Zeta Gundam Ep. 32: Unidentified Mobile Suits


As repairs continue on the Argama, Wong gets into an argument with Quattro, who would rather return to the Moon for repairs. As he storms out of the room, Wong notes that Melanie feels the same way, and he threatens to take action if Quattro can’t obey orders. After he leaves, Quattro notes that if they return to the Moon now, the Titans will make contact with Axis. Bright asks if it’s true that Axis is a space fortress built by Zeon remnants, and Quattro answers that it is, but also that he has no idea if they’d side with the Titans or the AEUG. Quattro mentions that it’s been a while since he left Axis, and Bright asks how strong their forces are. Kamille walks through a corridor and sees Shinta and Qum playing with Haro while Fa watches on. He keeps walking and is stopped by Wong, who asks if he’s done with preparing the Zeta Gundam. Wong yells at him to get to it and goes into the recreation room. He wonders what Quattro was thinking in bringing kids to the ship and offers them drinks from a dispenser. In the mess hall, Reccoa sits absentmindedly until Quattro sits down with him. She offers him her drink but drops it, and they briefly touch hands. She quickly excuses herself from the table as Kamille comes over with his tray. Kamille comments that something is up with Reccoa and asks Quatro if he’s noticed anything amiss. Quattro answers that one must have the right experience to delve into another’s heart, and while Kamille thinks Quattro has that experience, he states that it’s easy to get older and not notice things, thus hurting people. On the Dogosse Giar, Scirocco receives an update on the Argama’s actions. He asks Sarah for her opinion of Yazan and laughs when she answers that he’s brutal as a beast. After being dismissed, Sarah runs into Yazan in the corridor, and he looks at her dismissively. Torres informs Bright, Quattro and Wong that the Dogosse Giar is traveling on a parallel course to them but is not showing any signs of hostile movement. Wong thinks that the Titans also want to contact Axis and tells Bright to attack them so the Titans don’t make contact first. Bright starts to object, but Quattro suggests doing the attack and says he needs 30 minutes to get ready. Quattro stops by Reccoa’s quarters and finds her putting away plants during a battle alert. He tells her that the Mega Bazooka Launcher has been upgraded but needs a mobile suit as an energy tank, and he wants her to pilot it. He notes that it’ll be a dangerous mission, but she immediately agrees. He asks why she’s putting away her plants, and she explains that she’s tired of their messiness. Quattro asks Reccoa what’s bothering her, but she answers that she doesn’t know. Kamille stands by her open door and eavesdrops  She says no one ever really knows everything about themselves, and Quattro mentions that people often hold on to baggage until they die. Reccoa asks Quattro if he ever cries, and she doesn’t believe him when he answers affirmatively. Quattro kisses Reccoa and tells her she has 15 minutes to get ready before the battle starts. In the mobile suit hangar, Kamille blows off Quattro and Reccoa assures him that she’s up for the mission. Quattro then launches in the Hyaku-Shiki, followed by Reccoa’s Gelgoog, Kamille’s Zeta Gundam and the Mega Bazooka Launcher. Scirocco asks Yazan what he thinks about the Hambrabi, and Yazan answers that he doesn’t like it because he feels an unfamiliar power. Scirocco tells Yazan that he’s had it easy so far and that battles aren’t won by strength alone, which is why Yazan came to the Dogosse Giar. Scirocco thinks that Yazan is ill at ease on the ship because it’s Scirocco’s and his power gives him added influence. Yazan comments that Scirocco is an interesting man and shakes his hand. Scirocco is informed of the approaching mobile suits and orders their forces to sortie. He tells Yazan not to launch because he’s not like other pilots and should only fight when necessary. Sarah thinks to herself that the two men are getting along well for having just met.

