Zeta Gundam Ep. 26: The Ghost of Zeon


On the Alexandria’s mobile suit deck, a mechanic informs Yazan that they’ve addressed the blind spot on the Gaplant. Jamaican asks what all the commotion is about because it looks like they’re preparing for battle, and Yazan answers that they are. Jamaican notes that they’re supposed to return to Gryps for resupply, and Yazan counters that this is precisely why they must attack the AEUG to prevent them from pursuing. Jamaican sarcastically asks when Yazan became their strategic advisor, and Yazan flippantly responds that Jamaican could appoint him to that position right now. Jamaican relents and tells Yazan that he can do what he wants, but the ship will not alter its course. After Jamaican leaves, Yazan says that he’ll prove whether his plan or Jamaican’s colony drop was better. He then takes aside a petty officer named Adol Zeno and tells him to avoid battling near enemy ships. Adol doesn’t understand, and Yazan explains that he intends to drag the enemy to the Alexandria. Yazan thinks that they haven’t been able to sink the Argama because they’re not effectively using the ship’s strength. Adol understands, and Yazan adds that he wants to teach Jamaican the fear of fighting a battle. Elsewhere, Emma reports to Henken on the Radish’s bridge and informs him that the G-Defenser is finally ready to use in combat. Henken then asks Emma to join him for tea, but she declines. Yazan launches in the Gaplant, followed by Adol and a team of Hi-Zacks riding Gettars. Bright examines a map and sees that they won’t be able to catch up with the Dogosse Giar, which seems to have duties different from other Titans ships. Kamille comments that it’s no ordinary battleship and then reports that he’s completed maintenance on the Zeta Gundam. Bright asks Kamille to explain his comment, and Kamille answers that he feels enormous pressure coming from the ship. Bright mentions that Quattro said something similar, and he tells Kamille to get rest while he can. After Kamille leaves the bridge, Bright notes that he’s become far more obedient. Yazan’s team spots the Argama, and he intends to make them pay for foiling Operation Apollo. Katz repeats his frustration to Emma about not being assigned anything to pilot, and she tells him to not be impatient. The Radish’s beam cannons graze Adol’s Gettar, and Yazan teases him by asking if he’s afraid. Emma launches in the Gundam Mk-II and is joined by Nemos. Yazan spots her and ejects his booster to engage in combat. Despite being told not to by a crewman, Katz launches without permission in the G-Defenser. Henken allows it on the rationale that it’ll be a good lesson for Katz. Jamaican is informed that the mobile suits are moving toward the Alexandria, but they can’t raise Yazan. Yazan latches onto the Gundam Mk-II and asks if Kamille is the pilot, so he’s surprised to hear Emma’s voice. Emma pushes him away, and the two engage in close-range combat with beam sabers. The Titans pursue Katz to a derelict Zeon Gwazine class battleship, and he comes under attack from Yazan while searching for Emma. Katz tries to fire missiles at Yazan and instead fires a flare. He then tries to dock with Emma, but Adol slams into the Gundam Mk-II to interrupt them. Emma cries out, and Kamille wakes up when he hears her voice. He realizes that it wasn’t a dream and calls Bright for permission to launch because he can sense that Emma is in danger. Bright realizes that Kamille can sense something none of them can and agrees, telling himself that Kamille is very similar to Amuro. Kamille then launches in the Zeta Gundam and moves to rendezvous with Emma. Katz and Emma try to dock but are harassed by Yazan and Adol. A Hi-Zack then approaches from the front, but Kamille arrives and shoots it down. Kamille shoots Adol from behind and damages his Hi-Zack, allowing time for Emma to dock with the G-Defenser and Katz to eject his cockpit unit. Emma fires the Super Gundam’s long beam rifle and destroys a Hi-Zack. Henken is informed that they’ve retrieved all the Nemos and that Kamille has joined the battle. Kamille destroys a Hi-Zack while searching for Emma, and Katz tries to evade Adol by sticking close to the Gwazine. Katz panics when Adol closes in.

