Zeta Gundam Ep. 28: The Jupitris Infiltration


Quattro is late in joining a meeting with Bright and Henken, and he asks about the enemy ships in the Side 2 area. Bright instead mentions all the rumors swirling about Quattro returning from Earth alone and if it’s wise to let them spread. Quattro admits that the rumors are true and Blex is dead, but he notes that they have no time to mourn since there’s an operation to execute before heading to Side 2. In the Argama‘s mobile suit hangar, Kamille and Astonaige watch as mechanics cannibalize a Nemo to make the old Gelgoog they recently picked up operational. Kamille asks what use they have for such an old suit, and Astonaige answers that Reccoa is going to use it to infiltrate the Jupitris. Kamille leaves and thinks to himself that Reccoa is taking on another dangerous mission like Jaburo. He runs into Fa and asks if she’s seen Reccoa, and she answers that Reccoa was giving a tour to Shinta and Qum. Kamille mentions to Fa that Reccoa is doing another infiltration mission, and they find her in the mess hall with the children. Kamille asks if she’s going to infiltrate the Jupitris and says it’s dangerous, to which she responds that it’s a mission. He asks if she volunteered and says she should take better care of herself, and she responds that she thought he was more mature than that. Kamille asks what she means and gets angry when she refuses to explain. Fa tells Kamille that he’s acting like a child by picking quarrels and that he should respect Reccoa’s decision. Reccoa comments that she wants to be of use and that Kamille doesn’t have time to worry about others. Fa follows Reccoa to her quarters and asks about the mission, and Reccoa explains that she wasn’t of any use in the Jaburo mission. Reccoa thinks she made it out alive because the situation at Jaburo was chaotic and they didn’t have time to worry about one spy. Reccoa asks if she was too hard on Kamille, but Fa doesn’t think so and adds that Kamille tends to overlook other people’s feelings. She says he doesn’t understand that Reccoa wants redemption for her earlier failure, and Reccoa thanks her for understanding. Kamille gets into the repaired Gelgoog’s cockpit and asks Astonaige about Reccoa, but Astonaige tells him not to think too much about it. Kamille gets testy when Astonaige comments that Reccoa is really something, and Astonaige says that Kamille looks better with Fa than Reccoa. Kamille accuses him of jumping to conclusions, and Astonaige pushes him up to the walkway where Fa is standing. Fa takes him aside and says that Reccoa took on the mission to save herself from suffering, and Kamille worries that she could go off the deep end. Fa counters that him losing his temper doesn’t help the situation, and she wants him to understand that trying to help Reccoa now just adds salt to the wound. Kamille says he doesn’t understand and pushes Fa out of his way from blocking the door. He then catches her and says that even though Reccoa is an adult, he can’t understand why she acts so emotionally like a little girl. Fa gets angry and asks if she’s a little girl too before leaving the room. On the Dogosse Giar, Scirocco tells Sarah that he plans to take control of Side 2 so they can have a place to walk together. Sarah asks if he desires land, and he answers that even as well adapted as he is to Jupiter’s environment, he’s still a human born of a woman’s womb. Sarah concludes that Scirocco wants to revive Earth, and he answers that the colony will be his place until that happens. Scirocco gently touches Sarah’s face and says that he hopes she’ll help him. He then decides to return to the Jupitris and have Sarah remain here on standby. In the Argama’s mobile suit hangar, Kamille tells Reccoa that he’s going to back her up with the Zeta Gundam. She accepts but reminds him that she’ll be sneaking in alone. Upon entering the cockpit, she gets a call from Bright ordering her to head to Side 2 after completing her mission. The Gelgoog then launches with the Zeta Gundam as escort. Fa comes to the bridge to ask why Bright let Kamille launch when Reccoa should’ve gone alone. Quattro answers that while it may be strategically unnecessary to have sent Kamille, it makes sense for Reccoa’s safety. Fa tells Quattro not to think about it from a man’s perspective, and Quattro counters that gender is irrelevant in the military. Fa states that even though she’s a soldier, she’s still a woman first and foremost, and Bright says such opinions only matter after they achieve peace. Fa angrily leaves the bridge, and Quattro tells Henken she’s right as they transfer back to the Radish. Bright comes down to the hangar and tells Fa to launch and also serve as Reccoa’s backup. She asks why, and he explains that it’s so she’ll act more seriously. The Dogosse Giar detects Reccoa’s Gelgoog approaching the Jupitris, and Sarah gets permission to launch and investigate.