The Dogosse Giar deploys its Galbaldys, Marasais and Hi-Zacks to intercept the AEUG. Quattro warns everyone to stay out of the firing line of the Mega Bazooka Launcher. Kamille comes under fire from a Galbaldy and blasts it, only to then face a Marasai. A Hi-Zack fires at Kamille, but he returns fire and destroys it with a single shot. The Dogosse Giar launches its second wave of mobile suits, and the battle is going roughly as Scirocco expected. Quattro deploys the Mega Bazooka Launcher and Reccoa connects the energy cable to her Gelgoog. He notes that the problem with such a big target is that one shot won’t cause fatal damage, and he suddenly feels a mysterious pressure from Scirocco. Quattro fires and misses, and Reccoa informs him they have to wait a minute to recharge before they can fire again. Kamille destroys a Galbaldy, and Quattro’s second shot hits one of the Dogosse Giar’s launch catapults. Wong wants them to press the attack and destroy the ship, but Bright thinks that’s too optimistic. Quattro’s third shot narrowly misses hitting the Dogosse Giar’s bridge, and Yazan takes off. Sarah initially wants to launch too, but Scirocco tells her to stay behind because her and Yazan’s feelings would just frustrate each other. Yazan’s Hambrabi takes off just before Quattro’s final shot hits the launch catapult. Quattro thanks Reccoa and tells her she can return to the Argama, and she thinks about her encounter with Scirocco. Reccoa senses Scirocco’s presence and suddenly turns toward the Dogosse Giar, causing Quattro to give chase. Kamille tells the pilot of a damaged Nemo to return to the ship, but his unit is destroyed to Yazan. Kamille fires at Yazan and attacks with his beam saber, but Yazan maneuvers behind him and slices into his back. Kamille transforms to Waverider mode to pull away, but he suffers more damage when Yazan presses the attack. Yazan swings around for another attack and damages one of Kamille’s verniers. Kamille tries to return fire, but his beam rifle’s e-pac is out of energy. Yazan swoops in for the killing blow, but suddenly he’s tackled by Reccoa’s Gelgoog. Scirocco senses a strange presence and wonders who it is. Wong wants them to deploy more mobile suits and suggests having Fa pilot the Methuss, but Bright objects and says he’ll never use her as a pilot again. Kamille tells Reccoa to fall back, and Yazan fires again and destroys her legs. A barrage of incoming weapons fire damages the Hambrabi and forces Yazan to retreat. Gaza-C mobile suits from Axis sweep the battlefield and destroy multiple Titans suits. Scirocco orders a full retreat and laughs about the situation. The Dogosse Giar falls back, but the Argama remains on high alert. Kamille thanks Reccoa for saving him, and she responds that she’s glad she could return the favor from Jaburo. He asks what she was doing in that area since the Gelgoog doesn’t have weapons, but she answers that she was able to help Kamille and he should leave it at that. Kamille insists and grabs her by the shoulder, and she says some things she keeps to herself and doesn’t want Kamille to probe into them. Fa comes around the corner after Reccoa leaves and asks what’s wrong, but Kamille answers that he doesn’t know. Reccoa returns to her quarters and thinks about Scirocco again. Quattro wonders if Haman Karn is piloting one of the Gaza-Cs.


Continuing from the last episode, the Argama is en route to meet with the Axis battleship while still making repairs from its last battle. Quattro wants to return to the Moon for repairs, even though he knows it means it would allow the Titans to make first contact with Axis. Wong, whose crankiness really makes him feel like a Tomino self-insert character, is back to cause more trouble and bark orders at everyone. Yazan makes good use of the Hambrabi and gets the upper hand on Kamille, who is saved by Reccoa’s intervention. Of course, she wasn’t supposed to be there, and he is right to be suspicious about it. Reccoa turned toward the Dogosse Giar because she knew Scirocco was there, but what was she planning to do if she hadn’t stopped to save Kamille? We see that she’s been unfocused and lost in thoughts of Scirocco, so she’s fallen prey to his charms just like Sarah did. The episode ends on an uncertain note, for while the Axis suits destroyed the attacking Titans, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re friends to the AEUG.

Original Review: January 24, 2002

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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