Zeta Gundam Ep. 6: To Earth


The Argama and Mont Blanc continue on course for Earth with an enemy fleet led by the Alexandria in pursuit. Lila takes a Space Boat from the Bosnia over to the Alexandria. Jerid walks into the pilot briefing room and hears EFF pilots making fun of the Titans. Jerid sits down without saying a word, and Lila comments that he probably doesn’t have to introduce himself because he’s known for launching into battle and accomplishing nothing. Lila kicks his chair and says she expected better of him since he’s a Titan. Before Jerid can do anything, Jamaican walks in and starts the briefing. He states that they’re currently pursuing the Argama and Mont Blanc, which are projected to head to either Side 1 or 2, or the Moon. It’s also presumed that their course will bring them close enough to Earth to attack defense satellites. On the Argama, Henken and Quattro discuss enemy movements, and Quattro suggests that they’re probably regrouping their forces. Henken asks for their current location, and Caesar displays on screen that they’ll reach the laser defense satellite network in 25 minutes. Quattro asks if they’re going to go through with this plan and is surprised that Reccoa is on the mission. Elsewhere, Kamille works at a computer near the hangar and gets up when Astonaige comes in to use the computer. Astonaige asks if it’s the Gundam Mk-II, and Kamille comments that it must be hard trying to collect all the parts from Quattro’s destroyed Rick Dias. Astonaige responds that because of that task they have to wait on rebuilding the Gundams. Astonaige is impressed by Kamille’s mobile suit design, and Kamille explains that the “Zeta Gundam” combines elements of the Gundam Mk-II and the Rick Dias with new armor. Astonaige thinks that Kamille is a Newtype and made perfect calculations, but Kamille says that has nothing to do with it. Kamille spots Reccoa in a corner and tries to approach her, but he stops when he sees her talking to Quattro. He lets go of his disk with the Zeta Gundam design, which floats by Quattro and Reccoa as they talk. Reccoa grabs the disk and sees Kamille getting into an elevator. Kamille then stops by Emma’s quarters and says he just wants to chat, but she says if he’s come for sympathy, he won’t get any from her. He then becomes agitated and says he just wanted to know why someone like Emma was with the Titans. Reccoa finds Kamille to give him his disk and asks what he’s doing, but he slaps away the disk and leaves in a huff. Emma says that Kamille doesn’t mean any harm, and Reccoa asks Emma to care for the plants in her quarters since she’s leaving the ship. Kamille finds Henken and Blex in an observation room and eavesdrops on them as they eavesdrop on Emma and Reccoa’s conversation. Emma tells Reccoa that she can’t and doesn’t want to go back to the Titans, but she thinks the AEUG being so aggressive will lead to all-out war. She asks if it was really necessary to endanger civilians by firing at Green Oasis, and Reccoa says that’s nothing compared to the Colony 30 Incident. Emma isn’t familiar with that, and Reccoa explains that Side 1’s Colony 30 held an antigovernmental rally. In response, Bask pumped the colony full of G3 poison gas. Emma and Kamille are both shocked to hear this, and he tells himself that it sounds like something Zeon would do. Emma notes that G3 gas was banned at the start of the One Year War, and Henken tells Blex that Emma is having trouble believing them. Blex thinks that Emma can be a good pilot for the AEUG and that they should show her Colony 30. On the Alexandria, Jamaican tells the EFF pilots that by joining the Titans they’ll be considered one rank higher than the regular military, even if their actual rank doesn’t change. Some of the pilots are excited by the news because it means more paid holidays, and Lila comments that indulgences like this is how they end up with wimps like Jerid. Jamaican appoints Jerid as team leader for the operation, but Lila objects because she has more combat experience in space. Jamaican answers that Titans are a rank higher than the regular military, and Jerid confronts Lila after she leaves the briefing. He tries to punch her, but she easily dodges and says that while she understands how he feels, he can’t beat her. Lila pushes herself off the ceiling and uses the momentum to kick Jerid in the face and knock him to the floor. Lila says that Jerid has added to his embarrassment and wonders why Earthnoids can’t understand the difference between Earth and space. Jerid insists that he trained extensively and his ability to adapt is why he was able to join the Titans, but Lila counters that the ability to adapt isn’t the same as the ability to cope. Jerid lays hands on Lila and asks her to tell him why, and she tells him to unhand her. She tells him that he can’t beat her as long as he acts like a brute, and he asks how he’s being brutal. Lila pushes Jerid away and says he’s getting on her nerves because he can’t consider other people’s feelings. Lila says that he can’t treat her the same way as he did other women in his life, and he responds that he didn’t mean to give that impression. Lila states that each new atmosphere and mission requires a different response, and Jerid says he thought that’s what he was doing. Lila says he hasn’t seen anything yet, so what would he expect to change? She tells him if he had seen anything he would’ve been able to beat the Gundam Mk-II, and Jerid says he wants help so he can defeat Kamille. Jerid proclaims that he wants to lead the Titans someday, so he’ll swallow his pride now to learn what he needs. Lila is impressed by his seriousness and offers to help, but only if he starts the operation from the Bosnia. In the Argama’s normal suit locker room, Kamille asks Quattro if he knows anything about the Colony 30 Incident, which he only knew of as some riot. Quattro says it was much more than that, and it resulted from people being unable to trust each other. Kamille asks Quattro if he fights because he doesn’t trust people, and Quattro answers that he fights because the Titans are out of control. Kamille asks what he should do, and Quattro responds by asking him what he feels he should do. Kamille thinks he’s doing the right thing now with the AEUG, and Quattro says that’s the right thing. Kamille asks what’s up with Reccoa, and Quattro explains that she’s going down to Earth.   