Katz dodges the beam saber attack and returns fire with laser guns, destroying Adol’s head. He is then immediately chased by Yazan, who in turn is held back by Kamille. They trade fire while each uses the Gwazine for cover. Kamille hides to swap out his rifle’s e-pac and notes that while Yazan is clearly an experienced pilot, he doesn’t feel any mental pressure coming from him. Adol spots the cockpit unit latched to the hull and abandoned, so he exits his Hi-Zack to pursue Katz. Emma spots him and lands the Super Gundam on the Gwazine’s hull. She tells one of the Nemo pilots to watch her unit until she rescues Katz. Jamaican wants to shoot at the Radish while it’s still within range, but he’s informed that firing their guns will affect the mobile suit battle line. They still can’t reach Yazan to warn him, but Jamaican fires anyway. Yazan barely dodges the incoming friendly fire and gets angry at Jamaican. Katz is knocked around by the fire hitting the Gwazine and reaches the ship’s bridge. Emma finds him and asks what he’s doing, and he explains that he’s trying to find a mobile suit. Adol rushes into the bridge and shoots at them before taking cover behind a computer console. Henken orders his crew to use the Gwazine as a shield so they can return fire on the Alexandria. Kamille’s rifle runs out of energy, but so do Yazan’s cannons, forcing them both to switch to beam sabers. Kamille falls back and enters the Gwazine through a large breach in its hull. Kamille hides in the mobile suit hangar next to a one-armed Gelgoog and wonders if Yazan is going to pursue or wait. Adol runs out of bullets as Katz rushes him, but he’s able to knock Katz’s gun away and take him hostage at knifepoint. He orders Emma to toss aside her gun, and despite Katz’s pleas for her to shoot, she follows Adol’s commands. Kamille rushes Yazan when he enters the hangar and attacks with a beam saber. Kamille is surprised that Yazan knows his name, and Yazan comments that the AEUG isn’t much of an organization if it has to rely on women and children. Kamille counters that the Titans made it that way, and Yazan pushes him away. Adol asks Emma about her suit, and she answers that it’s being protected, so he can’t steal it. Emma comments that Adol must not be used to battle and tells him not to overdo it. She and Katz dive for cover when the bridge is hit by incoming fire that knocks Adol out into space. Katz heads down to the hangar and watches as Kamille and Yazan fight. Katz gets into the Gelgoog’s cockpit and comments that it’s the same as the one at Hayato’s museum. He then hotwires the Gelgoog, which causes its beam rifle to fire and hit Yazan’s right arm. Yazan grabs the Gelgoog’s naginata, but Kamille slices off his left arm, forcing him to fall back. Emma comes down to the hangar and tells Kamille to pursue the enemy because Katz is safe. Yazan doesn’t want to see things end this way and is glad that Kamille and Emma are pursuing. Yazan then stops and positions himself in front of the Alexandria’s bridge while Emma targets him with the long beam rifle. Yazan tells the Gundam to fire and not miss, and when it does, he moves at the last second so that the shot hits the bridge and kills Jamaican. As they fall back, Emma apologizes to Kamille for losing her temper earlier since he’s always focused on saving allies. He responds that she was right earlier and that he needs to focus more on the fight, and he also thanks Katz for his help. Katz says they’re going to scold him anyway despite that, but Kamille responds that that’s Henken’s job. On the Argama, Bright examines another map and comments that the Titans have taken control of the former Zeon space fortress A Baoa Qu. Kamille reports to Henken that Katz saved his life, and Henken comments that this time he’ll let Katz slide for testing the G-Defenser, but next time he’ll go to the brig. He then tells Kamille that the Argama is heading for Earth to pick up Quattro. Having taken heavy damage, the derelict Gwazine finally explodes.


If there’s anything to take away from this episode, it’s that Yazan is a fierce fighter and will not take being crossed by anyone, whether they’re enemy or ally. He’s clearly butted heads with Jamaican and has no respect for him, and he’s out to prove that he can do a better job. Katz acts impulsively yet again by launching the G-Defenser without permission, but at the end of the day he’s able to save Kamille. Fighting in and around the old Gwazine makes for an interesting battle, and it’s good to see the aging Gundam Mk-II finally get its upgrade to the Super Gundam. Seeing Yazan betray Jamaican was the best part of the episode, and I can’t say that Jamaican’s death wasn’t fully deserved. In addition to being a fascist pig, he was an incompetent one at that, so I’m not sorry to see him gone.

Original Review: July 23, 2001

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Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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