Zeta Gundam Ep. 44: The Gate of Zedan


The Gwadan approaches the Gate of Zedan and is the subject of a meeting between Jamitov and Jerid. Jamitov asks Jerid how he’s survived this long, and Jerid answers that he believes he can’t die until he’s defeated his enemies. Jamitov agrees to meet Haman outside the space fortress and hands Jerid a small capsule container that he describes as a “good luck charm.” Jamitov explains that they don’t know what Haman is really up to, but if that time comes then Jerid is to use the capsule. In the Argama’s hangar, Kamille tells Katz he should get some rest instead of skipping meals to help with maintenance, but Katz explains he has to do this to not be forgotten. Astonaige asks Kamille to deliver a maintenance report to the bridge, but Katz offers to do it instead. Katz arrives and hears Bright and Quattro talking about Haman and becomes upset. Katz says that Bright and Quattro disgraced themselves in front of Haman and Kamille tells him to knock it off. He reiterates his disagreement about joining with the Zabis, and Quattro notes that they don’t know that Haman has betrayed them. Katz points out that they could be the ones destroyed next time, and while Bright acknowledges that possibility, he says they have no choice but to trust Haman. Katz angrily storms off the bridge and says he doesn’t want to hear adult excuses. On the Jupitris, Sarah enters Scirocco’s office after Reccoa leaves and sees the Gwadan on a large display monitor. Scirocco explains that he doesn’t trust Haman, so he and Reccoa will be heading to the Gate of Zedan. Sarah pleads with Scirocco to come along, but he tells her no. He explains that he wants her to watch their rear because the Argama is approaching, and he reassures her that he only lets people he trusts act independently. Sarah then takes off in the Bolinoak-Sammahn riding a Base Jabber with two Hi-Zacks as escorts. She thinks that Scirocco is being spiteful to get her fired up. As the Gwadan continues to approach the Gate of Zedan, Haman tells an underling not to mess up the timing on contacting the Argama. Kamille tells Bright that he thinks giving Katz more responsibilities might bring about some changes in him, but they’re interrupted when Torres reports picking up faint radio waves from a nearby meteorite base. Torres reports that three mobile suits are approaching and Kamille hears a voice in a Newtype reaction. Bright orders him to launch in the Zeta Gundam, so he takes off and feels the reaction again. Sarah orders her wingmen to break off and flank Kamille. She attacks him head-on, which allows a Hi-Zack to grab him. The second Hi-Zack swoops in to attack, but Kamille uses his thrusters to flip around and cause the second Hi-Zack to damage the first. He then uses his beam saber to destroy the first Hi-Zack and move his attention to the second one. Kamille fires vulcans at the Hi-Zack and comes under a missile attack from Sarah. She then approaches and grabs onto the Zeta Gundam, and Kamille tells her that if she fires at such close range it’ll take her down too. He asks who would be pleased by her being injured, and claims that Paptimus will recognize her. Kamille tells her she’s just being used, and she shouts back that he wouldn’t understand. Kamille gets free of Sarah’s grip and cuts her arm off with his beam saber, so she retreats to the meteorite base. Quattro sees that these three enemies are just decoys, so Bright orders the mobile suits to launch, including Katz in the Methuss. Kamille lands at the abandoned base and disembarks to give chase to Sarah. She hides around a corner and gives chase when she sees Kamille’s shadow, but she finds it’s just his pilot suit moving on its own with thrusters, which lets him tackle her from behind. He asks why she’s trying so hard and she answers that it’s all for Paptimus. Kamille tells her she’s already done enough for him and that he wouldn’t send her on dangerous missions if he cared about her. Sarah counters that he has higher hopes for her than Reccoa and that he’s just using Reccoa to motivate her. Kamille tells her that she doesn’t understand, and she boasts that Scirocco will usher humanity into a new age. He says that she’ll be used and killed, but she responds that she’d gladly die for Scirocco’s ideals. Kamille gets emotional and tells Sarah it’ll be the end of everything if she dies.

