Zeta Gundam Ep. 49: Casualties of War


The AEUG fleet comes under fire from both the Titans and Axis, forcing them to fall back at Gryps 2. Henken tells the crew of the Radish to hold out because the Argama will arrive soon to provide reinforcements. Quattro launches in the Hyaku-Shiki, and Katz’s G-Defenser is loaded onto the catapult. He complains that it’d be better if the Titans and Axis wiped each other out, and Kamille tells him that comments like that are why people think of him as a kid. He notes that the AEUG could be crushed as a result of this battle. Emma tells him to knock it off and stop thinking about Sarah or else he’ll get himself killed. She then launches in the Gundam Mk-II, followed by the G-Defenser and Kamille’s Zeta Gundam. Kamille is immediately attacked by Jerid’s Baund-Doc and Emma tells Katz to stick with her. Yazan’s Hambrabi team opens fire on them from behind a wrecked Salamis and they move in to grapple onto Emma with their sea serpents. Katz swoops in and snaps one of the wires, allowing Emma to break free. Kamille engages Jerid inside Gryps 2 and falls back when he senses Emma and Katz in danger. Yazan attacks Emma and accidentally crashes into the G-Defenser, and Emma then docks with Katz to form the Super Gundam. Katz ejects the Core Fighter and tries to attack the Hambrabis head on. He dodges an attack, and Emma fires the long rifle and kills Ramsus. Katz dodges Yazan’s attacks but isn’t paying attention to where he’s flying and crashes into an asteroid. Yazan blasts the drifting Core Fighter, and Katz hears Sarah’s voice saying that although people shouldn’t be too honest, he taught her how beautiful such honesty can be. Sarah says that she was glad to have been born into the world and met him. Katz asks if they’re going to meet again, and she answers that they are. Kamille, Quattro, Fa, Bright and the Argama’s bridge crew all feel sensations about Katz. The Core Fighter then crashes into the wrecked Salamis and explodes. Emma uses her long rifle to repel another sea serpent attack and then destroys a small asteroid and two Barzams hiding behind it. Emma realizes that she didn’t get Yazan, and she then hears Katz’s voice warning her that Yazan is behind her. Yazan fires his cannons at close range, destroying the G-Defenser parts. Henken sees on the monitors that the Gundam Mk-II is in trouble, and the bridge crew tell him they can’t just sit back and let Emma die. Emma tries to hide behind a small asteroid, but Yazan blasts off her left arm. The Radish then moves in and blocks Yazan’s path, and Emma tells Henken that he’s being too reckless. Yazan swoops in for another attack and blasts the core of the Radish and its bridge. Yazan laughs as he departs, and Kamille is attacked from behind by Jerid just as he reaches the Radish’s position. As the oxygen on the breeched bridge is sucked into space, Henken sees the Gundam Mk-II on screen one last time before dying. Kamille knocks Jerid away and fires his beam rifle multiple times, saying that it’s because of people like Jerid that battles won’t end. Jerid counters that Kamille has some nerve because it was Kamille who kept urging him to fight. Jerid grapples onto the Zeta Gundam and says that he hasn’t killed as many people as Kamille has. Kamille counters that he’s not a murderer, and Jerid vows to kill Kamille with his own two hands. Kamille knocks Jerid away and blasts the Baund-Doc, sending it crashing into the exploding Radish. Kamille is distraught to see so many people dying.