Quattro mentions that if Kamille has anything to tell Reccoa, he’d better do it soon. After Kamille leaves, Quattro tells himself that he’s reminded of Amuro. On the bridge, Blex and Henken discuss how they have faith in Reccoa and that the Titans must now be aware that they intend to destroy either a defense satellite or solar battery. On the Bosnia, Lila tells Jerid that her Galbaldy team will launch first and that in space he has to focus on all directions. Jerid asks if he has to sense the enemy’s hostility through the mobile suit armor, and Lila says that’s right. Jerid’s Hi-Zack team takes off after Lila’s team. Anna Hanna helps Reccoa with her pilot suit as she prepares to launch in the single seater Hohsenka capsule. Kamille enters the room and asks Reccoa if she’s going alone, and she points out that the capsule only seats one. She then tells Kamille that they’re on level two battle alert and asks if he has anything better to do. Anna announces that she’s opening the airlock, so Kamille leaves the room. Quattro launches in the Gundam Mk-II followed by Apolly and Roberto in their Rick Diases on a course to attack a solar battery. Incoming enemies are detected after the launch, and Henken orders communications opened with their team. Jerid tells himself that another way to live is to hold back when the time is right to do so, for the sake of achieving greater success later on. Henken is informed that Quattro’s team will reach the solar battery in 10 seconds, and Caesar reports that he hasn’t made contact yet. A GM II fires at Quattro as it flies by, but he ignores it and fires his bazooka at a defense satellite. He then flies in close and fires more bazooka rounds to destroy the satellite. Blex orders the Mont Blanc’s GM IIs to launch and engage the enemy. Reccoa’s Hohsenka is raised onto the catapult deck for launch. Henken calls Reccoa and reassures her that they’ll safely launch her in the direction of Jaburo. Kamille gets into a Gundam Mk-II that is undergoing disassembly and insists that it can be used to help protect Reccoa’s launch. Additional enemies are detected, and Henken tells Astonaige to let Kamille launch. Lila spots the Argama and comes under fire, and Jerid is surprised that she shows no fear over enemy fire. Jerid sees her destroy an AEUG GM II and figures that she must be sensing enemy hostility. As Kamille prepares to launch, Torres warns him to avoid getting pulled in by Earth’s gravity well. Quattro destroys another satellite, and Apolly reports spotting explosions from behind them. A Hi-Zack gets in close to the Argama, but the ship’s guns destroy it. Quattro’s team changes course to return to the ship, and Kamille watches as the Mont Blanc goes down after taking heavy fire. On Earth, Amuro sees a light in the sky and wonders who is calling out to him. Quattro attacks Lila, and she sees that the AEUG’s fighting strength was low because their forces were divided. With less than 90 seconds remaining until the Hohsenka’s launch, Reccoa wonders what will happen. Jerid trades fire with one Rick Dias and maneuvers around Apolly so that he can get to Kamille. Jerid tries to sneak attack Kamille with a punch from behind, but Kamille dodges. Jerid swings around and slams into Kamille, causing him to lose his rifle. Kamille pushes Jerid away and pulls out a beam saber, which he uses to slice off Jerid’s right hand. Quattro destroys a GM II, and Torres begins the 10-second countdown to launch the Hohsenka. Jerid punches Kamille again, but Kamille responds by kicking him away. The Hohsenka takes off and flies toward Earth. Jerid makes another attack run on Kamille and suffers more beam saber damage. Lila makes direct contact with Jerid’s Hi-Zack, and he vows that one day he’ll beat Kamille with his own hands. Lila wonders if Kamille is a Newtype. After the battle, the debris from the Mont Blanc burns up in the atmosphere as shooting stars that are visible across Central America.


This episode is pretty densely packed with developments, but it also manages to include Amuro’s first appearance in the series. We see the disdain that regular EFF pilots have for the Titans, and it’s well-deserved when the Titans have elitist punks with no experience like Jerid among their ranks. The disdain just oozes out of Lila during that briefing scene, compounded by her beating Jerid down when he tries to come after her. I think even he has to recognize that he’s an inferior pilot, and I have to imagine she’s mainly helping him out of a sense of pity or amusement, or both. Although Emma is said to be on probation, it’s clear that she’s not trusted yet, since Henken and Blex are listening in on her conversations. This allows us to hear for the first time about the Colony 30 Incident, which involved the Titans gassing a colony for holding an anti-government protest. Kamille notes that it sounds like something Zeon would do, and we all know they did exactly that during the One Year War ahead of Operation British. Despite losing his father last episode, Kamille’s been busy and managed to design the new Zeta Gundam, which impresses Astonaige. He also goes out into battle again with a one-armed Gundam and manages to show up Jerid. His past failures are definitely compounded here by the fact that he’s lost multiple times to a civilian teenager. Finally, Amuro makes an all too short appearance and feels someone calling out to him from space. We know, of course, that this won’t be the last time we see him.

Original Review: June 12, 2000

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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