Zeta Gundam Ep. 8: The Dark Side of the Moon


As the Alexandria orbits the Moon, a mechanic adjusts a Galbaldy for Jerid to pilot, and he informs the mechanic that he intends to launch in 15 minutes. The Argama enters orbit of the Moon, and Emma knocks on Kamille’s door and tells him to stop sulking. Kamille answers the door and is surprised to see Quattro there, and Quattro says that Kamille can tell them anything if he has something on his mind. Kamille answers that there’s no way he can, and Quattro suggests getting exercise. Quattro asks if anything happened with Lila, and Emma tells him he should leave. Kamille notes that his room doesn’t have a surveillance camera, so Emma can’t come in since she’s still on probation. Emma corrects him with the news that she’s off probation and has been fully accepted as a member of the AEUG. Emma steps into the room and closes the door so they can talk away from Quattro. She says that Quattro is concerned that Kamille is mad at the crew for trying to make him a soldier. Kamille tells Emma to use her own words, and she apologizes and says she thought that maybe Kamille felt something during his battle with Lila and didn’t know how to deal with it. Kamille thinks Emma has a great imagination and asks if she thinks he can sense an enemy’s thoughts and feelings through mobile suit armor like a Newtype. Kamille says that Lila was a strong opponent and that he fought desperately to survive, but there’s nothing more to it. Emma calls Kamille a liar, and he leaves the room to get some exercise. Emma follows Kamille into an elevator and mentions the rumor that Amuro’s whereabouts are unknown. She says that he met him briefly two and a half years ago at Cheyenne while traveling with a girlfriend in an old gas-powered car. He lived in a large mansion and helped fix their engine, and they assumed he was some rich young man living off an inheritance. Emma sensed that Amuro was tired but still dreaming of his future. She didn’t realize until recently that the man she met was Amuro, and he’d never identified himself. Quattro eavesdrops on radio as Kamille gets into the Gundam Mk-II to do cockpit maintenance, and Emma explains that she had the realization recently after meeting Quattro. She realized that the man was Amuro and that he felt tormented for not being able to come back to space. Kamille thinks she’s just imagining things, and she says she came to the Argama because of that mysterious man and felt that the ship had the air of what he desired. Kamille asks Emma if she thinks there’s someone like Char on the ship, and she answers that maybe there is. She says she no longer feels driven by impulse like when she wanted to come to the Argama. Kamille tells Emma that she’s already met Char then, but then tries to say he meant that she wants to meet Char. The ship suddenly rocks from an attack and goes on battle alert, and Kamille insists to Emma that he didn’t say she’d already met Char. Jerid launches from the Alexandria in a Galbaldy to scout and confirm the Argama’s position. Henken orders them to change course and make it seem like they’re heading for Granada before making a break for Amman. Jerid spots the Argama and flies close to the ship to lure Kamille out, which he does successfully. The Argama fires one of its cannons uncomfortably close to Kamille after he takes off. Quattro then launches in a Rick Dias, while Jerid uses the lunar surface to hide from Kamille. Spotting the Galbaldy, Kamille wonders if the pilot is one of Lila’s subordinates. Jerid fires several shots at Kamille and then quickly hides behind a rock formation. Jerid then grabs onto the Gundam Mk-II to make direct contact and vows that he’ll beat Kamille because Lila was a teacher to him. Kamille asks Jerid if he thinks he’s the only person who’s ever lost someone and further asks if this will make Lila happy or bring her back to life. Jerid tells Kamille to stop talking as if he knows everything and tries to fire his beam rifle at point blank range. Kamille dodges and knocks Jerid into the lunar surface. Quattro spots Kamille and Jerid but comes under fire from two enemy units. Jerid follows Kamille into a large crater and is amazed by his instincts. Kamille jumps out of the crater and opens fire, but Jerid dodges. Jerid chases Kamille back into the crater and the two trade shots against each other. Jerid says that even if Kamille is a Newtype, this is probably his first battle on the Moon. Jerid charges forward and attacks with a beam saber, but Kamille jumps out of the way. Jerid fires off several more shots but his beam rifle runs out of energy. Jerid grabs Kamille and knocks him down to the surface so he can attack from above with his saber.

