Zeta Gundam Ep. 29: Crisis at Side 2


In lunar orbit, the Radish prepares to launch Quattro’s Hyaku-Shiki on the Suits Carrier. Henken passes along Bright’s regrets about not being able to take him to Von Braun, but Quattro notes that their top priority now is at Side 2, where the Titans are trying to crush a colony and intimidate the AEUG. In the mobile suit hangar, Katz helps by handing out meals to pilots and mechanics. He gives Emma her meal and she asks if he said goodbye to Quattro. He answers that he hasn’t, and when Emma mentions that he’s on the bridge, Katz quotes Quattro as having said that time spent worrying is time wasted. Emma mentions that he doesn’t know if or when he’ll ever see Quattro again, and she offers to help him with the Nemo simulator. After Katz leaves, she thinks to herself that he seems more grown up and wonders what happened. Quattro takes off in the Suits Carrier and heads to Von Braun. On the Argama, Samarn tells Bright that they’ve received a message from the city and asks him to come to the analysis room. Samarn reports that the observation unit at Sweetwater confirmed that the Alexandria is traveling from Side 7 to Side 2. Bright comments that this isn’t unusual, and Samarn elaborates that they interacted with a ship that specializes in gasses and seem to have acquired G3. Bright notes how poisonous G3 is, and Samarn thinks they could use it against a Side 2 colony. Kamille greets Reccoa, Apolly and Astonaige in the mobile suit hangar and asks where Fa is. Astonaige answers that she was looking after the kids, and Kamille goes to fetch her even though Apolly says it’s OK that she’s not here. Reccoa tests the Methuss’ movement and accidentally knocks Apolly and Astonaige off the crane they were standing on. A paper airplane flies toward Kamille in the corridor, which makes him think about Four. He tosses the airplane back in the direction it came from, and a naked Shinta and Qum run out of the room, chased by topless Fa. She panics and runs back into the room when she sees Kamille, and she asks him to bring the kids back. The kids run back in the room and Fa yells at them to get dressed. Kamille comes over and asks if Fa needs help while staring at her cleavage. She slaps Kamille and then goes back to yelling at the kids for being unruly. Kamille comments that she’s very forcible, and when she asks if that means she’s a bad pilot, he explains that it will make her a great one. On the Alexandria, Jerid tries to begin a briefing but it is interrupted by Yazan. Gady kicks him and his men out of the meeting since they declined to join the operation. Jerid states that a long war could lead to hundreds of colonies being destroyed, but if the loss of just one could get the AEUG to surrender, even God would approve. Mouar notes that poison gas is prohibited by treaty, and Jerid answers that past treaties are void now that the Titans control the EFF. Another pilot agrees with Jerid, who adds that the success of their operation will give them a basis for taking over Granada. Gady adds that during this operation Gryps will be preparing to attack Granada. After the meeting, Mouar tells Jerid this will be tough to swallow even if he succeeds. He responds that he’s just satisfying the grudges of the people killed in battle. The mayor of Side 2 calls the AEUG and asks how they intend to protect 50 colonies with just two ships, and the AEUG soldier explains they only have to intercept one enemy ship. The mayor wants to contact the Alexandria and is informed that a meteorite is approaching Colony 25. The “meteorite” is actually the camouflaged Alexandria, which opens fire and hits an AEUG Salamis. The AEUG ship has six Nemos and GM IIs deployed, and Gady orders Jerid’s gas unit to launch. The gas unit approaches Colony 25, and the mayor wants to surrender to the Titans to save the colony. One of the control room employees objects, so the mayor’s henchman shoots him in the arm. The Alexandria receives a message from Colony 1 requesting negotiations, but Gady doesn’t want them to surrender this way until they learn the consequences of opposing the Titans. Gady decides that their cover story will be that the Minovsky particle density was too dense to receive communications. 