Kamille says there’s nothing satisfying about dying this way and wildly fires his beam rifle out of frustration. Scirocco tells Reccoa that he can’t stand the sensation of people fighting driven by raw emotion. He thinks people need to be led properly by someone with absolute power, and Reccoa asks if people will change when the war ends. Scirocco answers that someone must change the people, and Reccoa could be that someone. Reccoa comments that she’s risked everything for Scirocco, and he wants them to fight together. Kamille floats over to Emma and finds her disoriented. She mentions that she saw Henken as he died, and Kamille says they won’t let Yazan get away with killing Henken and Katz. Kamille snaps Emma back into her senses by momentarily opening his visor in space. Kamille wants to take Emma back to the Argama because the Gundam Mk-II is too damaged to fight. Kamille takes Emma back to the ship and hands her over to Fa’s Methuss. The Argama launches the Mega Bazooka Launcher for Quattro and gets to work on emergency repairs for the Gundam Mk-II. Astonaige tells Emma that they don’t have time to swap out the backpack, but she says she can launch on a Shackles. Haman launches from the Gwanban in her Qubeley and leads a large force of Gaza-Cs to attack the Jupitris. Scirocco’s The-O and Reccoa’s Palace-Athene destroy several Gaza-Cs before moving to engage Haman. Quattro then fires the Mega Bazooka Launcher and destroys a large swath of the Gaza-C forces. Kamille tries to attack Scirocco and is blocked by Reccoa, so he crashes into her and pushes them both toward an asteroid field. Yazan emerges from behind an asteroid and fires at both of them, and Haman uses her bits to destroy the Mega Bazooka Launcher. Quattro then finds himself facing The-O while Kamille hides from Yazan and Reccoa. She tells Yazan not to get in her way, but he suggests they outflank Kamille. Yazan grapples onto Kamille with his sea serpent, and Reccoa says that she’ll mercifully take out Kamille with one hit. She suddenly comes under fire from Emma’s Gundam Mk-II riding a Shackles, and Emma is able to take out Reccoa’s rifle and Yazan’s sea serpent. Emma tells Kamille to chase after Yazan, and she asks Reccoa if she heard Katz’s voice. Reccoa asks if something happened to Katz, and Emma tells her that both Katz and Henken are dead. Emma asks if Reccoa feels anything, and Reccoa realizes that was the sensation she felt earlier. Emma declares that everyone cried in their hearts for Katz and Henken, but no one will for Reccoa. Emma asks Reccoa if she’s okay with that, and Reccoa answers that she doesn’t care if no one cries for her because this is the path she chose. Reccoa destroys the Shackles, and Emma tells Reccoa that she’s being too much of a woman right now. Reccoa closes in for an attack, but Emma stabs her cockpit with a beam saber. Reccoa reminds Emma that men think only of fighting and how to use women as tools. The Palace-Athene explodes and pushes the Gundam Mk-II away, and Emma exits her cockpit. Kamille reaches her position and blasts the remains of the Palace-Athene, hitting Emma with shrapnel. Filled with rage, Kamille causes the Zeta Gundam to glow and deflect all of Yazan’s shots. Kamille says that lives are power that supports space, and to lose them so easily is a terrible thing. Yazan turns to escape and Kamille demands to know why he finds fighting so enjoyable. He declares that trash like Yazan shouldn’t be allowed to live and swings a massively powered up beam saber that slices the Hambrabi in half. Yazan’s cockpit pod ejects just before his suit explodes and is pushed away in the blast. Kamille rescues Emma and she thanks him for finding her. She tells him that it hurts all over, and they drift into a destroyed Alexandria class cruiser. 


The penultimate episode brings with it a high body count, seeing the deaths of Katz, Henken, Jerid, Dunkel and Reccoa, with Emma practically at death’s door from her injuries. Katz has what is honestly one of the stupidest deaths in the franchise – he was reckless and crashed into an asteroid because he didn’t look where he was going, then he got blasted. His death is notable though as the first for a returning character from the original series. Henken’s death was more heroic, and Jerid meets a pathetic end as Kamille’s rival. He was never going to defeat Kamille, and he died alone with his grandiose dreams unfulfilled. It’s fitting that Reccoa dies in a duel between two traitors, although I could’ve done without Emma’s weird comment that Reccoa was being “too much of a woman.” That sort of comment hasn’t aged well, along with the rest of the gender binary commentary in this series. Emma’s impending death also makes no sense – there’s absolutely no reason why she needed to exit her cockpit and expose herself. Kamille’s rage unlocks a new power and finally takes down Yazan, although he’ll live on to keep causing problems in Gundam ZZ. There’s no surprise that more tragedy and bloodshed await in the series finale.

Original Review: November 3, 2002

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Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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