Zeta Gundam Ep. 22: The Eyes of Scirocco


Aboard the Dogosse Giar, Jerid reports to the bridge and apologizes to Scirocco for losing his new Gabthley. Scirocco tells Jerid not to feel bad about it because he likely would’ve won if the new enemy mobile armor hadn’t shown up. Scirocco has decided to make Jerid a squadron leader and takes him to meet his new pilots. Mouar wonders if Jerid will see this as a chance to become independent. On the Argama, Apolly asks Kamille if he likes the Zeta Gundam, and after Kamille’s unenthusiastic response, Apolly notes that it was built specifically for him. He adds that Quattro had it rushed over because he wanted Kamille to see it right away. Kamille sees Fa with Haro and calls out to Haro, which floats over to him. He then follows Fa and apologizes for calling for Haro and not her, but she says she just came to see the mobile suits to know what she’d be piloting. Kamille asks if she’s really going to be a pilot, and she notes that they’re in a grave situation with the Titans all around, so they can’t depend on Kamille all the time. Kamille says he’d hoped that Fa could remain in a world that had nothing to do with war, and she tells him his opinions are out of touch with the times. Kamille asks what happens if everyone is fighting in a war and dies, and Fa answers that’s something the victors can figure out later. She says the AEUG is sending over the G-Defenser for the Gundam Mk-II, along with another new mobile suit. Kamille is surprised to hear about another new mobile suit rolling out, and Fa tells him he should face harsh reality for a change. Aboard an AEUG Space Crane Ship, Reccoa says goodbye to Henken, and he asks if she’s happier about piloting the new Methuss or returning to the Argama. Reccoa answers that she’s happy about both, and he gives her a present to deliver to Emma. Henken is embarrassed about the gift and mentions he’ll be catching up to the Argama later with the Radish. On the Argama, Bright thinks that the Titans’ fleet movements indicate they’re targeting the Moon. Emma runs into Haro by itself, and it tells her that Kamille and Fa are fighting. Bright enters the break room and tells Kamille and Fa to knock it out, and Fa walks out saying that it’s already over. She complains that Kamille constantly nags her and that it’s unmanly. Bright tells Kamille that quarrels between pilots can affect their combat performance, and he threatens to lock up Kamille if the situation persists. Kamille responds that he’ll learn to be more careful and chases after Fa. He grabs her by the shoulder and is reminded of his time on Earth with Four. Fa then tells him to go away if he has nothing to say and goes inside her quarters. She tells herself that Kamille is odd right now and that while his body returned to the Argama, his heart is elsewhere. Bright asks Emma if she thinks it would be better if she talked to Kamille, but she thinks it should be written off as recreation. Bright disagrees and says that right now Kamille has the eyes of a wanderer, but Emma thinks she’d make things worse because Kamille is instinctively attracted to her. She elaborates that she doesn’t want to promote any mother complex that Kamille has because she can’t be a substitute mother for him. She thinks there isn’t any option but to wait for Kamille to awaken, and Bright notes that he’s practically already an adult. Emma says that in the EFF it’s the father figure’s job to handle the soldiers, and Bright reluctantly accepts the situation. Jerid complains about babysitting children since his new pilots are Sarah and Siddeley. Neither appreciates his comments, and Jerid asks if they’re even ready to kill. Sarah defiantly answers that she’ll never kill, and Jerid asks why she’s a pilot. She explains that war is a necessary evil for creating a better world, but she’ll never kill an enemy if she doesn’t have to. Jerid grabs her by the collar and says that the enemy will kill her with that attitude. Jerid then launches in his Gabthley, followed by Sarah and Siddeley in Marasais. Scirocco tells himself that Jerid is not what he expected based on Jamaican’s description. Jerid tells them that their enemy is the Argama, and Siddeley tries to correct him by saying it’s really all of the AEUG. Jerid says that the AEUG’s power depends on the Argama and its mobile suits and tells Siddeley to keep quiet when she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Sarah thinks about what Jerid said and remembers hearing that Lila lost to the willpower of the Argama. Reccoa’s Methuss and Tripper’s G-Defenser head for the Argama when they spot a light in the distance, and Kamille feels a Newtype sensation. Jerid spots the Methuss and G-Defenser and concludes that they’re not Titans units, and Siddeley makes physical contact with his Gabthley to report no other units in the area. He tells her to make contact with the unidentified units to determine if they’re enemies or allies. The Argama fires a signal flare, and when Sarah suggests contacting the Dogosse Giar, Jerid overrules her and says they don’t have time for that. Sarah tells Siddeley that she’s being reckless, and Jerid yells at Sarah for interfering with his orders. Sarah makes physical contact and asks Siddeley if she’s OK with this, and Siddeley answers that she trusts Jerid’s orders.

