Zeta Gundam Ep. 2: Departure


The Argama fires its mega particle cannon at Green Noa 1, blasting a hole in the colony. Quattro and Roberto then rendezvous with Apolly and fly toward the colony. Quattro has a Newtype reaction and hears Kamille’s breathing, but he wonders if it’s Amuro or Lalah. Kamille runs through a forest and returns to the outskirts of the Titans base, where two additional Gundam Mk-II units are helping haul away Unit 3 that Jerid crashed. Nearby, Quattro, Apolly and Roberto fly their Rick Diases into the colony via the hole created by the Argama. Quattro wonders what that breathing was and tells Apolly and Roberto that they’re going to capture the Gundam Mk-II. Kamille says he can’t forgive the Titans and wonders what good is an army that only recruits people born on Earth. One of the Gundams flies away after Jerid’s Unit 3 is loaded onto a trailer truck. Titans officer Lt. Emma Sheen criticizes Jerid and comments that he had to have known his unwise actions would cause this. Jerid responds that he was hasty because another pilot was selected, but he insists he was just following Capt. Bask Om’s orders to prepare for battle. Emma notes that there was no reason to fly so low through a residential area, and Jerid responds that Emma’s talking like his superior, which she isn’t. Jerid says that he didn’t damage the Gundam Mk-II, but Emma notes that the same can’t be said for the building. Bright yells at them for standing around when alarms are going off, and Jerid dismisses it as a meteorite creating a hole in the colony. Bright asks what someone like Jerid who just arrived from Earth would know about it, and Emma asks if Bright is suggesting it’s an AEUG attack. He answers that he doesn’t know, but they should be prepared for that. Jerid then gets into a jeep and says he’s going to handle the situation like Bright wants him to. Several EFF GM IIs open fire on Quattro’s team, and he says to himself that some damage to the colony can’t be avoided when they’ve come so far. Quattro’s team quickly dispatches the aging GM IIs. On Green Noa 2, Bask dismisses notions that the Titans are under attack from the Red Comet. Lt. Franklin Bidan asks about the Rick Dias, and Jamaican Daninghan says that it clearly isn’t one of their models. Franklin asks why they’d attack Green Noa 1, and Jamaican answers that it’s probably to gather data on the Gundam Mk-II. Franklin doesn’t care if they gather data on it, but Bask says he doesn’t appreciate that kind of talk. Bask says that they can’t let the AEUG escape after seeing the facilities, and he decides to go to Green Noa 1 to supervise the battle. Another GM II team attacks, but Quattro and his men easily destroy them. A GM II crashes across the street as Fa pulls up to her house, and she runs inside to check on her mother. Her mother emerges from the house with several packed bags and says she’s ready to evacuate. As a Gundam Mk-II approaches, Quattro asks Roberto to cover him. Mrs. Yuiry wonders why this is happening, and Fa comments that all Spacenoids hate this colony, to which her mother responds that none of the citizens approved of the colony becoming a Titans base. Fa stops at Kamille’s house to check on him, but nobody is there. Elsewhere, Kamille sneaks back onto the base and is immediately stopped by MPs, and one recognizes him as Franklin’s son. Kamille says he’s looking for Franklin since there’s an air raid and runs off. Kacricon pilots Unit 2 to engage the AEUG, and Quattro tells his wingmen he wants to capture the Gundam Mk-II undamaged if possible. Bright wants to send Unit 3 into battle, and Emma shows up with a pilot suit to take on the mission. He notes that she hasn’t had sufficient training, but she says Titans training is like actual combat, so she can do it. Kamille runs by them and jumps on the trailer truck, and at that moment a GM II crashes into the hangar. Kamille spots Matosh and knocks aside a mechanic to get into the Gundam Mk-II’s cockpit. Emma approaches the cockpit, but Kamille tells her to back off as he activates the Gundam Mk-II. He never expected that the data he got from his dad’s computer would prove useful, and he makes the Gundam Mk-II stand up. Bright shouts at him to get out of the cockpit and explains to Matosh that a soldier isn’t piloting the suit.

