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Zambot 3 Ep. 20: The Night Before the Battle


Lord Gaizock tells Killer the Butcher that it was a miscalculation that the descendants of the Jin were on this planet, but he can’t be forgiven for bothering him so much just for one planet. He blasts Butcher with a ray and says it’s his desire to kill all those on Earth to bring peace to the galaxy. On Earth, a group of troops get ready by a ship. Heizaemon has cooperated with the government, handing over blueprints of the Zambot and King Beal. A government agent, Nozaki wants them to hand over both to be used by the government since it will take them two months to prepare. Heizaemon and the other members of the Jin family disagree with this and say they are the experts to fight against the Gaizock. Nozaki is reluctant to permit civilians to fight using the robots, getting Heizaemon upset with him for simply wanting to save face. A new Mecha Boost is created on the Bandock while Butcher plays pool. He orders around Barettar, wanting to deploy multiple Mecha Boost at once. Several Mecha Boost depart the Bandock and head towards Earth. Kappei’s grandmother begs Nozaki to reconsider; the troops there demand to requisition the King Beal and Zambot, saying their men have completed their training. Nozaki says they haven’t gotten permission from the Jin family. Ichitaro detects the Mecha Boosts coming. The military commander says they’ll be taking them over. Heizaemon tells Kappei to let them do it so they’ll see how it really is. The military forces start using the King Beal and its crafts. Kappei talks to a pilot named Tsurui, who takes off in the Zambird. Another pilot named Mishima takes off on the Zambull and a third named Kusuhara takes off on the Zambase. Tanks fire at the Mecha Boost Garuchak that arrives over the city and blasts many of them. The three crafts approach it and the Zambird transforms into the Zambo Ace, receiving the Zambo Magnum, which is fired at the Garuchak. The Garuchak is able to knock away its attacks from the Zambo Ace and the other crafts. The Garuchak attacks the Zambull, which is forced to retreat. From the King Beal, the three of them are ordered to combine into the Zambot 3, which they do. Keiko thinks they may need to use the Ion cannon due to the strength of the Mecha Boost. Heizaemon agrees and tells the military commander, but the commander thinks they will be fine with the Zambot. The Zambot attacks the Garuchak with various attacks but can’t get through its armor. Kappei yells at them to not destroy the Zambot. The Zambot launches the moon attack, which simply deflects off the Garuchak. Kappei says they need to retreat but the commander refuses. Three more Mecha Boosts appear, and the military needs Hanae to help identify them. The men piloting the Zambot are told to retreat. Heizaemon says this experience will help them in the future. The commander is surprised that their best couldn’t pull it off and Heizaemon tells them of the learning Kappei and the others have undergone while asleep. Heizaemon says they should change the pilots and the commander agrees.

Kappei gets in the Zambird along with Chiyonshiki and takes off. Uchuta and Keiko follow on the Zambase and Zambull. Heizaemon tells them to combine which they do, forming the Zambot 3. The Zambot approaches the Garuchak and kicks it. The Garuchak launches another attack. Kappei uses the moon attack and plans to ascend while doing so, firing missiles at the Garuchak. The King Beal starts charging the Ion cannon. Ichitaro and Heizaemon show the military how it’s done. Heizaemon tells Kappei to force the Garuchak to open its mouth during their attack, but the Garuchak identifies what they are going to do and closes its mouth. The other Mecha boost approach. Ichitaro fires the Ion cannon, which misses. The Zambot pulls out its sais and attacks the Gabidan Mecha Boost. The Gabidan starts spinning, destroying much of the city below them. The Zambot attacks with the Zambot Blow attack, but the spinning of the Gabidan makes it difficult. Another Mecha boost approaches from above and the Zambot jumps off the Mecha Boost as its sinks into the water. Ichitaro aims the Ion cannon at the Mecha Boost approaching from above, causing many tanks to fall out of it. The Amonsgar Mecha Boost appears and the Zambot fights with it. It is able to freeze the Zambot’s sais as they attack. Heizaemon tells Kappei the tanks below are going to combine. The Amonsgar again freezes the Zambot’s blade. The Zambot launches its moon attack, knocking back the Amonsgar. Kappei worries if it is going to blow up with its nuclear weapons. Butcher comments on it not blowing up just yet. The tanks combine into another Mecha Boost, the Tracid. Butcher orders it to launch its cannons, which it does so, knocking the Zambot into several other Mecha boosts which are able to toss around the Zambot with ease. Butcher laughs at how their attack is like a billiards game. Heizaemon orders the King Beal to move forward so they can at least destroy one of the Mecha Boost. Heizaemon tells Kappei to head into the ocean. Focusing on the Mecha Boost with the weakest armor, the Gabidan, Kappei launches the moon attack at it and flies away from the Mecha Boost. Heizaemon instructs Kappei on how they can help destroy the Amonsgar by luring it over the ocean. Heizaemon tells Kappei to head into the ocean and they will launch the Ion cannon once he does so. The Ion cannon completes its charge and aims at the Mecha Boosts following the Zambot. The Amonsgar is able to freeze the Zambot’s legs, but Ichitaro strikes it with the Ion cannon. The resulting nuclear blast destroys the other Mecha Boosts. The King Beal is heavily damaged by the blast. Hanae tells Heizaemon that there is no further sign of the Mecha Boost. The Zambot climbs onto the King Beal, surprising the military troops. The commander is shocked by the nuclear bomb attack and Heizaemon tells him the kids were hypnotized during sleep to not show fear and that they are the best to be used for an attack on the Bandock. Kappei’s Grandmother asks Nozaki to let everyone know about this and he and the military commander agrees. Heizaemon says they’ll be heading to space to fight the Gaizock.


This episode surprised me with the sudden drop in quality compared to the last few episodes. If anything, this comes off entirely as a filler episode which is quite disappointing when we are so close to the end. The military shows just how foolish they are and that the Jin family are the right ones to take on the Gaizock, but hadn’t this been accomplished with previous episodes? The stubbornness of the military here, which almost got the Zambot and King Beal destroyed are quite frustrating. For 19 episodes the Jin family clearly showed that they were the only ones who could take on the Gaizock. The Zambot takes on a whopping four Mecha Boosts at once, but all four are repeats of ones we’ve seen previously. In addition we get multiple combining sequences which were played out long ago. A very battle heavy episode and something we could have done without after how much plot we’ve received in episodes before this.

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Zambot 3 Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Fuyunori Gobu
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki
Katsuhiko Taguchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Ryoji Fujiwara

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer(s):
Takeo Watanabe
Yushi Matsuyama

23 episodes

Japan 10.08.1977 – 03.25.1978


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