Zeta Gundam Ep. 17: Hong Kong City


The Sudori, now under the command of Wooder, receives several new Hi-Zacks and Base Jabbers to replenish its mobile suit complement. Wooder orders his crew to set course to Japan via Hawai’i. He also orders them to send a message to the Murasame Lab for backup so they can avenge Buran. On the Audhumla, Beltorchika tells Hayato, Amuro and Kamille that she heard the Titans were scattering their forces, but she hasn’t heard anything about New Guinea. Amuro thinks this represents an opportunity for them because crushing the Titans at New Guinea would make the world more aware of the AEUG’s existence. Amuro thinks the base would be easier to take out if it’s only recently occupied, and it’s likely to have a space shuttle. Kamille notes that they don’t have enough Dodai Customs, and Hayato concludes that they’ll have to use Kai’s introduction and make contact with Luio & Co. Amuro asks if they can trust Luio Woomin, and Beltorchika notes that whatever they do, they still need to stock up on equipment, so Hayato decides to set course for New Hong Kong. Later, Beltorchika approaches Kamille while he works on the Gundam Mk-II, but he’s annoyed by her presence and says that he’s busy. She comments that mobile suit battles are all about experience, so Kamille asks what she’s implying. Beltorchika then asks Kamille to give the Gundam Mk-II to Amuro because he’s better suited to it. Kamille asks if Amuro asked her to say this, and she answers that he didn’t, but it’s only natural that Amuro should pilot a Gundam. Beltorchika notes that Amuro is a hero from the One Year War and should have a suit befitting that hero status, and Kamille asks if she’s saying that he’s not suited to using the Gundam Mk-II. She answers that Kamille isn’t the issue and asks if he hates Amuro. Kamille answers that he still doesn’t know if he likes Amuro, and Beltorchika states that this is all for Amuro’s good so that he can regain his confidence. Kamille pushes Beltorchika away and says she just feels sorry for Amuro and that such pity will get him killed. Wooder is informed that they’re receiving a large mobile suit from the Murasame Lab, and he orders that the booster they have be moved to accommodate it. The massive Psycho Gundam approaches in mobile fortress mode, and the Sudori deploys cables and a docking arm to latch onto it. Pilot Four Murasame and her supervisor, Namicar Cornell, ride a crane up into the Sudori’s hangar, where Wooder is waiting to meet them. Namicar introduces herself as the head instructor at the Murasame Lab. Four asks Wooder for a favor and says that while on a mission she wants to do as she pleases because she can’t operate under his orders. Wooder notes that this is the military, but Four insists and says she’ll return to Japan if he doesn’t agree to her terms. Wooder touches Four’s cheek and tells her to do as she wishes. Elsewhere, the Audhumla approaches New Hong Kong and lands in the water by the port. Kamille is impressed by the city’s beauty and comments that it looks totally different from a colony. Hayato brings two representatives from the city to the bridge, and they tell him that resupply of weapons is prohibited. Amuro and Beltorchika head into the city and walk to the offices of Luio & Co. Amuro walks inside and is surprised to see his old comrade Mirai Noa and her young children, Hathaway and Cheimin. He introduces Beltorchika and whispers that she’s with the AEUG, which Mirai nods in response to. He asks Mirai where she’s living in Hong Kong, and she mentions staying on a ship called the Coral Oriental. Beltorchika asks Mirai what she’s doing here, and Mirai explains that she’s trying to get black market tickets to travel to space. Amuro notes that even if Mirai could get to space, there’s no guarantee she’d be able to see Bright. Mirai answers that she doesn’t care and that she and Bright want to raise their children in space. Amuro comments on Mirai being a mother, and she responds that in seven years people change, both for better or worse. Amuro cuts in line and tells an employee that he wants to see Luio Woomin, and in response a large man in a black suit grabs Amuro and punches him several times and knocks him into a bench. Amuro then charges the man and knocks him to the floor, and he proceeds to punch the man in the face multiple times. Another man in a black suit grabs Amuro by the shoulders and tosses him to the floor. Amuro tells Beltorchika and the others to get back to the Audhumla, and he keeps attacking the men in suits. Another man attempts to block the door, but Beltorchika kicks him in the groin and punches him in the face to take him out. One of the men knocks Amuro down and shoves his shoe up against his head to keep him down. Beltorchika and the others run through the streets, but Mirai stops when she sees the Psycho Gundam approaching in the distance. Four scans her surroundings and wants the Gundam Mk-II to come out. Hayato is informed of the commotion and orders Kamille to launch in the Gundam Mk-II. 