The Argama approaches Side 2, and Bright is informed that one of the colonies is communicating with the Titans. Bright asks if they are in range yet to launch mobile suits, but Saegusa reports it’ll be another five minutes. Kamille launches in the Zeta Gundam with hyper mega launcher, followed by Reccoa’s Methuss. Three Hi-Zacks land on the surface of Colony 25 and use laser torches to attach the G3 container. A Nemo attempts to attack them and is destroyed by Jerid’s Gabthley. The mayor is informed that the gas container is being deployed and there’s no word from the Titans. The employee suggests having another colony fire at the gas container, but the mayor doesn’t want to hit the colony. The employee notes that everyone will die if the gas is released, but the mayor insists on negotiating with the Titans. Another employee wants to open fire on incoming suits and gets punched in the face by the mayor’s henchman. The Argama approaches and calls the mayor for an update on the situation. Kamille fires the hyper mega launcher and destroys the dummy meteorite balloon, revealing the Alexandria. Nine Hi-Zacks launch in response, but Reccoa tells Kamille to ignore them and head for the colony. Apolly launches in his Rick Dias, and Emma launches in the Gundam Mk-II with orders from Henken to destroy the gas container.  Katz launches in a Nemo with orders to provide support from the rear. Kamille approaches the colony and shoots at the gas container, but he only hits one of the Hi-Zacks. Jerid gives chase, so Kamille uses the colony for cover and wonders which side he’ll be attacked from. Kamille guesses which direction Jerid is coming from, but Jerid manages to get in an attack and slice into Kamille’s shield. He gives chase and yells that if not for Kamille, they wouldn’t have to carry out this disgraceful operation. Kamille can’t get closer due to Jerid’s fire and escapes to a nearby colony under construction. The Zeta Gundam hits a small piece of construction debris, which floats away and reveals its position. Jerid attacks from above and latches his claws into the Zeta Gundam’s shoulder, preventing Kamille from firing. He tries to attack with two beam sabers, but Kamille emits a beam saber from the hyper mega launcher and slices off the Gabthley’s right leg. Mouar disengages from combat with Emma, and Katz swoops in and destroys the gas container. Emma then orders Katz to find Kamille and help him. After running out of energy for the hyper mega launcher, Kamille switches to a beam saber and is attacked by Mouar, who grabs onto the Zeta Gundam. She vows that she won’t let Jerid die and targets the Zeta Gundam and point blank range. Kamille notes that she’ll also die, and she breaks off after coming under fire from Katz. Jerid stops Mouar from pursuing, and Kamille thanks Katz for the help. Kamille asks if he felt the pressure, and Katz answers that it was very unpleasant. Kamille tells him that’s what a battlefield feels like, and he’ll survive if he can remember that. After the battle, Kamille changes in the locker room and spots Shinta and Qum hiding in a normal suit. Fa walks in and threatens to make them take twice as many baths for misbehaving. Apolly changes to accompany Bright as a bodyguard in Colony 1, and Kamille asks to come along. The mayor awkwardly tries to bribe the employee who was shot by offering him a bonus. The employee leaves as Bright, Apolly and Kamille enter the control room to speak with the mayor. Bright asks about a transmission sent from the colony to the Titans after the battle started. The mayor lies and says their was a traitor among them, and the man they just saw was injured fighting the traitor. Bright doesn’t buy the story and tells the mayor that even if he temporarily achieves peace by allying with the Titans, all Spacenoids will eventually pay the consequences.


The Titans launch a terrible operation to commit genocide in an attempt to intimidate the AEUG into surrendering. Jerid tries to justify it to his own subordinates with the argument that destroying one colony is a small price to pay to save hundreds, but that’s a false choice. After all, the Titans are the aggressors and have full control of the EFF – literally nobody is forcing them to do this. Jerid’s later comments show that he knows what he’s doing is wrong, but he’ll still do it anyway because of his grudge against the AEUG and Kamille. Gady is also deadset on committing genocide for the sake of making an example. The Side 2 mayor is a particularly detestable figure – his initial panic and desire to save lives is admirable, but then he shoots one of his own men for objecting when it’s obvious the Titans will not accept negotiation or even surrender. It’s especially disgraceful that after the fact the mayor lies to Bright and invents a traitor to use as a scapegoat. Thankfully, Katz saves the day by destroying the gas container, but an operation like this demonstrates that there’s no line the Titans aren’t willing to cross for the sake of power and defeating the AEUG.

Original Review: November 4, 2001

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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