Zeta Gundam Ep. 12: The Winds of Jaburo


As Kamille enters Earth’s atmosphere in the Gundam Mk-II and Flying Armor, he blasts a Hi-Zack’s ballute, causing it to burn up and explode. He then tells himself that this kind of one-side battle is unfair. After completing reentry, the Nemos eject their ballutes and deploy parachutes to slow down their descent. The EFF ground forces deploy outdated Zaku Tank, Guntank II, Gouf Flight Test Types and GM Cannons to engage the incoming AEUG. Inside Jaburo, Reccoa and Kai are held captive in the brig, and she thinks all the activity around them must be caused by the AEUG attack. Reccoa laments that she couldn’t contact the AEUG to warn them not to attack Jaburo, but Kai notes that they can use this opportunity to escape. Reccoa doesn’t think there’s any way to escape, but Kai says they have to do something if they don’t want to die. The EFF deploys ground-based missile launchers and Saberfish fighters to attack the AEUG. Quattro uses the Hyaku-Shiki’s vulcans to easily dispatch several Saberfishes. Jerid’s Marasai descends through the sky, and he scans the area until he spots Kamille. Jerid tells himself that there is a god and vows that he’ll avenge Kacricon. The EFF also launches TIN Cod fighters, and AEUG Nemos and GM IIs engage an enemy. A TIN Cod attacks Kamille, so he lands on the river and destroys it from below, saying that the pilot could’ve lived if he hadn’t launched. Kamille uses the Flying Armor’s thrusters to create a large wave that allows him to get close to another TIN Cod and shoot it down. Kamille reaches the shore and is momentarily distracted by watching a monkey in distress over another injured monkey, and Quattro radios him with coordinates to meet up at. Jerid, leading a team of Hi-Zacks, opens fire on Kamille and blasts the spot where the monkeys were. Kamille blasts a Hi-Zack before escaping on the river, and Jerid doesn’t understand what’s happening because they should have the advantage over the AEUG on Earth. Jerid and two Hi-Zacks take off to give chase, and he sees that the Flying Armor isn’t just a waverider, but also a hovercraft. Two GM Sniper Customs attack Quattro from the ground, but he easily takes them out. Quattro jumps out of the way before bazooka blasts from some Goufs destroy GM IIs and a Nemo. Kamille speeds along the river and jumps off the Flying Armor to let it crash into one of the Goufs while he destroys the other two midair. Kamille joins Quattro and several other AEUG pilots as they reach one of the entrances and infiltrate Jaburo’s interior. Quattro feels that something is off because this isn’t the level of retaliation they expected, so he suspects that something is up. Kamille fires through a building and takes down a GM Cannon and GM Sniper Custom. Quattro feels that it’s odd how quiet Jaburo is, as if it’s been abandoned. After capturing the Audhumla transport plane, Apolly issues orders to gather all the prisoners in one place and start interrogating the senior officers. Jerid and his team walk through Jaburo’s interior, and he declares that he won’t let Spacenoids do as they wish on Earth. He then gets out of his Marasai to ask an EFF officer why they’re giving up so easily, and the officer explains that they’ve been ordered to retreat, which is why they’ve brought in all the Garudas. Roberto reports to Quattro that all the buildings in the area are empty, and Quattro thinks they might’ve walked into a trap. Apolly shows up in his Rick Dias and mentions that they never heard from Reccoa, so Quattro tells him to interrogate prisoners. Apolly asks how Kamille is doing, and Quattro answers that he’s doing great, thanks to Wong’s “corrections.” Kamille moves to the next area, which is also abandoned, and has a Newtype reaction to Reccoa and Kai’s presence. Kamille gets out of his cockpit and tells Quattro that he feels Reccoa’s presence, and Jerid arrives and shoots at Quattro. Quattro gives chase down a street and destroys a Hi-Zack that Jerid used as a shield. An EFF prisoner named Jiddeley tells Apolly that they have an hour to escape before a nuclear bomb goes off. Apolly notes that nuclear weapons have been prohibited since the Antarctic Treaty, but Jiddeley insists that he saw the base commander activate the bomb. Apolly asks if they can defuse the bomb, but Jiddeley says it’s buried deep underground. He says they can execute him afterward if he’s lying, but for now he begs them to just get him out of here. A Guncannon Heavy Custom takes down a Nemo, and Jerid is told by a Hi-Zack pilot that he has to escape. Jerid then spots Kamille, who opens fire and hits the Hi-Zack. Jerid jumps in the air, and Kamille blasts off the Marasai’s left arm. Kamille takes cover behind a rock when his rifle runs out of energy, so Jerid decides to swoop in and take him down. Kamille loses his footing after stepping on unstable ground and falls into a pit. He then jumps out of the pit, and he and Jerid’s shots hit each other and cause an explosion.

