Zeta Gundam Ep. 42: Goodbye, Rosammy


Granada begins to evacuate its citizens in anticipation of an attack from Gryps 2. The Argama departs from La Vie en Rose and sets course with the Radish for Side 2. Kamille and Emma head to the infirmary and find Quattro and Fa already there with Hasan. Emma asks if Rosammy is a Cyber Newtype, and Hasan explains that he found a muscle enhancer in her blood, along with excessive amounts of an anti-radiation drug. Kamille asks what’s the point of creating Cyber Newtypes, and Hasan answers that doctors are always looking for a chance to challenge limitations. Kamille angrily asks if it’s okay to experiment on other people’s bodies. Quattro ponders the possibilities of creating Newtypes rather than waiting for people to evolve into them, but Kamille interjects that they wouldn’t be Newtypes. Kamille storms out of the room in anger and Fa chases after him. Hasan thinks it’s best to let nature take its course, but Quattro notes that by then the Earth will have died because of humanity. Hasan tells Emma that she doesn’t look well and should take off her shirt so he can give her a check up, but she awkwardly insists that she’s fine and quickly leaves. Fa asks Kamille if he’ll be able to fight Rosammy if she attacks them, but he doesn’t know. Fa says that Cyber Newtypes were created to fight, but he notes that they’re not necessarily doing it out of choice. She then says that they’ve been programmed to fight and Kamille angrily retorts that people can’t be programmed to do anything. Bright, Henken and Quattro discuss their strategy for dealing with Gryps 2, and Bright comments that he’d rather not use Quattro as a pilot given what he’s grown into after the Dakar speech. Near the Dogosse Giar, Rosamia performs a remote combat test of the new Baund-Doc and comments that it feels more powerful than the Gaplant. Rosamia thinks she can use the Baund-Doc to destroy the Argama and rescue her brother. Pilot Gates Capa is impressed with Rosamia’s performance, and a technician explains that a Cyber Newtype’s brainwaves connect them to a mobile suit’s psycommu system. Gates wants to see how psycommu abilities perform in combat and takes his turn in the simulator after Rosamia. The technician explains to Bask that Newtypes tend to attract each other and that Cyber Newtypes are emotionally unstable. Bask is informed that the Alexandria is still at Gryps 2 and claiming engine failure. Bask recalls that Gady objected to the poison gas operation, and he wants to head to Gryps 2 to show Gady that he can’t have his way. As the Dogosse Giar changes course, Rosamia and Gates launch in their Baund-Docs, with the technician riding with Gates. Kamille hops into the Zeta Gundam and sees Shinta and Qum standing outside the hangar and looking sad. He tells them over the loudspeaker that he’ll bring Rosammy back to them, which cheers them up. Quattro launches in the Hyaku-Shiki, followed by Emma’s Gundam Mk-II, the G-Defenser, Kamille’s Zeta Gundam, Fa’s Methuss and Katz in a Nemo from the Radish. A Titans fleet approaches Side 2 and launches its mobile suits, including a G-3 gas unit. Side 2’s mayor is informed that the Titans appear to be targeting Colony 27 and orders anti-air fire to commence. Another official wants to surrender, but the mayor responds that there’s no point because Gryps 2 shows that the Titans don’t care about Spacenoids. The mayor is pleased to hear the news that AEUG suits are approaching from Colony 15. A Barzam attempts to attack Katz and is shot from behind by Kamille. Emma uses the Super Gundam’s long rifle to destroy a Hi-Zack, and Quattro tells Botty to retreat after his Rick Dias has a leg blasted off. A squad of Hi-Zacks creeps closer to a colony with two G-3 containers, and Fa chases after a Barzam. She’s then grappled from behind by Rosamia, and Kamille attacks her to aid Fa. Rosamia turns her attention to Kamille, and he senses her presence when both suits pass close to each other. Rosamia goes back to her Rosammy personality and asks Kamille if he’s been captured by the Zeta Gundam. Kamille asks her to come back to the Argama to be with Shinta and Qum, and she happily agrees. However, the Baund-Doc’s psycommu system starts to cause her intense pain.

