Zeta Gundam Ep. 36: Forever Four


Near the Titans base in Kilimanjaro, Quattro and Kamille attend a Karaba strategy meeting with Amuro. Quattro thinks they should wait for the Audhumla to return to provide backup, but Amuro notes that waiting all that time would also allow the Titans to prepare themselves. Amuro adds that Quattro has been entrusted with commanding this mission, but Quattro thinks that force alone won’t win here. Amuro thinks that he’s underestimating Karaba’s abilities, and Quattro wants some time to think about it. Outside in the snow, Kamille asks Quattro why they aren’t launching, and Quattro answers that he doesn’t think Kamille will fight to the best of his abilities. Kamille asks if Quattro thinks they should’ve killed Four earlier, but Quattro answers that it’s not so simple, adding that killing her would’ve made Kamille useless as a pilot. Quattro believes as a Cyber Newtype Four can influence people around her, and Kamille asks if Quattro thinks he’ll be spellbound by her. Quattro says that Kamille thinks he can convince Four to change, and Kamille interjects that if Quattro supports him, they can defeat the Psycho Gundam and make Four normal again. Quattro disagrees because her mind has been manipulated and artificially altered with drugs and hypnotism. Kamille thinks that Quattro is saying things without proof and runs off. He then takes a jeep with a homoavis and drives up the mountainside. Jamitov receives an update on their space fleet’s movements, and Kamille flies the homoavis to the Titans base, where he spots the new suit Byarlant. Four gets out of the bath when she feels a Newtype sensation, and Kamille feels the same when he sneaks inside the base. Four appears behind Kamille and jokingly threatens to shoot him, and then they embrace and kiss. Jerid, using crutches, leaves the base’s infirmary and yells at the nurse because no one told him about the battle outside. He then spots Kamille and Four running by in the hallway and limps after them. Four takes Kamille to a room and says she was sure he’d come to see her. Kamile thinks to himself that it’s both strange how the room has no cameras and her behavior is completely different from before. It’s like she’s a totally different person but also still the same. Kamille asks Four if she ever found out her real name, which triggers a memory of Namikar telling her that she’d have to defeat the AEUG if she wanted her memories back. Four gives Kamille a soda and says she’d forgotten all about him until she took a bath. He asks if she doesn’t care about him, and she answers that she’ll always love him, but she becomes a totally different person inside the Psycho Gundam. She explains that her head goes blank and another version of her takes over, so Kamille tells her not to get inside the suit. She says she won’t pilot it if he tells her not to, and they kiss. However, she pushes him away when she starts to feel intense pain in her head. She asks Kamille to get her medicine, but there’s only one pill left and it won’t be enough to stop the pain. Kamille asks where he needs to go to get more, but she tells him he won’t be able to. Kamille tells her they’ll get it together, and Jerid sees them again in the hallway. Kamille takes her to a lab and says she needs medicine. Namikar administers the medicine and then recognizes Kamille as the AEUG’s Newtype Gundam pilot. Kamille knocks out another staff member and pulls a gun on Namikar when she tries to escape. He looks up Four’s record in the computer, which states that she’s the fourth test subject at the Murasame lab. Namikar declares that Four isn’t a Cyber Newtype, but an attempt to artificially create real Newtypes. Kamille asks if humans should be manipulating people’s minds and demands that Namikar give Four back her memories. Namikar explains that a human’s memories can’t be easily taken away and then put back. Jerid walks in with a gun drawn and tells Kamille that taking Namikar hostage won’t stop him. Just as Jerid fires his gun, Four tackles him and causes him to miss. She takes Jerid’s gun and they run away, and Jerid misses when he tosses a dagger from his boot at Kamille. They run outside and find that the battle has resumed. Four asks where they’re going and Kamille explains that they’re going to the AEUG to get her memories back. Four asks what memories he’s talking about, and Kamille reminds her that she said in Hong Kong she wanted to get her memories back. Jerid pulls up in a jeep and draws a gun on them. Kamille then attacks Jerid and backflips him over the side of the mountain. Four asks if they would’ve been killed if Kamille hadn’t done that, and he answers that they would have.

