other crew members. Katakam watches from a far, still planning on using the Iron Gear as the flagship of Salt.


Infighting seems to be the theme of this episode. Katakam had a lot of disagreements with our heroes last episode and things are all the worse this episode as he hijacks control of the Iron Gear upon hearing that they plan on punishing him. Katakam’s control of the Iron Gear is short lived however, realizing he can’t control it well in battle and doesn’t have enough allies to help. Jiron on the other hand is getting more respect from the Salt members and it looks like he will usurp Katakam as their leader. This would have been a great time for the enemy to finish off the Iron Gear, but we also have Elchi and Gautz at odds with each other, so the Gear Gear is forced to retreat yet again. Battle-wise this episode is more of the same from what we’ve had the last few episodes so I hope we move towards something new soon. It was interesting to see Maria wielding a gun in this episode, after how opposed she has been to them previously.

Overall Rating
Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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