Bright and Emma back off as the Gundam Mk-II rises and smashes through the hangar’s ceiling. Bright thinks to himself that Kamille is like another Amuro, if he’s actually piloting the suit. Kacricon, Quattro and Apolly land nearby, and Quattro decides to capture Unit 3. Kacricon calls Unit 3 for help, assuming that Jerid is the pilot, and he’s confused by the radio silence. Kamille uses his cameras and scans the nearby area to find Matosh. He then jumps out of the hangar and flies a short distance to land directly in front of Matosh. Kamille addresses Matosh on the loudspeaker and asks if he want a lesson in what it feels like to get clobbered. He then fires his vulcans at Matosh and steps near him, causing the man to panic and fall to the ground. Seeing the fear on Matosh’s face, Kamille laughs and says he looks pathetic. Quattro wonders what’s going on and tells Apolly not to attack Unit 3 because it’s not their enemy. He decides he wants to capture both units, and Kamille announces that he’s on Quattro’s side. Kamille says he’ll prove it and uses his thrusters to rush toward Kacricon and knock Unit 2 into the damaged building. Bright thinks to himself that he’s feeling the same vibes he gets from Amuro. Kamille threatens to smash Kacricon and the building if he doesn’t open the cockpit and get out. Bright tells Kacricon to go along with Kamille’s demands, and Kacricon asks Kamille to let him down by riding in Unit 3’s hand. Fa runs out of Kamille’s house as Roberto crashes into it, and she’s knocked aside when he attacks a GM II. Quattro arrives to provide back up and destroys the GM II. Quattro tells Roberto not to fall behind as they escape, and Apolly and Kamille show up with Unit 2 in tow. Kamille hesitates when he sees his house destroyed and Fa running down the street. Quattro asks if he’s going to come with them, and Kamille answers that he hates the EFF and the Titans even more so. Quattro tells Kamille to remain on alert since the Titans will be scrambling a pursuit squad immediately. Bright and Emma walk in on a meeting where Kacricon is explaining to Bask how he lost control of Unit 2. Bask doesn’t understand how someone else could’ve been piloting Unit 3, and Bright interrupts to ask why mobile suit training was happening here instead of Green Noa 2. Bask then punches Bright in the face with enough force to knock him to the floor. He says that a common officer shouldn’t talk back like that and that the Titans do things differently. Bright stands up and says that the Titans are still part of the EFF, and Bask lectures him that their mission is to defeat Zeon remnants that are fighting against the government. He asks how they can do that if they also have to worry about Spacenoids, and Bright counters that turning the colony into a military base will only increase sympathy for the AEUG. Kacricon then slaps Bright in the face, and Bright demands to know how he can do that to a superior officer. Kacricon responds that this is a Titans base, so the EFF’s rules mean nothing here. Another Titans officer punches Bright and knocks him down again, and they kick him multiple times as Bask casually leaves. Quattro and the others approach the hole in the colony wall, and he fires birdlime to help fill in the hole. Kamille adjusts his thrusters to avoid getting caught in the birdlime and flies out into space. Jerid commands a Hi-Zack team that pursues them and opens fire. Apolly shoots a signal flare, and Quattro dodges Jerid’s attacks while also firing back and destroying one of his legs. The Argama then provides cover fire, which destroys one of the Hi-Zacks and nicks Unit 3. Kamille hears a sound and sees on his HUD that he has an air leak. He tears off a piece of his shirt, which floats weightlessly through the cockpit and is pulled toward the leaking air, thus plugging the hole. Kamille asks Quattro how long it will be before they can rest, and Quattro answers about 30 minutes. He asks if something is wrong, and Kamille answers that he’s not used to being in space yet. As he flies away from Green Noa 1, Kamille says that something feels nostalgic about being in space.


This episode picks up immediately after the first and keeps up the fast pace established by the premiere. Kamille is already in a pretty deep hole, but he decides to dig himself into a deeper hole to get back at the Titans. I can’t blame him, since the Titans are clearly malevolent and also incompetent. Kamille certainly gets some delight from turning the tables and tormenting Matosh, but honestly, it’s pretty well deserved. The Titans are tasked with eliminating Zeon remnants, but they’re elitist jerks who see themselves as better than the regular EFF. This is evident by the disrespect and abuse shown toward Bright, who is an experienced veteran they should all be listening to. Instead, a punk low-level pilot like Kacricon dares to slap Bright in the face, and Bask has no problem with it. However, Bright does have a point – turning a civilian colony into a military base and displaying callous disregard for civilians only serves to increase support for paramilitary groups like the AEUG. Of course, antagonizing people to increase support for the AEUG ensures that the Titans will have an enemy to fight and thus justify their existence, so the cruelty could be intentional. It should also be noted that Bright’s experience with Newtypes leads him to believe that Kamille as a civilian demonstrates skills similar to Amuro, and that’s a comparison we’ll be hearing again. Curiously, Kamille mentions having gotten data on the Gundam Mk-II from his dad’s computer, and this idea is later incorporated into Amuro’s background in the manga and anime of Gundam: The Origin.

Original Review: June 11, 2000

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Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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