Amuro’s Dijeh rides a Dodai Custom and engages Hi-Zacks on Base Jabbers. Quattro’s Hyaku-Shiki flies on the autopiloted Zeta Gundam in Waverider mode, and he wonders where Kamille snuck into the base. Jerid hangs on to a rock face on the mountainside and crawls back up to an access door leading into the base. Four stops when she feels more pain in her head, and an explosion goes off near them. Four pushes Kamille away and glows with an eerie light, asking if Kamille is an enemy. Despite a mechanic’s warning that it isn’t finished yet, Jerid launches in the Byarlant. Kamille asks Four if she remembers who he is, and she states matter-of-factly that he’s an AEUG pilot. She then summons the Psycho Gundam, but Kamille tries to convince him to stop. She grabs him by the neck and tosses him aside so she can enter the cockpit. The Psycho Gundam takes off, and Jamitov prepares to board a shuttle to escape. Four declares that her enemies took her memories, and Quattro lands when he spots Kamille running on foot. Quattro tells Kamille to get into the Zeta Gundam, and Kamille asks if Quattro is telling him to shoot Four. Quattro answers that this is war, and Kamille counters that he’s a human being. Quattro tells him to stop acting like a child and says he can find an opportunity to save people while fighting. Kamille disagrees and thinks that what Quattro’s talking about only exists in an ideal world. Kamille takes off and tells Four not to fight, but she shoots at him. Four transforms to mobile suit mode and shoots at Kamille again. Amuro tells Kamille to stay back, and Kamille asks him not to shoot her. Four keeps attacking Kamille, but he also comes under fire from Jerid’s Byarlant. Four receives orders to protect Jamitov’s shuttle and stops Quattro from approaching. Quattro feels the pressure from Four, and Jamitov’s shuttle takes off while Four provides cover fire. Quattro is forced to fall back and lands on Amuro’s Dodai Custom. The base starts to explode from inside, and the shock causes Four to hit her head on the console. Kamille flies over to her and feels her calling to him. He tells her to get out of the cockpit, but she pushes him aside when Jerid rushes in with his beam saber. He ends up stabbing the Psycho Gundam in the head, mortally wounding Four. Kamille hears Four telling him not to be sad because now she can see him anytime. Kamille gets out of his cockpit just in time to hold Four in his arms as she dies. Kamille cries in agony and can’t believe that she’s dead. Amuro and Quattro land behind him, and Amuro laments that people keep repeating the same mistakes. Quattro receives a warning that the explosions are causing the mountain’s summit to collapse, so he orders all forces to retreat to the Audhumla. Quattro and Amuro tell Kamille that they have to evacuate, but he’s too lost in grief to respond. Quattro picks up Kamille and Four’s body and comments that warriors are destined to fight as long as they live. Amuro and Quattro grab the Zeta Gundam and boost up to the Audhumla as the mountain explodes. Holding Four’s body, Kamille tells Quattro that he’ll never address him by that name again and that he has to now go by Char Aznable. 


Kamille tries his best to save Four, but all he finds is tragedy. This episode and the one before raise the question of what can be done when dealing with Cyber Newtypes who have been brainwashed and drugged into fighting. Four may be innocent in the sense that she’s not doing any of this of her own free will, but it doesn’t change the threat that she poses. Does that mean there was no hope in what Kamille was trying to do? It’s hard to say, but she seemed pretty far gone with all the random personality shifts. Here, she seemed at times like a child and then like a cold, emotionless warrior. Throwing Jerid into the mix guaranteed there would be problems, and it adds to their escalating hatred of each other. Kamille killed Lila and Mouar, and now Jerid has killed Hilda and Four. It’s no coincidence these are all women, and it definitely fits the fridging trope. It’s fitting that Amuro and Char are helpless observers who can do nothing but watch the same tragedy they experienced play out all over again. If anything, that’s a reflection on humanity as a species – we know our own history, but we can’t stop killing each other and birthing tragedy after tragedy. That clearly didn’t change after colonizing space.

Original Review: January 24, 2002

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Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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