Zeta Gundam Ep. 35: Storm Over Kilimanjaro


The Radish departs after the Argama docks at La Vie en Rose for repairs. Shinta and Qum argue about Haro being broken, and they bug Kamille to fix it, but he refuses and says he’s tired and busy. Quattro walks with Fa down a corridor and tells her to hide the kids again because authorities from La Vie en Rose will be visiting. They run into Qum crying and Shinta tells them that Kamille is being mean. Fa approaches Kamille, and he gets up and tells Qum he’ll fix Haro, which makes her happy. Fa follows Kamille and tells him he’s being pigheaded, and he snaps back that he doesn’t like kids because they’re self-centered. She calls out his behavior and notes that he’s not the only person sad about Reccoa’s death, so he shouldn’t take it out on the kids. With resupply complete, Bright discusses their next mission with Quattro, which is a joint operation with Karaba to attack Kilimanjaro. Bright thinks that things will be less stressful now that Wong is gone. As the Argama heads for Earth, Quattro holds a strategy briefing and outlines that they will provide orbital support Karaba’s attack. Kamille thinks about returning to Earth, where he met Four, and asks if they’re not descending to the surface. Quattro accuses Kamille of not listening, and Kamille asks if they’re just gonna watch Karaba’s people die. Kamille asks Quattro if he’s scared and says his attitude is what got Reccoa killed. Fa yells at Kamille for not paying attention, and Quattro explains that they’re a diversion to keep the Titans’ attention focused on space while Karaba attacks from the ground. Kamille storms out of the briefing, and Quattro orders all the other pilots on standby. Kamille thinks about how he wants to go to Earth so badly, so he’s in no position to criticize Quattro. He runs into Shinta and Qum, who thank him for repairing Haro. He tells them not to break Haro again and that they can keep it for themselves. Fa walks over and thanks Kamille for giving them Haro. He asks her to water Reccoa’s cactus and says it’s for no particular reason. On the Alexandria, Yazan admires the new Barzam and thanks Gady for his cooperation. Gady warns him to avoid anti-air fire from the surface since they can’t differentiate ally from enemy at that distance. The Hambrabi team then launches, followed by the Barzam team. The Argama detects incoming missiles fired from the Canary Islands, and Bright orders them to fire their own missiles at Kilimanjaro and fire the mega particle cannon to intercept the incoming missiles. Yazan orders his people to wait until the anti-air fire ceases before attacking. The Hambrabi team’s goal is only the Zeta Gundam, while the Barzams are to attack everyone else. Kamille launches in the Zeta Gundam, followed by Quattro in the Hyaku-Shiki. The Hambrabis attack Kamille with wired sea serpent weapons and entrap him. Quattro cuts Kamille free and tells him to retrieve his rifle. A sea serpent attack meant for Kamille hits Quattro instead and knocks him into Earth’s gravity well. Kamille quickly transforms to Waverider mode and chases after Quattro. Bright calls Kamille and tells him to join up with Karaba once they reach the surface. Kamille swoops under the Hyaku-Shiki to protect it from reentry heat. On the surface, the Audhumla fires missiles at Kilimanjaro. Quattro sees that Karaba has deployed a significant amount of their force but still hasn’t captured the base.

Kamille dodges fire from the ground, and Quattro states that he wants to investigate the situation on Kilimanjaro’s summit. As they land on the mountain, Quattro notes that its shape has been changed by the bombardment. Inside, Jamitov asks if preparations are complete and tells an officer he wants to see it once with his own eyes. Karaba’s Nemos attempt to advance and encounter resistance from Hi-Zacks and Marasais. A large hangar opens and the Psycho Gundam flies out of it in fortress mode. Quattro stops when he sees a lake that isn’t frozen, suspecting that it might be a reservoir for the Titans base. Quattro wants to dive in, and Kamille is shocked when he sees the Psycho Gundam fly by. They jump into the lake for cover, and Kamille wonders if Four is alive. He feels a strange sensation from it and tells himself Four isn’t in it. Kamille follows Quattro when he dives underwater to investigate a large pipe that leads into the base. Quattro asks why Kamille followed and notes that if they’re both captured, their suits will fall into the hands of the Titans. Kamille answers that he doesn’t want to leave everything to Quattro, and he stops when he hears a sound of screaming or yelling, which Quattro can’t hear. Kamille feels pain in his head as they go deeper into the base, and even Quattro feels the thought waves. Quattro thinks it’s dangerous to go any further because he’s felt this before. Jamitov watches from a control room as Four writhes in pain from being plugged into a psycho remote control system. Jamitov tells them to turn off the system because Four will be useless if she’s in too much pain. He asks if the problem is the same with real Newtypes, and a scientist answers that Four would be fine if she were controlling directly from the cockpit. Quattro notices that the thought waves are gone, and they encounter Jamitov in a hallway. Quattro immediately fires his gun, but Jamitov jumps out of the way and lets a subordinate get shot instead. He runs back into the control room, and Quattro and Kamille run into the room where Four is. Jamitov laughs and says he’d never thought he’d encounter Char Aznable here. Quattro fires at the control booth window, but it’s bulletproof. Jamitov comments that this is quite a place for the Red Comet to die, and he feels he overestimated Char. Four gets up to go pilot the Psycho Gundam and is completely unaware of Kamille’s presence. They exit through the same door as Four, but she continues to ignore Kamille. Quattro tries to shoot her, but Kamille blocks the shot and insists he can get her to remember him. Quattro pleads with him to stay away because he’ll become possessed by Four, but Kamille charges on after her. Kamille stops him from shooting her as she enters the Psycho Gundam’s cockpit, and he says she doesn’t understand what’s going on now. Kamille says that if she’s a Cyber Newtype, then she’s being forced to fight through mind control and they don’t have to kill her. The Psycho Gundam takes off, but Quattro holds Kamille back and says they have to escape. Outside, Amuro’s Dijeh flies on a Dodai Custom and he’s shocked to see the Psycho Gundam emerge from the mountain. The Psycho Gundam destroys multiple Karaba suits, and Amuro spots Quattro and Kamille emerging from the lake. Kamille takes damage while trying to reach out to Four, and she says she has to keep suffering because of him. Amuro warns Quattro to stay away from the Psycho Gundam because it’s dangerous. As the Karaba forces fall back, Amuro asks Quattro why he didn’t keep Kamille and Four from getting together. Amuro says that Quattro knows the consequences and asks if he’s going to let the same thing happen again.


The fallout continues from Reccoa’s “death” with Kamille acting very bratty to the kids and lashing out at Quattro during the briefing. His pain over losing Reccoa is real, but he’s wrong to call Quattro a coward and blame him for her death. I have to wonder why Quattro is so passive about it and doesn’t put Kamille in his place. Sure, he’s spent most of the series denying that he’s Char and avoiding leadership, but this personal timidity seems a bit too much. The battle in space doesn’t go as planned, with Kamille and Quattro unexpectedly descending to Earth and joining Karaba’s fight. Jamitov returns after a long absence and skillfully avoids Quattro’s attempts to kill him. Four is indeed alive and still being used to pilot the Psycho Gundam, but she’s definitely in a worse state and doesn’t even recognize Kamille. Quattro has been down this road and tries to stop Kamille from getting too involved with her, but to no avail. Amuro also returns, piloting the Dijeh, which is among my least favorite mechanical designs from this series. Amuro is also aware of the stakes between Kamille and Four and wonders if history is going to repeat itself. Sadly, we know what the answer is to that question.

Original Review: January 24, 2002

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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