YF-27-5 Shaher Femail

General Information

Unit type: prototype variable fighter
Manufacturer: Macross Galaxy Fleet Arsenal “Guld Works”
Structure: SWAG energy converting armor, active stealth system
Powerplant type: Shinsei/P&W/RR FF-3011C Stage II thermonuclear turbine engines (max space thrust 1377 kN) x 2
Vernier thruster type: P&W HMM-9
Equipment: visual stealth system, chaff/smoke/flare discharge system, BDI flight control, dazzle camouflage
Armament: Ka-Bar OTEC AK/VF-M9F assault knife x 1, Bifors BML-04B internal micro-missile launcher x 2, BGP-02α 75mm beam gun pod/high-powered beam grenade x 1, Mauler ROV-20 20mm beam gun x 1, pinpoint barrier system x 1
Optional armament: Remmington ES-25A 25mm high-speed machine gun x 2, Mauler ROV-25 25 mm beam machine gun x 2
Pilot: Maris Stella

Fighter mode:
Maximum level atmospheric speed at 10000 meters: Mach 5.0+
Atmospheric ceiling: unlimited (capable of launching into satellite orbit over Earth-class planet)

Macross The Ride Info


Ukyo Kodachi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Hidetaka Tenjin
Katsumi Enami

Character Designer:
Tommy Otsuka

2 volumes

Novel Release:
Japan 06.25.2011 – 12.24.2011


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