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Zambot 3 Ep. 22: The Final Day of Butcher


Killer the Butcher is electrocuted by the Lord Gaizock for allowing damage to be done to the Bandock. Butcher begs forgiveness. The Lord Gaizock tells him to go out to battle on his own to make up for this even though Butcher has not gone out to fight himself before. Two Mecha Boosts symbols, the Knights of Death are revealed and Butcher is told he will open the seal. He chops at the symbol of the red one and the red knight Deathcain appears. He does the same to the blue one and the Helldyne appears. Lord Gaizock tells him to lead the knights and head out to battle. Aboard the King Beal, various family members in particular the children and mothers, as well as Kouzuki and Michi are put into escape pod capsules. Ichitaro aims for them to be sent to Japan. They are set to sleep for 3 hours and are being sent against their will. Keiko and her father say goodbye to their family members, as does Uchuta and his father. Kappei is confident and doesn’t give a farewell to his mother, running off. Ichitaro announces they’ll be launching them in 60 seconds and everyone leaves the room. The capsules are fired off to Earth, one after another. Kappei looks out a window with tears in his eyes as they are sent out. Suddenly an alarm goes off, alerting everyone to approaching Gaizock missiles. The missiles strike the ship. Only one capsule remains, that of Kappei’s mother. The head of the Bandock approaches, carrying the death knights with it. Ichitaro says they can’t launch the capsule now or it will be destroyed. Kappei and the others head to their crafts. The Zambird, Zambull and Zambase head out and combine into the Zambot 3. Butcher says this is the last day of the Jin family and they will die. He sends out the 2 Death Knights. The Zambot starts fighting with the Deathcain while the Helldyne heads towards the King Beal, blasting it with a beam from its shield. Gengoroh is dedicated to savings his wife and runs off. Kappei and Uchuta notice the King Beal being attacked and throw their sai at the Helldyne which approaches at the same time as the Deathcain, causing them to strike each other. Gengoroh has them separate the King Beal so they can get into orbit to fire off the capsule. The King Beal fires at the back of the Helldyne. The 1st Beal ship approaches orbit and fires off Hanae’s capsule. Butcher orders Helldyne to go after it and that they can’t let anyone escape. The Helldyne throws its weapon at the capsule but Gengoroh pilots the ship into its way, causing heavy damage. Gengoroh tells Hanae to take care.

The capsules enter the atmosphere and come down to Earth. Kaoru, Kouzuki’s sister sees it and prays for her brother. The capsules lower to the ground. The one with Kouzuki opens and he tells everyone to wake up, which they do. They realize that they have been sent to Earth, at Suruga Bay. They realize the others are still in space. They try to get in touch with the King Beal. Back in space, the Zambot continues to fight the two Death Knights. Ichitaro says they need to get rid of the shield somehow. Kouzuki gets through and asks Ichitaro why they sent them back, thinking it is unfair. Uchuta’s mother asks for her husband and he talks to her. Ichitaro tells Gengoroh that the others made it to Earth okay. He tells Kappei they must protect Earth at all costs. Kappei says he won’t let the Gaizock do anything to Earth. The Zambot and King Beal fire with all their might at the Death Knights but are unable to break through. The Death Knights fire a bright beam at them and throw their weapon while everyone is distracted, striking the Zambot. Gengoroh moves the ship forward. More weapons are thrown at and strike the Zambot. Gengoroh pilots his ship in the way and the ship is more heavily damaged. He says he’ll take care of this and tells Ichitaro to attack the Bandock with the Ion cannon. Hanae’s capsule makes it to Earth and Kouzuki tells her Gengoroh is still fighting in space. She calls out to him and he says to take care of everyone. He pilots his ship towards the Death Knights, striking into the Helldyne and destroying it. He also plows his way into the Deathcain, which blows up along with the ship, killing him. Kappei cries out over his father’s death. Butcher is upset having seen his last hope destroyed and moves the Bandock forward. Uchuta and Keiko call out to Kappei to fight. Kappei launches the moon attack at the head of the Bandock, but it does not damage it. Ichitaro tells Kappei to use the Ion cannon by hooking into the Ion engine on the Zambot. Uchuta’s father is concerned about the energy it will use, but Ichitaro says they have no choice. The Zambot grabs the Ion cannon from the King Beal. The Bandock follows it and fires at it. The Zambot charges up the Ion cannon and aims it at the Bandock. Kappei wonders where its weak point is and identifies it. He fires the ion cannon, which has a direct hit on the Bandock. Kappei shouts out in triumph, but Butcher is revealed, still floating out in space, alive. They realize that he must be a cyborg since he is surviving out in space without a space suit. Butcher asks Kappei why he fought him. Kappei says it was to protect the Earth, even though no one asked them to. Butcher says many of them died, but asks who from the Earth is showing appreciation towards them. Kappei says the Earth is where he was born and lived and he won’t let it be destroyed. Butcher says the Earth is destined for destruction. Butcher blows up. Kappei, Uchuta and Keiko cry tears of joy about having defeated him and saved the Earth. However, the body of the Bandock approaches, and they realize that even though Butcher is now dead there is still the Gaizock to defeat.


Things continue to head towards the conclusion as the final battle with Killer the Butcher occurs and he is finally killed. Unfortunately both the preview for this episode and the episode title spoil that Butcher was going to die. He makes some good points just before he goes about how no one on Earth appreciated what the Jin family has been doing. The episode also features the death of Kappei’s father, who goes down kamikaze-style similar to his own father and mother, who perished in the previous episode. At the very least, the women and children, along with Kappei’s friends were able to be sent to Earth, away from the fighting. With Butcher dead, looks like we’ll be having a final conclusion with the Lord Gaizock in the finale.

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Zambot 3 Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Fuyunori Gobu
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki
Katsuhiko Taguchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Ryoji Fujiwara

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer(s):
Takeo Watanabe
Yushi Matsuyama

23 episodes

Japan 10.08.1977 – 03.25.1978


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