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Zambot 3 Ep. 7: Goodbye! My Friend


People honk on their horns in gridlock as they attempt to flee from the city. One of the men complains to his wife about it and they have to flee his truck when the Mecha Boost Kumoganira passes by and starts attacking all the cars. Among those fleeing are Kappei’s former friends Aki and Michi. The Jin family watches aboard the King Beal. Kappei wants to head out but Heizaemon warns him about heading out not knowing the Mecha Boost’s abilities. Kappei gets into his chair and heads down to the Zambird anyway with Chiyonshiki. The Zambird takes off. Gengoroh calls Kappei an idiot; he and Ichitaro agree that they now have to send out Uchuta and Keiko on their crafts. The two head out on the Zambull and Zambase. They head to the city and see Kappei ahead of them. Ichitaro tells Kappei to examine the situation in the town so they can find the Mecha Boost. Kappei refuses and shuts off communication, saying that’s a job for Uchuta. Kappei transforms the Zambird into the Zambo Ace. Kappei finds the destruction around him to be terrible and lands in the city. He finds a bloody handkerchief that belongs to Michi. Chiyonshiki leads Kappei to an area where Aki and Michi are with the man from the truck and his baby. The man questions who Kappei is with his weird costume. Michi is injured and tells Kappei not to worry about her. Uchuta and Keiko call to Kappei who tells them to bring him a stretcher. Meanwhile on the King Beal, Gengoroh and Ichitaro watch footage of the Kumoganira, which easily destroys the fighter jets that attack it. Michi is brought aboard the Zambase. Aki refuses to go along with them, saying she is going to search for her and Michi’s parents. She says she has hated the way he has acted lately, thinking it is cool to fight in the robot while she and the others can do nothing but run away. She says she wishes Michi wasn’t going to his ship but finds it inevitable. She leaves and Kappei calls her stupid. Keiko tells Kappei she’s spotted the Kumoganira and will come back after dropping off Michi. Uchuta tells Kappei to hurry up and takes off. The Kumoganira, which has formed a web around some buildings fires at various cars, destroying them. The flames in the city continue to spread and people flee. Kouzuki and his gang watch. Kouzuki says they need to stop the source of the problem, the Jin family. He thinks all will be alright if they destroy them. Aki comes upon them and tells him about Michi’s injury and the fact that she has been brought to the ship of the Jin family. Uchuta fires a missile at the Kumoganira, but it destroys it. The Kumoganira captures the Zambull in a web. The Zambo Ace pulls out its gun and fires, freeing the Zambull. The Kumoganira merely turns its attention to the Zambo Ace though, and ensnares it just like it had the Zambull. The Zambull fires a missile at it which does no good and the Kumoganira knocks it away with a missile of its own. The Kumoganira starts drilling into the Zambo Ace and knocks away its weapon. Kappei thinks they should combine, but they can’t with Keiko and the Zambase not present. Killer the Butcher watches while bathing. Keiko is about to head back out but Kouzuki arrives with his gang and holds her at gunpoint. The Kumoganira continues its attack on the Zambo Ace.

Kouzuki tells Keiko to have them open the hatch. His friends say they want to know why the Jin family is trying to destroy Japan and they refuse to believe her saying it has nothing to do with them. Kouzuki hopes to hand the Jin family over to the Gaizock. Uchuta helps free the Zambo Ace from the web of the Kumoganira and Kappei is able to pull out the drill and grab the Zambo Ace’s weapon. Uchuta thinks they should retreat and is worried about Keiko. Kappei doesn’t want to. He fires at the same time as the Kumoganira and the resulting explosion knocks back the Zambo Ace. Meanwhile on the King Beal, Kouzuki has tied Keiko up and orders the hatch of the ship to be opened. Keiko says not to open it, but Heizaemon relents and tells Ichitaro to open it. Kouzuki comes in with his gun and says to be led to the control room. Kouzuki’s friends split up and start destroying parts of the control room of the ship. Heizaemon gets frustrated at how many times they keep telling him they are here to help. Kouzuki says to look for Michi. At that moment Kappei’s mother, Hanae, and grandmother are helping Michi, who is feeling all better. Kouzuki comes in with his gang. Hanae and Kappei’s grandmother say she can’t be moved, but Kouzuki refuses to listen and fires a shot to show he means business. Kouzuki threatens to shoot Hanae, but she stands before him and slaps him down, showing he can’t go through with it. Kouzuki starts crying and she says she is sorry. Later, Kouzuki and his gang have departed the King Beal. The Zambull and Zambird arrive. Kappei and Uchuta come in and see how much destruction Kouzuki and his gang have done. Kappei curses out at Kouzuki so much that his father slaps him. Keiko also expresses outrage. Kappei runs off in frustration. The Kumoganira approaches. Heizaemon tells Uchuta and Keiko to head out and they do so. Kappei follows on the Zambird. The three crafts combine into the Zambot 3. The Kumoganira blows up several ships on the ocean and fires at the Zambot, which is able to knock away its webs with its sais. The Zambot uses the Zambot Buster, but the Kumoganira simply destroys its blades. It then wraps its web around the Zambot, electrocuting it. On the Bandock, Barettar boasts over the power of the Kumoganira and has perfume sprayed in his face by Butcher. The Kumoganira slams the Zambot to the ground and continues to electrocute it. Uchuta tells Kappei they should ascend and use their maximum power. The Zambot does so, heading towards some nearby rocks. The Zambot is able to swing around the Kumoganira using the webs and fling it around the nearby rock. It then strikes it between the eyes and uses the Moon Attack, destroying it. Heizaemon says he will open people’s hearts including Kouzuki if he continues to fight. Kappei climbs on the shoulder of the Zambot and calls out for Kouzuki.


An alright episode, although a bit of a rehash of previous events. In particular, Kouzuki stormed the Beal ships just a few episodes ago and does so again here (although he takes further action this time). Attempting to destroy the King Beal‘s control room will likely lead to even more destruction since the Jin family is the only defense against the Gaizock, but Kouzuki won’t realize that. Still, when it came down to it, he couldn’t actually pull the trigger when Hanae stood before him and left the ship. Kappei continues to be quite the complainer, in this episode complaining about Keiko not being around when she was gone because she was bringing Kappei’s friend Michi to the King Beal to receive medical attention.

Overall Rating
Zambot 3 Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Fuyunori Gobu
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki
Katsuhiko Taguchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Ryoji Fujiwara

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer(s):
Takeo Watanabe
Yushi Matsuyama

23 episodes

Japan 10.08.1977 – 03.25.1978


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