Zeta Gundam Ep. 37: The Day of Dakar


The airship Melord, under Jerid’s command, chases after the Audhumla. Jerid is told that they don’t know yet where the enemy is heading, but he knows it must be Dakar and orders them to change course. A staffer notes that they need permission from the Federation government to enter Dakar, but Jerid doesn’t care because he has orders from Jamitov to hunt down Karaba. Hayato reminds Quattro that he’s not serving as a pilot on this mission, but Quattro responds that he can’t help but worry about mobile suits. He asks about Karaba, and Hayato explains that some of their members have already infiltrated the general assembly in Dakar. Amuro asks Kamille if he can fight, and Kamille answers that he feels better when he’s moving. He knows that crying won’t bring Four back, and Amuro notes that it took him and Char seven years to understand that. Kamille struggles to understand why he has to fight, and Amuro explains that fighting by itself is meaningless, but humanity’s history was developed through constant fighting. Kamille asks if Beltorchika changed because she realized that, noting that infiltrating Dakar is something she wouldn’t have done before. Amuro responds that she’s an Oldtype and jumps to the next thing while forgetting about the past. In the hangar, Quattro comments that he’s glad Amuro is giving him a ride down to the assembly. Amuro tells Quattro not to hesitate because he’s the only one who can lead the AEUG now. Quattro comments that he hasn’t decided about his future yet, and Amuro states that the public is always looking for a hero. Beltorchika drops off a comrade and drives her jeep to a security checkpoint. Her fake ID states that she’s TV journalist Karen Russel, and the soldiers tell her she can’t pass even though she needs replacement camera parts. One the soldiers tucks her ID back into her shirt pocket while fondling one of her breasts, so she slaps his hand away. The soldier suggests that they can work out a situation to let her pass, and he’s cut off when Titans officer Addis Aziba tells him to stop. The soldier then hits Addis with the butt of his machine gun, and his friend tells him not to mess with the Titans. Addis asks Beltorchika to give him a ride to the Dakar base and apologizes for the soldier’s behavior. Beltorchika comments that it’d be great if everyone were like Addis, and he quotes Jamitov in saying that in a time of confusion, a righteous armed force is needed to manage the situation. Beltorchika pulls up to the base and Addis says he wished they could’ve had more time to talk. Beltorchika asks him to check out her coverage of the assembly, and he runs into the base when an alarm is sounded. The Audhumla comes under fire from the ground and launches its Nemos and Dodai Customs. Kamille takes off in the Zeta Gundam, and Jerid is informed that enemy suits are descending on Dakar. He knows they’re trying to sow confusion in the city for political purposes and laments that the Titans don’t have a considerable combat presence in Dakar. Despite having a fractured shoulder bone, Addis tries to launch in his Asshimar and is told to stay behind. As the Karaba forces descend, Amuro cautions them to avoid meaningless battles. He lands his Dijeh at the rendezvous point so that Quattro can get into Beltorchika’s jeep. Quattro is impressed with how quickly Karaba has set everything up, and she explains that the Luio family has influence over many assembly members. The assembly members decide to go on recess over the battle outside, and Quattro rushes to the podium while the Karaba members hold everyone at gunpoint. Quattro introduces himself as an AEUG member, and multiple assemblymen boo him and try to leave. Quattro reveals that he’s actually Char Aznable, which gets everyone’s attention. He also reveals that he’s the son of Zeon Deikun, whose beliefs were different from the Zabi family. Addis watches the broadcast and spots Beltorchika in the assembly chamber. Char declares that the way the Titans are acting is even more malicious than the Zabi family, and he adds that people went into space to prevent Earth’s environment from collapsing. Elsewhere, Sayla Mass watches Char’s speech on a pocket TV as he declares that people must not repeat the mistakes of the One Year War. Two Asshimars launch from the base and chase Kamille over Dakar.

