Xabungle Ep. 49: Decisive Battle! Point X


Another missile is shot off by the Innocent and blows up. Jiron wants everyone to force their ways into Point X and defeat Kashim, but the others are hesitant that they can do so. Rag tells their allies to surround Point X, but Jiron wants to charge in more aggressively, saying even Arthur was aggressive at the end. Rag calls out to the women of the Iron Gear to show the power of women and get their vengeance for Arthur’s death. Elchi’s head hurts upon her thinking of Arthur and Kashim. Medick tries to bring her back to bed and is happy to find her back to normal. Elchi doesn’t want to rest, but rather make amends for what she has done. Kashim angrily yells at Biram to aim their missiles better. He says they are about to launch a powerful missile that can destroy the Iron Gear and Salt forces. The missile is shot off, and those on the Iron Gear recognize it as an ascension of light. Jiron heads out on the Gallier but falls down a cliff right by Kid Horla’s Emperor landship which fires at him. Horla asks Timp if he knows what the ascension of light is and says it is a giant missile. Timp isn’t too concerned about it. Dr. Manet takes off from Point X on a small craft, wanting to see Elchi’s condition. Both Horla and Timp’s forces chase after the Gallier, also thinking it will keep them out of the path of the missile. Greta also takes part in the attack, still piloting her Doran. Kotsett asks Rag if she should head out on the Xabungle, but she plans to stay in the Iron Gear to command. The Xabungle heads out, although neither Blume nor Dyke are piloting it like she thinks. Jiron flees in the Gallier and hides in a hole while the enemy passes by. Greta is able to spot him however and attacks. The Xabungle arrives, revealing Elchi is the pilot. Jiron is pleased to see Elchi is fine, while Greta thinks she has betrayed her. Greta gets angry at Elchi calling her an old lady and attacks her while Fatman comes in with his own Walker Machine to help. Horla’s landship crashes into Timp’s, knocking him out of the bridge. Biram watches the path of the missile as it starts descending from space. Kashim tells Biram to fire all their remaining missiles, even though they are all old. The Innocent fire off their missiles as ordered. Horla and Timp, in fear of them try to escape from their path. Elchi is able to hold Greta at gunpoint and encourages her to move past her dead husband and find a new love, then tosses her a makeup kit. Greta’s Doran is blasted soon after, although she survives. Horla spots Elchi with his binoculars and realizes she’s back to normal. He orders the ship to make the Xabungle its only target. Timp and Horla’s landships surround the Gallier and Xabungle.

Horla and Timp, who has made his way back into his landship, argue with each other as Horla’s ship gets hit by some shots. Birin and Maria head out on their own Walker Machines to take part in the fight. Dr. Manet’s pilot worries, but she says she wants to capture the Xabungle and Elchi. Timp’s ship heads towards Point X and Geraba wants to as well, but Horla doesn’t want to depart from where Elchi is. He eventually agrees to retreat after the Bridge takes a hit. Elchi requests resupplies from Rag on the Iron Gear, pleasing Rag and Kotsett. The missile fired by Biram starts approaching from the sky above. Biram is confident the Iron Gear and Salt will be wiped out. Jiron rushes back towards the Iron Gear, warning it of the approaching missile. Kotsett tries to pilot it out of the way. The Gallier jumps onboard the deck of the Iron Gear and catches the missile just as it strikes into the Iron Gear. The Gallier is able to toss up the missile and Jiron wonders where to throw it to. Horla says they should try and detonate it so it can blow up the Iron Gear while Elchi is a safe distance away. The Emperor fires upon the missile, which Jiron runs around to try and avoid. Kashim yells at Biram for the missile not going off. A shot hits the missile, but it still doesn’t explode. Jiron is finally able to jump off the Iron Gear Deck and throws the missile at the Emperor, which explodes. Horla and Geraba narrowly escape, with their body covered in ashes. Elchi laughs at Horla, whose pants have burned away and holds him at gunpoint with the Xabungle. Horla then chases after Geraba, trying to steal his pants. A Doran flings itself at The Xabungle, which Elchi defeats. Dr. Manet suddenly appears in her own Walker Machine, wanting to take Elchi back with her, saying she needs to inspect her. Elchi refuses, and Manet realizes the brainwashing has gone away. She tosses her Walker Machine aside and proclaims she is going to kill her for what she’s done to her. A Doran tries to hit the Xabungle, but Jiron blasts it with the Gallier. In that moment Manet gets her Walker Machine back up and charges. Elchi smashes at it with the Xabungle then jumps into the cockpit, knocking out Manet, and holding her at gunpoint. Manet begs for her life and blames her experiments on Kashim. Elchi lowers her gun and angrily says this is the weakness of the Civilians. Elchi refuses to forgive her and tells her to leave and fall in love with someone. Maria and Birin show up to make sure that Elchi is doing okay. Jiron calls out for the Salt forces to gather and for Elchi to return to the Iron Gear. They plan to make one final attack on Kashim as they head towards Point X. Horla is able to successfully take Geraba’s pants and watches the Iron Gear approaching Point X.


The penultimate episode ups the stakes in the fighting, although doesn’t stray away from the show’s lighter hearted nature. The Innocent plot to destroy the Iron Gear and Salt by launching missiles at them, but this fails to work, and the Gallier is able to catch a missile and instead use it to destroy Horla’s Emperor landship. Despite how much it is talked up (Biram claims it will destroy everything in a kilometer range), the missile isn’t even enough to kill Horla or Geraba, who both make it out okay. Horla’s pants are the only casualty. Horla’s quest for Elchi to fall in love with him will likely never be fulfilled, so I’m wondering if this will be it for him or if he’ll play any part in the final episode. Timp’s landship is still intact, so we may see him still play a part. We see Elchi deal with several recurring female villains in both Greta and Dr. Manet and she lets both live. It was good to see Elchi finally back to normal and fighting on the side of our heroes as she had for the first half of the show.

Overall Rating
Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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