Bright is informed that the new units have been spotted by the Titans, so he initiates a battle alert. Emma heads down to the pilot lockers and is surprised to see Kamille already in his pilot suit, and he comments that Reccoa is coming. Fa enters the room and apologizes to Kamille for what she said earlier, and when he shrugs it off, she’s annoyed because she only said it so he wouldn’t be bothered in battle. Kamille then launches in the Zeta Gundam, followed by Emma in the Gundam Mk-II. Fa asks about using a Rick Dias, and a mechanic tells her that Batch will be piloting it, but she gets in anyway. Torres is surprised to hear that Fa is launching, and Bright calls Apolly to tell him to look after Fa. Apolly is annoyed by the orders and takes off after Fa. Scirocco hears that Jerid’s unit has encountered the AEUG, and he tells Mouar to watch the situation with him instead of helping Jerid. Scirocco comments that he never gave Jerid permission to engage in battle, so if he’s starting a fight with the Argama, he must have the confidence that he can win without help. Scirocco notes that this is why Jerid didn’t contact him, so he won’t send any help. Jerid wants Sarah and Siddeley to try to appear as one unit, but Sarah says that won’t work in space. Jerid chases after the AEUG units, and Siddeley grabs onto the Methuss from behind. Reccoa is able to break away thanks to cover fire from the incoming Zeta Gundam. Sarah and Siddeley chase after the Methuss and G-Defenser but quickly come under fire from Emma, Fa and Apolly. Sarah lands a shot on Fa, and Emma yells at her to follow Apolly’s orders. Emma then makes physical contact with Reccoa and asks if she’s OK, and Reccoa reports no damage. Jerid chases the Zeta Gundam and latches onto it, but Kamille shakes him off before he can fire his shoulder cannon. Sarah appears behind Kamille and blows off Fa’s left leg, and she’s unable to return fire due to running out of ammo. Kamille asks Fa what she’s doing there and tells her to leave things to him. Jerid warns Siddeley to be careful, but Kamille blasts her Marasai and kills her. Scirocco comments on Siddeley’s death and says it won’t balance out unless Jerid kills two enemies. He also comments that Jerid is awfully outnumbered and will be returning with his tail between his legs. Sarah panics over the thought of being killed and retreats without orders. He fires again at the Zeta Gundam before retreating and complains that Kamille is being saved by the power of his new mobile suit. Back on the Dogosse Giar, Jerid tells Mouar that she can laugh at him for losing a subordinate, but she says that being able to escape is a victory in itself. Jerid asks if she’s mocking him, and she answers that she isn’t. Scirocco agrees and says that Jerid did well by allowing them to observe new enemy suits. From the perspective of gathering information, the battle was a success. Jerid apologizes for losing Siddeley, and Scirocco asks if Jerid is going to question why he didn’t send reinforcements. Jerid answers that the Titans’ primary objective right now is Operation Apollo, so they don’t have time to waste on the Argama. Scirocco asks Jerid if he really thinks that’s the reason why and tells him to get some rest. Scirocco questions Sarah about retreating before Jerid, and she explains that she felt the minds of many enemies and had never experienced such a situation, so she was frightened. Scirocco asks if she’ll get used to it, and she answers that she’ll try if those are his orders. Bright thanks Reccoa for safely delivering the G-Defenser, but she laments that the Methuss has already been damaged. Bright tells her that they have some spare parts and will be OK once they rendezvous with the Radish. Emma slaps Fa for being emotional and disrupting their battle strategy, but Fa insists that she couldn’t stay back and not fight. Emma notes that Fa hasn’t even been sufficiently trained, and when Fa says that she’s studied in a simulator, Emma counters that’s not the same as real experience. Kamille blames himself for making Fa frustrated, and Bright tells Emma that he’s also at fault for letting Fa launch, and he apologizes to Apolly. Bright tells Fa to understand that what she did wasn’t good, and when Fa responds that humans act on emotions, Emma slaps her again and says that in war, emotions won’t sink battleships. Reccoa tells Kamille that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other, and he says he’s glad that she’s alright. Reccoa tells Kamille that he should comfort Fa, and she goes over to Emma to deliver Henken’s present. Emma wonders what she should do with it, and Bright says not to ask him because the present isn’t for him.


Even though Kamille has been reunited with Fa, things are rough for them. He’s still distracted by what happened on Earth with Four, but he’s unable to tell Fa about it, which results in them bickering. Fa becomes the latest offender to launch into battle without permission, which earns her multiple slaps from Emma for her bratty talkback. The Zeta Gundam makes its full debut with Kamille at the controls, and he does well in holding off against the Gabthley. The same can’t be said for Jerid, who performs poorly and loses a subordinate on his first sortie as a squadron leader. In addition to providing bad orders, he underestimates the situation and ends up in a fight where he’s badly outnumbered, even before Siddeley dies. Scirocco is content to sit and watch Jerid squirm, which clearly doesn’t sit well with Mouar. Jerid really is quite subpar, but somehow he manages to keep failing upward despite his incompetence.

Original Review: May 21, 2001

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Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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