A Launch delivers Haman to the Hario where armed guards await as she disembarks. Haman starts to apologize to Jamitov when she’s taken to see him, but he cuts her off and demands to know what she wants. He threatens to destroy the Gwadan depending on her answer, but Haman counters that she would then have Axis smash into the Gate of Zedan. She proclaims that she wants the revival of the Zabi family, which Jamitov notes he already promised to her. He asks if she wants a seal of blood, but she laughs and asks what good blood on a piece of paper is. Jerid fires the rounds in his capsules when she takes off her earring, but she dodges. She then explains that her earring is filled with enough cyanide gas to kill everyone in the room. Haman decides to ram Axis into the Gate of Zedan, and the room starts to shake. An Axis soldier enters the room, and Haman throws her earring before running away. The gas kills a Titans soldier, but Jerid presses a button to close a protective door around himself and Jamitov. A Gaza-C takes Haman back to the Gwadan. Torres reports that the Gwadan is requesting backup, so Bright decides to prioritize helping them instead of Kamille. The Argama fires missiles as cover and starts launching its mobile suits, but Katz refuses to launch and help Zeon. Kamille heads back to the Argama with Sarah as prisoner, but Bright tells him to instead go help the Gwadan. Katz hears Sarah’s voice over the radio and decides to launch after all. The Gwadan deploys asteroid mines as it falls back from the Gate of Zedan. A Hi-Zack crashes into a mine and is destroyed, but Jerid’s Byarlant blasts a mine and gets through. Jerid destroys two Gaza-Cs and orders a Barzam pilot to focus on destroying the ship and not the suits. Haman senses Jerid’s approach, but he’s forced on the defensive when the AEUG team arrives, including Kamille. Jerid turns his focus to Kamille and tries to attack at close range, but Kamille knocks him away and fires missiles. Jerid destroys some of the missiles and pulls back when Kamille gives chase. Sarah senses Scirocco on the Jupitris, and Kamille destroys a Barzam while looking for Jerid. The Byarlant blasts one of the Gwadan’s fuel tanks, setting off a large explosion. Sarah interferes with Kamille’s piloting as Jerid attacks, causing Jerid to stab the Gwadan and set off another explosion. Kamille incredulously asks Sarah if she wants to die, and she answers that she doesn’t mind if it’s to help Scirocco. Kamille falls back while struggling with Sarah, and she calls out to Katz and tells him not to fight for Haman. Kamille finally knocks her out, and Katz slams into the Byarlant and blasts it at close range, forcing Jerid to retreat. Katz asks if Sarah is alright, and Kamille explains that she’s just knocked out. Back on the Argama, Sarah tells Katz that he’s gotten stronger, and he answers that thanks to her he’s more cautious after having lost faith in people. Sarah thinks that it’s good to be strong for the person you love, and Katz bitterly notes that she’s doing that for Scirocco. Fa asks Kamille why he brought Sarah back when he knew this would happen, and he answers that he still has trouble killing people and thinks it isn’t the best solution. The Argama and Gwadan pull away from the Gate of Zedan, but Axis continues on its intercept course.


Haman makes her big move and tries to assassinate Jamitov, which he fully expected and was prepared for. Haman is playing a high stakes game by planning to have Axis ram into the Gate of Zedan. Katz is being stupid again about helping Haman, and Sarah tries to exploit that to her advantage (but fails). Kamille didn’t want to kill her and instead brought her back as a prisoner, but honestly he should’ve just killed her in the meteorite base. Not only did she almost get him killed by Jerid, but worse she’s a completely brainwashed doll who is blindly devoted to Scirocco. There’s no reasoning with someone that lost, so she’s merely an obstacle best removed from the battlefield. Despite Jerid’s many failures in the past, he’s somehow managed to fail upward into being Jamitov’s bodyguard. And then he goes out into battle and is embarrassed by Katz, of all people. This guy really is a cockroach, but only in the sense of surviving, not in improving his skills.

Original Review: July 15, 2002

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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