Xabungle Ep. 7: Those Who Trust Find Peace


Timp talks to the breaker Gavlet Gablae on her landship Purple Cat, saying that she’ll get more fancy clothes if she’s useful to Bigman. She suggests using the Toran Torans, a group of barbaric natives, one of whom is polishing her shoes. Timp mistakenly burns himself with his cigar. Meanwhile the crew of the Iron Gear gleefully look outside as they approach a beautiful landscape including a forest and a lake. Inside a nearby cave, an old man works on excavating blue stones. The Sand Rats and Jiron have fun in the water. Elchi watches, commenting to Plopopieff on their simplicity. The old man jumps aboard the Iron Gear in his Sandbird Walker Machine, firing at the two of them. Jiron and the others rush back towards the ship as Elchi makes her way back into the bridge. The old man manages to break into the Iron Gear and explode a bomb. Jiron rushes to the Xabungle while the Sand Rats board machine guns. The Xabungle transforms into its humanoid form and gets up close to the Sandbird, tossing it aside. The old man flees into the forest, crying. Later, the Xabungle and the Sand Rats, boarding Hovergy crafts, make their way through the forest and find a cabin. A group of Toran Torans watches from high atop a cliff. They find the old man passed out in the Sandbird and bring him into the cabin. Rag thinks he is a Rockman, and that they typically act this way upon spotting strangers. Blume laughs at the prospect of there being blue stones around here. Rag breaks into a padlocked safe in the cabin, causing a large amount of blue stones to fall out. The old man gets up and points a gun at them, thinking they are going to steal from him. Rag says they are worthless in this state, but he plans on getting them refined. A Toran Toran is spotted on the roof and shot by the old man. A number of the Toran Torans start riding around the cabin on their horses. Jiron and the Sand Rats say they will go outside and help defeat them, but the old man instead causes them to fall through a trap door. The Toran Torans quickly bind the old man and come in, grabbing hold of the blue stones. The Iron Gear lands nearby later, after the Toran Torans have left and Elchi and Fatman come in, tending to the passed out old man. Outside they spot the graves of five people, who they think passed away trying to defend this land. Jiron thinks of how his father was a Rockman and died too. They bring the old man in the Iron Gear, who tries to get away, being worried about his blue stones. The old man eventually succeeds and kicks Kotsett, who was fixing his Sandbird, off of it. He gets in the cockpit and heads back into the forest.

The old man approaches a village of Toran Torans, and is struck by a large rock, which was left there as a trap. A number of Toran Torans quickly grab a hold of him. The old man, whom they call Hotor, demands the blue stones back, and one of the Toran Toran says they will give them back. Jiron, Blume, Dyke and Chill watch from the nearby cliff and sneak into the village. Hotor, bound, is told by the Toran Torans that they were tricked, told they’d get firewater in exchange for the blue stones. He is told a blue machine came and took all the stones. They untie Hotor and tell him they’ll provide him a tool, a beam snatcher, which they attach to the Sandbird. Chill is grabbed by one of the Toran Torans and held at knife point. Meanwhile, Rag, piloting the Xabungle, approaches the village where Hotor is waiting for her. He grabs the Xabungle’s wrists and uses them to electrocute it. Hotor thinks Rag and the others tricked him. Jiron and the others are brought to a cell but are able to knock out their captors when Chill fakes a stomachache. Other Toran Torans approach but they are able to hide from them in a cabin containing Hotor’s blue stones. Jiron realizes they tricked him. Dyke thinks someone else is pulling the strings and Jiron blames Timp for it. Hotor grabs the Xabungle’s leg, damaging it. Jiron jumps onto the Xabungle from the cliff above and gets in the cockpit. The other Sand Rats fly by with Hotor’s blue stones on their Hovergys. Jiron throws a sack of them at him and tells him he’s being used. Hotor fires a shot into the Toran Toran’s village and approaches, blowing up several of their buildings and breaking through their wall. Hotor is told they set up something dangerous on his machine, and one of the Toran Toran sets off a remote explosion on the Sandbird. Hotor flees, grabbing onto a nearby dam, which breaks. Jiron approaches the Sandbird but it explodes. The water quickly floods and washes away the Toran Toran’s village. Later, Jiron and the others tend to Hotor and he realizes they were on his side. He says he can’t go on anymore and to lift him so he can see the beautiful landscape around them. He says he is the one who made it like this. He says it is claimed that there’s no greenery where the blue stones are, but it’s just a rumor the Innocent created, and passes away. Later, Timp is told by Gavlet on the Purple Cat that the Toran Torans were defeated. She claims she was just playing around and there are others. Timp pulls out a refined blue stone he says was found nearby and says he’ll tell the innocent about it. As the Iron Gear flies away, Jiron and Rag ponder the fact that there were blue stones in an area such as this with such a green landscape. Elchi and Rag quickly get into an argument and the others leave.


A rather lackluster episode this time around, coming off a bit as filler. The focus is primarily on the old man Hotor, who is somewhat sympathetic at times, but its hard to feel that way for most of the episode with the way he treats Jiron and the others. For example, when the Toran Torans stormed his cabin, rather than team up to face a common enemy, he used a trap door on them, which quickly led to his own capture. The Toran Toran come off as rather cliché to me, although an old fashioned society such as theirs you wouldn’t think would be using machine guns, setting off remote bombs or have the ability to upgrade Walker Machines. Hotor’s story does at least serve a small purpose in that it reveals that the Innocent aren’t always telling the truth. Brief appearances of Timp Sharon and Gavlet Gablae at the start and end of the episode hint towards her being a new antagonist for our heroes to fight now that Grocky is out of the picture.

Overall Rating
Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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