Namicar tells Wooder that this is Four’s first battle, and if she suffers a mental breakdown she could be dangerous to allies too. Wooder comments that Cyber Newtypes still seem to be in the testing stages. Kamille approaches from above and jumps off his Dodai Custom when Four fires the Psycho Gundam’s powerful diffuse mega particle cannons. Kamille, Mirai and Amuro all have Newtype reactions to Four and the Psycho Gundam. Amuro, confined in a cell, meets Stephanie Woomin, who asks why he wants to see her father. She explains that they have to detain anyone who mentions her father’s name in a crowd because they have many enemies. Amuro asks to see Luio, and Stephanie explains that she’s her father’s representative. The building shakes from the fighting, and Stephanie asks Amuro if he’s a soldier, and when he answers that he is, she concludes he’s from Karaba. The building rocks again, and Amuro says it’s too dangerous to stay there. The Psycho Gundam crashes into a building, and Kamille’s beam rifle shots have no effect due to anti-beam coating. Kamille jumps on the Psycho Gundam from behind and yells at Four to stop attacking indiscriminately. Four does a quick turn to knock Kamille off and gives chase when he jumps away. Beltorchika and the others board the Audhumla, and Hayato orders an immediate takeoff. Two Nemos prepare to launch, and Beltorchika tells Hayato that Amuro was attacked by ruffians, and then the black machine appeared. The two Nemos take off on Dodai Customs, and Kamille hides behind a building to dodge Four’s attacks. She then transforms the Psycho Gundam to mobile suit mode and smashes multiple buildings along the way. Kamille jumps away as she fires the mega particle cannons again and destroys multiple buildings. Kamille launches an ineffective attack with a beam saber, and Amuro comments that he’ll never win fighting that way. Four destroys another building while shooting at Kamille, and Amuro wonders how a suit so large can even walk. Kamille jumps onto the Psycho Gundam and tells Four to stop, but she swats him away and yells at him to stop giving her orders. Kamille jumps into the air to dodge an attack and spots Amuro on his cameras. He then thrusts downward and slams into the Psycho Gundam, causing a building to collapse on them. Kamille says they could’ve fought anywhere and asks Four why she chose this place, and she answers that this is war. Four pushes away Kamille and laughs that the Gundam Mk-II is just a doll. The two Nemos arrive and open fire, but Four shoots back and causes one of them to crash. Stephanie asks Amuro how long he plans to stay in the area, and he responds that there’s no time to move the battle out of the city, but Kamille’s approach is wrong. Stephanie tells Amuro that he’s getting sucked into the fight and can’t see the full picture. Four feels a strange Newtype sensation when Kamille aggressively attacks, and she retreats after he lands a beam saber hit on the Psycho Gundam’s torso. Four returns to the Sudori, where Wooder asks why she didn’t finish off the Gundam Mk-II. She answers that no one could understand such unpleasantness without piloting the Psycho Gundam. Namicar lectures Four about how she’s addressing a senior officer, but Four shouts back that she doesn’t understand anything either, of the feeling of a snake writing around inside your head. On the Audhumla, Hayato thanks Stephanie for providing supplies, and she asks him to give Amuro her regards. Beltorchika asks Mirai about her family, and Mirai explains that Bright felt frustrated for seven years, but now he can release those frustrations in space. Beltorchika thinks it must be tough on Mirai to be left behind on Earth, but Mirai answers that she feels no anxiety because she understands Bright’s thoughts as if they were her own. Beltorchika asks Mirai if she’s a Newtype, but Mirai denies it. Beltorchika notes that children need parents to grow up, and Mirai responds that she tries to project Bright’s image for the children so they can sense him, but Beltorchika dismisses that as an excuse. Amuro asks Kamille if he felt that sensation during battle and comments that they’ll surely find a shuttle to get Kamille back to space at the Titans base in New Guinea. Kamille asks why Amuro is telling him this, and Amuro comments that he can’t bear to see Kamille fight the way he did. He then says that’s a joke and that if Kamille can sense an enemy’s feelings in battle, he’ll grow into a very valuable pilot for the AEUG. He adds that going back to space will give Kamille a better view of what’s happening on Earth. He warns Kamille not to repeat his mistake and comments that gravity can suck your soul into the depths of the Earth. Kamille notes that they got souls from being on Earth, and Amuro responds that that’s another way of looking at it.


The Audhumla crew arrives in Hong Kong, but trouble is quick to follow them in the form of the massive Psycho Gundam from the Murasame Newtype Lab. Wooder has taken over the pursuit of the Audhumla in the name of avenging Buran, but so far all he manages to accomplish is unnecessarily destroying lots of buildings and likely killing lots of innocent bystanders. The look of the Psycho Gundam is quite deliberate – it resembles the RX-78-2 Gundam, except gigantic and evil looking. As for Four, she’s another Cyber Newtype, but in her first battle she comes across as more intense and focused than Rosamia. This episode features an unexpected reunion between Amuro and Mirai, and it introduces us to her two kids, who will both appear again in Char’s Counterattack. Amuro impulsively tries to cut through the red tape at Luio’s office and gets beaten down for it, but it all worked out in the end. Beltorchika flashes some strange looks at Mirai during their conversation at the end of the episode, and it just further demonstrates what an odd character she is.

Original Review: November 18, 2000

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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