The explosion knocks Kamille into another pit, and Jerid is forced to abandon his Marasai just before it explodes. Quattro meets up with Apolly and says there’s no need to confirm things because he knows Jiddeley is correct. A pilot reports that they searched the computers and discovered two nuclear bombs are buried 150 meters underground and will go off in 35 minutes. Quattro asks if there’s a way to escape, and Apolly notes that they’ve seized two Garudas, but the planes lack the equipment to send their pilots back into space. Quattro orders that everyone, including the prisoners, be evacuated onto the Garudas in 22 minutes. Jiddeley offers to report Quattro’s good actions to the government, and Quattro shouts that he doesn’t care if Jiddeley lives or dies, he just wants hostages. Quattro asks Apolly about the officer’s residences, and Apolly reports that they couldn’t find Bright’s house, but the whole area seems deserted. Jerid reaches a roadway and helps some soldiers flip a jeep that is turned on its side. Kamille hears the announcement to retreat from Jaburo, but he’s still busy searching for Reccoa. Apolly asks Quattro what they should do since they still haven’t heard from Kamille, and Quattro decides to go look for him. Kai and Reccoa note the silence and the possibility that no one is coming back. The building suddenly rocks and Reccoa says Kamille’s name. They start pounding on the door loud enough for Kamille to hear them and clear the rubble in front of their cell. Reccoa is happy to see Kamille, and he tells them to stand back so he can shoot the lock open with his pistol. Reccoa happily hugs Kamille and thanks him for coming, and Kai comments that Kamille looks young. Reccoa introduces Kai, and he says that he intended to help Reccoa but ended up causing her trouble. Reccoa explains that everything was going well until they got caught trying to contact the Argama. Kamille asks why the enemy is in such a hurry to leave, and Kai says they were already evacuating, or otherwise Kamille wouldn’t have been able to make it this deep. Quattro arrives and asks Kamille if he’s immobile because the nuclear bombs will explode in 10 minutes. Kamille reports that he found Reccoa and Kai, and Quattro says they have to all escape. Jerid pulls up next to a shuttle where many soldiers are crammed on the gangway to board a shuttle. Jerid punches and pushes his way to the top of the gangway just as the shuttle initiates its engines. Jerid falls away, but a woman named Mouar Pharaoh grabs him by the arm and saves him. The captured Sudori takes off, and Apolly wants to wait a little longer for Quattro and Kamille. Three Hi-Zacks approach from the front as the Audhumla taxis onto the runway. Roberto spots Quattro and Kamille, and Quattro tells Kamille to get on the plane while he holds off the enemy. Kamille increases his thrust to get Reccoa and Kai onto the plane, and Jiddeley radios the Hi-Zacks from the Audhumla’s bridge to warn them that the nukes will explode in one minute. Kamille and Quattro use their thrusters to jump onto the Audhumla with the Hi-Zacks still in pursuit. The Hi-Zacks land on the runway just as the bombs detonate and completely vaporize Jaburo. As the Audhumla flies away from the blast site, Kai asks Reccoa about Quattro. An unidentified plane approaches, and Quattro thinks it might be an ally. A reproduction Valkyrie plane flies by the Audhumla, and its pilot identifies himself as Hayato Kobayashi of Karaba. Hayato radios that he will guide them, and Quattro orders the pilots to follow. 


The AEUG’s grand plan to wipe out the Titans ends with a spectacular failure, although it could be argued that neither side came out ahead. Somehow, the Titans were already aware that the AEUG were going to attack Jaburo and laid a deadly trap in the form of two nuclear bombs. Even though many people evacuated beforehand, the Titans still killed many allied personnel just to try to take down the AEUG. This demonstrates once more that there are no limits to what they will do to achieve their goals. Quattro notices that something is suspicious from the lack of resistance, and he obviously would know about Jaburo from prior experience. Kamille experiences combat under Earth’s gravity for the first time, but he does well and manages to embarrass Jerid once more. Once again, Jerid manages to live by the skin of his teeth, although he’s now failed to avenge both Lila and Kacricon. The EFF has a lot of old junk laying around for their defense, and longtime fans will recognize these old units from MSV and MS-X. Hayato shows up at the end as a member of Karaba, and between him, Quattro and Kai, we’re having a small reunion of original series characters. Kai, ever the intrepid journalist, clearly knows that something is suspicious about Quattro.

Original Review: June 15, 2000

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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