Addis, piloting one of the Asshimars, sees that Kamille is flying around the city to buy time for the speech. Jerid launches in his Byarlant as Char states that humanity mustn’t pollute Earth. He adds that the Titans are comprised of people whose souls are weighed down by gravity and will devour the planet. Jerid orders his forces to destroy the fiber optic communications facilities so they can stop the broadcast. Addis breaks off and tells his wingmate Mike to be cautious with his rifle because they’re above the city. Addis grabs onto the Zeta Gundam, but Kamille tells him to let go because he doesn’t intend to fight. Mike approaches from the front, and Kamille fires a disabling shot that sends his Asshimar into freefall above the city. Mike parachutes out of his damaged suit, and Addis swoops in to grab the Asshimar and prevent it from crashing into the city. Kamille sees that he won’t make it and flies down to help clear the Asshimar of the city limits. Addis asks why Kamille saved him, and Kamille repeats that he doesn’t want to fight and just wants the speech to continue. Kamille spots Jerid’s team approaching the assembly hall and breaks off. Addis says he’s not done talking yet, and Kamille tells him he’ll understand if he finishes the speech. Addis tunes into the speech, where Char states that humanity must leave behind the nest that is Earth, so there’s no point in further fighting that will pollute the planet. Char thinks that humanity must live in space so that Earth can be restored to its natural state. Amuro spots Jerid’s Byarlant and sees that it’s heading for the communications facilities. Char continues his speech and notes that even Dakar is about to be engulfed by desert due to the planet’s poor state. The assembly building shakes from the battle outside, and Beltorchika tells a cameraman to come outside with her so they can show the world how vicious the Titans are. Amuro engages a Hi-Zack, and Addis realizes that the Titans are going to destroy the communications facilities. A beam blast nearly hits the assembly building, so Beltorchika takes the camera from the frightened cameraman to film the battle herself. The feed inside the assembly hall switches to the exterior view, and Char notes that the Titans started a battle just to stop this meeting. He declares that the actions of the Titans are evil and causing humanity’s decline. Hovering above the city, Addis says that he doesn’t understand what’s right or wrong. Jerid orders a Hi-Zack to blow up the communications facilities, and Amuro realizes he can’t catch up in time. Addis slams into the Hi-Zack and shouts that they can’t stop this speech before he crashes into the ground. Kamille uses the opportunity to break off from Jerid and attack the Hi-Zack. Kamille lands to retrieve his rifle, but the Hi-Zack pilot is merely playing dead and slams him into a building. Landing nearby, Jerid comments that Kamille was clumsy and he didn’t expect they’d part ways here. Addis lands in front of Jerid to stop him from firing and asks why he’s trying to wreck the general assembly. He states that if the Titans are right, they can prove it at the assembly. Jerid answers that the Titans are all about power and shoots through Addis, hitting the assembly building. Char states that while it was wrong to take over the assembly, the Titans are trying to destroy it even though they have allies inside. Two more Asshimars arrive to block Jerid and tell him they have orders to stop because the battle is being shown on TV. Jerid says that they’re playing into the AEUG’s hands and reluctantly withdraws. Around the world, people see the damage to Dakar and how cruel the Titans are. Kai watches the speech in a bar while having a drink. Back on the Audhumla, Amuro thanks Beltorchika for what she did and kisses her. Hayato congratulates Char, who says he couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help. Amuro follows Char out of the room and asks him what’s wrong given that the morale of the AEUG and Karaba have been boosted by the speech. Char notes that he’s given up his freedom in exchange, and Amuro responds that what they’re trying to do can’t be accomplished without some human sacrifices. Char asks if he’s a human sacrifice, and Amuro jokes that maybe that runs in his family. Kamille tells Beltorchika that she did a good job, and she finds it funny that the two of them are having such a relaxed conversation. Kamille asks if people are destined to hate each other through misunderstandings, but she doesn’t think so. She says that she realized that if you’re too desperate it can cause you to lose your vision. Kamille thinks that all people can sympathize, but it takes time. He thinks that if the time comes when everyone can sympathize with each other, they might even encounter the people who have died.


Following the tragedy of Four’s death, Kamille feels compelled to move forward. Karaba launches a bold plan to take over the Federation assembly in Dakar and show the world how brutal the Titans are. Luckily for them, the Titans (specifically Jerid) play right into their hands. Beltorchika puts herself at great risk for this mission, which unfortunately also includes some casual sexual assault by a gross soldier. She’s definitely chilled out since her last appearance, and her camera work exposes how the Titans recklessly damaged the city to shut down Char’s speech. This episode features a one-time appearance by Addis Aziba, a rare Titans officer like Emma who actually is not a fascist. He initially is misguided in his beliefs about the just actions of the Titans until he sees how awful Jerid is. He even makes the leap of trying to stop Jerid so the speech can continue, but it costs him his life. It’s rather a shame because it would’ve been interesting to see another Titans member defect to the AEUG/Karaba. Sayla’s silent cameo rounds off the return appearances by every member from the original series cast. Char’s speech is interesting because not only does it expose the brutality of the Titans, it’s also an accusation against the elite who continue to pollute the Earth. It’s not very different from the rhetoric he’ll use in six years to justify his actions in Char’s Counterattack. Up to now, most of the world has been unaware of what the Titans have really been doing. The Titans could’ve taken this PR opportunity to dispute the AEUG’s claims without violence (and then continue the violence out of public view), but Jerid ruined that and proved to the world that the Titans are exactly what the AEUG says they are. Jerid boasted that the Titans are all about power, and now everyone knows it.

Original Review: May 13, 2002

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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