Xabungle Ep. 46: Give it Your All, Lord Arthur


Repairs take place across the Iron Gear. Crewmembers talk about Kashim King fleeing to Point V. Kaldas Brune’s landship slams into the Iron Gear and he comes over via a tight rope. Jiron says to stay quiet as Arthur is resting. Kaldas is bringing over some Dorans. The screams of Elchi echo out. Inside, Maria and Birin are stripping down Elchi to see if she is hiding anything. Maria tears off the rest of Elchi’s clothes after refusing to allow her to do it herself. Maria finds a bomb in Elchi’s clothes, which she throws out the window. Elchi tries to flee from the room but runs right into Jiron. Jiron and the soon appearing Fatman freak out upon seeing Elchi naked. Rag hands over some clothes for Elchi that Fatman brought. Later, Jiron and Blume depart on the Gallier and Xabungle to go with Kaldas Brune to acquire the Dorans. From inside, Arthur says he is jealous and gets examined by Medick. Medick tells him he could live three months to a half a year, but Arthur thinks he is lying to him. Arthur claims Kashim King is trying to become dictator of the planet and this is an Innocent internal struggle that he must take care of. Meanwhile the Gallier and Xabungle wait as an enemy landship passes by. They and Kaldas’ forces start firing upon it, scaring off the crew. Blume think it’s odd that they had no Walker Machine pilots onboard, but Jiron doesn’t care and they plan on taking the 6 Dorans on the deck. A man secretly still on board reports to his superiors about them falling for the decoy. Blume notices an odd cord; upon pulling it they realize there is a ton of dynamite on board. They flee just in time as the dynamite blows up. From the Iron Gear, Rag calls out to Jiron to return as they are facing an attack from Kid Horla. Rag rushes into a Walker Machine to help defend the ship. The enemy Dorans have a lot of success against the Iron Gear. Horla chuckles from his ship and orders his men to focus on the Iron Gear. Elchi happily looks at the attack, hoping to be freed. The Iron Gear‘s crew uses a new tactic thought up by Maria of covering up the cockpit of the attacking Dorans with a sheet, enabling them to defeat one. Birin and Maria are able to take down another Doran using a smoke bomb and lasso. Rag gets into one of the captured Dorans and takes off. Arthur watches from inside, amazed at what the civilians can do. Kaldas’ landship arrives, and Horla’s forces retreat.

Dowas and Biram report to Kashim who is frustrated at Horla’s retreat. They claim they are assembling more fleets and Dowas says he’ll attack the Iron Gear himself. Back on the Iron Gear, Rag tells Jiron that Elchi has been crestfallen since Horla’s retreat. Jiron says they must take down Kashim King and Point V. They soon approach Point V and Jiron orders everyone to be ready for a battle. Numerous Innocent shock troopers head out on hovercrafts and Dowas follows behind in his own craft. The Iron Gear‘s crew fires back. Rag and Birin head out on Dorans. Birin nearly mistakenly shoots down Rag. Upon destroying one of the shock troopers, the Iron Gear‘s crew realizes they are fighting against robots. Many arrive on the deck. Plopopieff helps save Maria from one. Elchi happily looks outside, thinking the Innocent’s shock troopers will take over, enabling her freedom. Dyke asks Jiron to return to the Iron Gear to help, but Jiron has his hands full. Dowas orders the troops to head into the Iron Gear. Several blow up their own bodies in order to damage the ship. Everyone is told to block any entries into the ship. Dyke, Maria and the others are surrounded but Arthur comes outside. The shock troopers refrain from shooting him and he tells them to pull back and guard the domes. They follow his directions and throw down all their guns. Dowas is surprised by what they are doing until realizing that the first directive of the robots is to not harm an Innocent. Arthur says they should continue forward towards Point V. Dowas requests Timp’s forces come and help. Arthur asks Maria for her gun saying he wants to take down Kashim with his own hands and she hands it over. Arthur asks Jiron if he can come on the Gallier with him. Dowas, now back in the dome, calls for Timp’s help. Birin’s Doran is blown up causing her to fall onto Rag’s. The Iron Gear‘s forces make their way to the dome and continue with the attack, blowing a hole through its glass. Arthur leads Jiron on where to go so they can make it to where Kashim is. The Iron Gear blasts holes into the dome, which the Gallier heads into. Kashim heads down the hall with Biram and Dowas. Kashim is angry at their constant needing to escape. Arthur thinks Kashim is going to escape via a hovercraft and they make their way to the top of the dome, where they find him. Kashim and the others are able to make it through a door before they are able to shoot at them. Arthur heads in after them and Jiron follows. Arthur and Jiron try to no avail to break into the craft that Kashim and the others have gotten into. Arthur and Kashim argue with each other, saying they each is a traitor to the Innocent. The craft is able to take off and Jiron and Arthur are forced to retreat. Jiron worries if Arthur pushed himself too hard. Jiron is told by Kotsett that a new fleet is approaching.


This is a decent enough episode, although we don’t really learn anything new which is disappointing for something so late in the series. Jiron and the others continue to be quite successful in their battle with the Innocent, being able to make it out of Horla’s trap and force a retreat of Kashim and the others at Point V. Arthur being on their side helps quite a bit as his presence causes the attacking Innocent robots to retreat. It does seem like he is pushing himself too hard though and doesn’t have much longer to live. Elchi is in the possession of our heroes, although we don’t see much development with it beyond Birin and Maria searching her for explosives. It seems like the writers forgot about the fact that there is a second Xabungle as Rag gets into another, unnamed Walker Machine this episode before being able to pilot a stolen Doran instead. With four episodes to go hopefully next episode moves the plot more.

Overall Rating
Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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