Reccoa flashes light signals at the Jupitris and is amazed by the ship’s size. Kamille hides behind a nearby asteroid on standby. Reccoa lands inside the ship’s hangar and converses with an EFF soldier who is impressed that she’s flying such an old suit. She explains that she miscalculated how much fuel she would need for her test flight, which is why she signaled them. Another soldier wants to frisk Reccoa and reaches for her breast, but she slaps his hand away and says she doesn’t care for men who abuse their authority. Scirocco walks by on an upper walkway and glances in Reccoa’s direction. Kamille eats a snack and hopes that Reccoa is OK, but he suddenly comes under attack from Sarah’s Messala. Kamille engages with the Messala and realizes that Scirocco isn’t the pilot this time. Kamille hears Sarah’s voice and recognizes, and she vows that she won’t lose. Reccoa slips away from the EFF soldier she was following and heads down another corridor to a hangar where new mobile suits are being developed. Scirocco is informed that the Zeon remnants known as Axis have traveled in their large asteroid base to Earth, and he wonders if they’re going to ally themselves with the Titans. Scirocco comments that the Titans are fundamentally no different from the Zeon, and he stops when he spots Reccoa trying to casually walk away. He asks who she is, and she lies that he lost her way. The soldier she was following enters the hangar and accuses her of lying. Reccoa shakes nervously as Scirocco gently touches the side of her face, and when she pushes his hand away, he slaps her. He asks for her name, and she gives it to him and says she’s from Side 2’s Colony 85. Scirocco is informed of the battle outside the ship and wishes Reccoa a safe journey. After he leaves, Reccoa wonders if he knows who she really is. Sarah knocks away Kamille’s hyper mega launcher and slices it in half with her beam saber so he can’t use it. Fa’s Methuss arrives as backup and scores a shot on the Messala’s leg. Scirocco is informed that they’ve identified the Messala and not whoever it’s fighting, but he can tell from the pressure that it’s the Zeta Gundam. Scirocco wants to launch the Palace-Athene as support, but he feels the strong sensation from Sarah that she wants to fight alone. Reccoa enters a control room and knocks out an EFF soldier after he hits on her. She then opens a hatch to escape in her Gelgoog, and Scirocco decides to let her go. Sarah dodges Kamille’s grenades, but she realizes that she’s too agitated and can’t keep her cool. She also opens fire on Reccoa and lands a hit on Fa. Kamille swoops in from behind and slices off the Messala’s right foot, causing Sarah to retreat. Kamille thanks Fa for saving him, and she thanks him for also saving her. With the Methuss damaged, Fa has it ride on the back of the Zeta Gundam’s waverider. Sarah apologizes to Scirocco, but he comments that she’s accomplished more than he could’ve hoped for. Gripping the side of her head, he whispers that she should get some sleep because he needs her for his next plan. On the Argama, Reccoa draws sketches from memory based on her observations of the Jupitris’ interior. She looks at the sketch of the hangar and thinks of Scirocco, which makes her head hurt. Bright tells Reccoa to get some rest and dismisses her. Reccoa leaves and wonders why she didn’t say anything about Scirocco.


Reccoa takes on another dangerous infiltration mission, but there’s a lot of drama leading up to it. Kamille makes a big fuss about her doing dangerous things and complains to Fa that Reccoa acts emotionally like a little girl. He’s in no place to make such accusations when he’s the one acting like a child and picking fights with people. This episode provides many examples of Scirocco’s emotional manipulation tactics, and it’s pretty gross watching him do it to a naive child like Sarah. She totally eats it up and won’t stop thinking about him touching her face. I can’t dismiss that as being caused by her youth, because he does the same thing to Reccoa and leaves an impression on her. Also, the Jupitris crew seems to be made up entirely of horny men, which I guess is a side effect of traveling back and forth to Jupiter. It’s still pathetic to see them act like starving wolves, whether it’s hitting on Reccoa or trying to cop a feel. Although Reccoa successfully escaped, I can’t necessarily gauge that her mission was a success. She brought back news that Scirocco is developing new mobile suits, which is something they could’ve presumed anyway.

Original Review: September 26, 2001

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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