XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock


Model number: XXXG-01SR
Code name: Gundam Sandrock
Unit type: close combat mobile suit
Manufacturer: Instructor H
Operator: Gundam Pilots
First deployment: 7 April AC 195
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: head height 16.5 meters
Weight: empty 7.5 metric tons; max gross weight unknown
Armor materials: Gundanium alloy
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Performance ability levels: fighting: 120; weapons: 120; speed: 110; power: 150; armor: 160
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; self-destruct system
Fixed armaments: 2 x vulcan gun, mounted in head; 2 x missile, mounted in launch tubes in torso; 2 x heat shotel, superheated blade, stored on recharge racks in backpack, hand-carried in use; shield, can be stored on backpack or mounted on left forearm, mounts 2 x “shield flasher” blinding flare system, can be combined with heat shotels to form “cross-crusher” pincer weapon
Optional hand armaments: none

When the five scientists who designed the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero in AC 180 went their separate ways, each of them took copies of the plans for their original Gundam design. Instructor H, who went into hiding in the L4 colonies, designed and built his own Gundam based on their original plans. His result was the XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock, built specifically for pilot Quatre Raberba Winner. Quatre had no intention of aiding in Operation Meteor’s colony drop operation, and – against his pacifist father’s wishes – took his Sandrock to Earth to meet up with the Maganac Corps in their direct fight against OZ and the oppressive Earth Alliance. Of the five Gundams launched in the “new” Operation Meteor, “Gundam 04” (as the Sandrock was codenamed by OZ) was the most heavily armored, further lending to its durability despite its almost indestructible Gundanium alloy construction.

The Sandrock was also the strongest – better built to handle its two large and heavy heat shotels, which worked as both an excellent pair of melee weapons and as throwing weapons. The heat shotels could also be coupled with the Sandrock’s shield to form a cross-crusher, a large pincer-like weapon capable of snapping mobile suits in two. Topped off by a pair of head vulcan guns and two large missiles, the Gundam Sandrock was nothing but tough through-and-through. The Sandrock met its demise on Earth when the self-destruct system was activated to allow Quatre to escape to space. However, Quatre’s loyal friends in the Maganac Corps collected the mobile suit’s remains and rebuilt it. After Quatre returned to space, it was upgraded into the XXXG-01SR2 Gundam Sandrock Custom.

Pilot: Quatre Raberba Winner
First appearance: New Mobile Report Gundam Wing
Original mechanical designer(s): Kunio Okawara (Gundam Wing version), Hajime Katoki (Glory of the Losers version)


Cockpit (Version 1)


Cockpit hatch (Version 1)


Head (Version 1)


Rear view (Version 1)


Shield (Version 1)

Gundam Wing Info

Masashi Ikeda
Shinji Takamatsu

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Akemi Omode
Toshifumi Kawase
Masashi Ikeda
Katsuhiko Chiba

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Ko Otani

49 episodes

Japan 04.07.1995 – 03.29.1996
U.S. 03.06.2000 – 05.11.2000


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