Zeta Gundam Ep. 31: Half Moon Love


After battling the Titans, the Argama docks at Von Braun for repairs and resupply. Fa yells at Shinta and Qum when they tell her that they want to visit Armstrong Plaza, and Kamille suggests that she take them because she hasn’t spent much time with the children recently. Qum starts crying when Fa tells them to leave, and Apolly notes that this could be her last chance to play with them. Kamille notes that the upcoming battles will be more intense and they can’t have kids aboard, and Fa snaps back that this is why she’s busy right now. Torres runs into Shinta and Qum in a corridor, and they tell him they’re going outside. In space, Sarah flies a Hambrabi on the lunar surface and lands near Von Braun. As she disembarks, her passenger gives a box containing a civilian outfit, and he reminds her to complete her mission before the time limit. Kamille writes in his diary about Fa’s resolution as a pilot, but he stops when she knocks on the door and informs him that she can’t find the kids anywhere. Torres had mentioned that they were going out, and when Kamille asks if there was a specific place they wanted to visit, Fa remembers that they mentioned Armstrong Plaza. They immediately leave to go find the kids. Within the city, a disguised Sarah looks over her planned escape route. She feels a Newtype sensation and spots Kamille across the street. She ducks into a dress store to hide, and Kamille walks over when he feels a strange sensation. Fa chides him for going over to the store and reminds him that they’re looking for the kids. Sarah emerges from the dressing room after Kamille leaves and she wonders what he’s doing there. Kamille looks at the memorial of the Apollo lander in Armstrong Plaza and feels that strange sensation again. Neither he nor Fa have made any progress, but he wants to keep looking and suggests they split up. Sarah sneaks into a building and pistol whips a guard before using a laser torch to cut into a pipe and plant a bomb. Kamille feels the sensation again and wonders if it’s Four. He runs over to the building and spots Sarah as she emerges. She tries to run, but he grabs her by the arm and demands to know what she’s doing. Sarah answers that she just wanted to talk with him, and when he asks why she ran away, she answers that she was scared. Sarah comments that the city is beautiful and that she can’t believe they’re on the Moon. She then states that no matter what clothes she wears, no one thinks of her as a girl. Kamille responds that if she doesn’t like the situation, she should just quit and be a normal girl. He says she should just enjoy ice cream and talk to friends, but when she insists that she can’t, he counters that she won’t know until she tries. Kamille runs over to an ice cream stand to place an order, and Fa demands to know what he’s up to. Fa remembers who Sarah is, and Kamille explains that he doesn’t know what’s going on, but something isn’t right. He tells Fa to return to the ship and inform Bright of what’s going on. Kamille gives Sarah one of the ice cream cones and sits next to her on the bench. Sarah asks Kamille why he’s being nice to her, and he mentions that she reminds him of someone he met a while ago. After finishing the ice cream, Kamille brings up his questioning of if she was a Cyber Newtype and adds that because of her, Katz lost his trust in people. He declares that he never wants to see her again, not even in battle, but she counters that it couldn’t be helped because she met Scirocco first.

Kamille says goodbye, but Sarah tells him he can’t return to the Argama because it’s dangerous. He asks how it could be dangerous to go back to his own ship, and she admits that she planted a bomb in the spaceport. With only 30 minutes until detonation, Kamille grabs Sarah and drags her to the plaza’s control room. He grabs the microphone and pages Fa to call him at once. When she does, he tells her that the Argama has to leave because Sarah planted a bomb. He wants to verify the bomb’s existence and send an evacuation order for the spaceport and plaza. Sarah tells Kamille he’ll never make it and should escape, but he drags her with him to the Gate 5 pipe room. The Radish launches from the spaceport, and Saegusa notes to Bright that the ship can hold more mobile suits than they thought, which will help in the fight against the Titans. Fa rushes over and tells Bright about the bomb, which Kamille is looking for. Bright orders Saegusa to bring the Hyaku-Shiki aboard and to contact Wong and Quattro. Bright wants to issue an evacuation order, even if it will cause panic. With 20 minutes left, Kamille opens the pipe and reaches for the bomb, but he accidentally knocks it loose and causes it to fall down the pipe. He tackles Sarah when she tries to leave and insists that if he has to die, she will too. He then gut punches her to knock her out just as the evacuation alarm is sounded. Kamille carries Sarah on his back through the empty streets and thinks to himself that she can’t be a Cyber Newtype. Apolly lands his Rick Dias in the plaza to pick them up. With only three minutes left, the Argama launches from the spaceport. The bomb explodes when the timer runs, causing heavy damage to the gate where the Argama just departed from. The two Hambrabis and Messala waiting nearby take off and head for the explosion site. Apolly tells Fa not to blame herself, but she’s sure that Shinta and Qum were caught in the explosion. As the mobile suits approach, Kamille asks Sarah if this was her plan all along, and also why she helped him earlier. She answers that something was wrong with her, and he states that she’s not the kind of person who should be working for Scirocco. After he leaves, Sarah says that he doesn’t know how kind Scirocco is. As the attack commences, Apolly launches in his Rick Dias, followed by Fa in the Methuss. A Hambrabi damages the portside launch catapult, so Kamille takes off vertically in the Zeta Gundam and attacks. An explosion causes the ship to shake, allowing Sarah to break free of the latch that Kamille tied her normal suit to. She then grabs a helmet and thruster pack and escapes through a hull breach. Kamille fires at one of the Hambrabis, and Fa gives chase when she spots Sarah flying alone in open space. An attacking Hambrabi forces Fa to fall back, which allows Sarah to reach the Messala. She thinks to herself that the ice cream was delicious, and Kamille yells that she can’t live her life on the other side. The Titans suits fall back and Kamille angrily fires his beam rifle upwards in frustration. Back on the Argama, Apolly tells Fa that they’ll have to make repairs en route to the next mission. Fa returns to her room and sees a wet Haro emerging from the bathroom, and she finds Shinta and Qum in her shower. She asks what they’re doing, and Qum explains that since they hate baths, they decided to hide in the one place Fa wouldn’t look. Fa asks why they hid, and Shinta answers that they didn’t want to say goodbye to her. Fa cries tears of relief and hugs them both. The Argama leaves lunar orbit for its next mission, which is to make contact with the battleship that launched from the Axis asteroid.


Following an intense battle with Jerid, Kamille faces a different kind of peril here when he runs into Sarah again. She seems like an odd choice for an infiltration and sabotage mission, and that’s proven when she decides to help Kamille (even though that didn’t matter in the end). Kamille tried to treat Sarah like a normal girl and convince her that she should keep away from Scirocco, but she tells him it’s too late because she met Scirocco first. In the original series, Lalah said the same thing to Amuro about Char, which makes me wonder if meeting a charismatic Newtype man is somehow a fait accompli. If Sarah could make the choice to help Kamille, she could certainly make the choice to also leave the Titans, but she’s too blindly devoted to Scirocco to do that. We’ve seen him use his charms on women before, and Sarah can’t see that he’s just using her as a tool to accomplish his own goals. This episode presents yet another situation where Fa is inexplicably angry, and it really feels like this was just to set up the situation where she and Kamille would have to leave the ship to look for the kids. I know a battle was needed to necessitate Sarah’s escape, but it feels rather brief and perfunctory and doesn’t stand out. However, it does set up the situation where the Argama isn’t ideally situated to make contact with Axis.

Original Review: January 24, 2002

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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