Rosamia shoots at Kamille and ends up hitting Colony 13. She states that the Zeta Gundam dropped the sky and killed her parents and little brother. Rosamia shoots at Kamille again, and he tells her that he’s her brother and didn’t come to fight her. Rosamia tries to push Kamille away from her, and he sees that air is still leaking from the colony. Emma calls Kamille and asks for his position, so he tells her he needs more time. Watching from a nearby asteroid, the technician tells Gates that Rosamia’s brainwave levels are dropping. Gates wants him to increase the levels remotely, but it’s not working. Kamille and Rosammy land inside the colony and he opens her cockpit from the outside. After she exits the cockpit he pulls out a pistol and shoots the psycommu system so it stops her from wanting to fight. Rosammy panics and tells him to stop because the sound of gunfire scares her. Kamille sits down with Rosammy and tells her there was a girl like this he wanted to hold in his arms forever. She asks if it’s Fa, and he tells her it was someone else who died protecting him. Quattro spots three Hi-Zacks attaching a G-3 canister to a colony wall and destroys them. He works the canister’s controls and then enters Colony 13 through the hole created by Rosamia. Quattro lands near the lake house and finds it abandoned, save for a wounded attendant named Lamia. She recognizes Quattro as Char and tells him that Haman took Mineva away. As Lamia dies, she asks Char to protect Mineva because she has a gentle heart and didn’t ask to be born a Zabi. Quattro senses Kamille’s presence and Gates flies by the lake in his Baund-Doc. His unit emits waves that cause Rosammy pain, and he grabs his pistol so he can capture her and Kamille. Gates holds Kamille at gunpoint and is distracted by the Hyaku-Shiki, which gives Kamille a chance to attack. Quattro shoots at the Baund-Doc, so Gates rushes back to his cockpit and takes off. Quattro damages the Baund-Doc and causes it to crash, but it emits more intense waves that cause Rosammy more pain. Her Baund-Doc transforms on its own, and Quattro tells him to get away from it. Rosamia runs back to her suit and doesn’t recognize Kamille when he speaks to her. She then tries to step on him and shoots at Quattro, but he dodges. She then chases Kamille and tries to kill him with a beam saber, but Quattro attacks her from above. Kamille reaches the Zeta Gundam and pleads with Rosamia to stop. He’s frozen in action as the Baund-Doc approaches, despite Quattro ordering him to fire. Kamille answers that he can’t shoot, and Quattro tells him that he’ll die if he doesn’t. Rosamia knocks down Kamille and tries to finish him off with a beam saber, but she’s forced on the defensive by Quattro. Kamille and Quattro retreat, and Gates orders her to finish them off. Gates and Rosamia come under fire from AEUG suits when they emerge from Colony 13, so Gates decides to retreat. Kamille wonders who’s making Rosammy fight like this and if she’ll ever return to the Argama. Although the battle is over, it was all a diversion planned by Bask so he could move Gryps 2 into position to destroy Granada, and AEUG stronghold.


The Titans launch another poison gas operation, but this time it’s just a distraction rather than the main objective. We learn that Gady objected to the previous gas attack and is feigning engine problems in protest, so it’s interesting to see that even some Titans members have lines they don’t want to cross. Gates Capa debuts in this episode as a pilot supervising Rosamia, and it’s rather surprising to have a new character appear so late in the series. Rosamia’s Cyber Newtype conditioning has really done a number on her brain, because she’s mixing up her serious personality with the child-like Rosammy who thinks Kamille is her brother. Kamille tries to reach out to her and only briefly succeeds. You’d think he would’ve learned the lesson from Four, but he’s determined to “save” a Cyber Newtype even when reality shows it’s not possible. In that sense, it was wrong for him to promise to Shinta and Qum that he’d bring Rosammy back since that’s beyond his power. Separately, Quattro returns to the lake house in Colony 13, but I wonder what the circumstances were that Lamia was left behind alone and mortally wounded. It’s definitely a scene that raises more questions than it answers.

Original Review: July 15, 2002

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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