Gady and Jamaican ask for status updates on the Argama and Jerid, and Jamaican wonders if Jerid got shot down. Kamille’s beam rifle is destroyed when he uses it to block Jerid’s saber, and he responds by attacking with his own saber. Jerid comments that these powers aren’t what one would expect from a child, and he wonders what Kamille is. Kamille blocks a beam saber attack with his shield, so Jerid fires off a couple of missiles, one of which destroys Kamille’s shield. The two attack each other with beam sabers, and Kamille hits Jerid’s shoulder while Jerid hits one of Kamille’s legs. Kamille has trouble moving on the lunar surface, and Jerid vows that he’ll avenge Lila with this attack. Jerid moves in for the kill, but Quattro fires at him and forces him to fall back. Jerid wonders where Kacricon is and is upset that he can’t even avenge a fallen comrade’s death. Quattro asks Kamille if he can move, and Kamille answers that he can while also apologizing for losing his rifle. Quattro tells Kamille that he played into the enemy’s hands, but for now they’ll return to the ship. Once Kamille is back aboard, Astonaige surveys the damage and complains that they’ll have to replace the entire leg. Quattro doesn’t think that the enemy was part of Lila’s team, and Kamille confirms that it was Jerid. Quattro comments that it’s as if Jerid was possessed by Lila’s grudge, and Kamille says that’s what he felt. Quattro tells Kamille he’s perceptive to have noticed that, but his inexperience shows in allowing himself to be lured away by one enemy suit. Quattro warns Kamille to watch out for that or he’ll get killed next time. The Alexandria and its fleet dock at Granada, while the Argama docks at the city of Amman. Wearing civilians clothes, Quattro disembarks and heads to an apartment in the city. He looks at a framed picture of himself and his sister, Sayla Mass, as children. A man named Kignan enters the apartment and mistakenly refers to Quattro by his military rank as Char. Kignan says that Quattro will always be Char Aznable to him, and he reports about the Titans docking in Granada. Kignan shows Quattro a photo of the asteroid belt and explains that a spectral analysis indicates the ignition of a nuclear pulse, which Quattro concludes must be Axis. Kignan confirms that Axis began its journey to Earth some time ago, and Quattro comments that Zeon’s ghost is making its move. Quattro asks if Haman Karn is 20 now, and Kignan confirms that while raising the point that Gryps is also moving. Quattro gets a video call that he has a message from Wong Lee to meet tomorrow at 10 AM at the Macdaniel restaurant on Eastern Ave. Jamaican is upset with the low amount of supplies that Granada is offering them, and Gady says their excuse is they’re also waiting for supplies from Earth. Jamaican thinks that’s just an excuse to not help them and that they’re AEUG sympathizers. Jamaican is informed that Jerid is back, and he says that Jerid is suspended and should be locked up in the brig. Jerid engages in small talk with Kacricon, and he asks if he needs Jerid’s permission to avenge Lila. Kacricon explains that has some info and is about to launch with Jamaican’s permission. Kacricon offers to call Jerid if he needs reinforcements, but he can’t bring him along right now. Jerid tells him to do as he pleases and says he doesn’t need anyone’s permission. Kamille and Emma drive on the lunar surface in the buggy, and she expresses her surprise that Amman supports the AEUG. Kamille mentions even seeing a newly constructed battleship at one of the docks. He then spots a mountain of debris ahead, and Emma explains that it’s colony wreckage, probably from the One Year War. Emma comments that she can understand why the Titans were formed after seeing Colony 30, and Kamille notes their stated objective is to wipe out Zeon remnants. Emma says that the Titans are just using Zeon for their benefit. As they drive through the colony wreckage, Kacricon eavesdrops from nearby and decides to follow. Quattro arrives at the Macdaniel and finds Henken working the counter. He then goes to a back room and meets with several high level AEUG supporters, including Wong Lee. Quattro thanks everyone for their cooperation, and Wong mentions that he called for this meeting because he heard that Quattro is opposed to the plan to attack Jaburo. Wong wants to hear Quattro’s reasons, and he answers that the AEUG lacks the battle power, but also any destructive act on Earth will pollute it. He adds that there’s also the issue of getting back into space, which is why he thinks it would be better to destroy Gryps. Wong counters that Gryps is just a tool of the Earth Federation, and they’ll build another unless the AEUG attacks the headquarters. Wong thinks that if they destroy Jaburo that Gryps will have nowhere to get supplies from. Wong thinks that this would put public opinion on their side, and Quattro comments that he always thought Wong was just an investor, not a politician. Quattro asks if they’ve made contact with their Karaba allies on Earth, and Wong says they can give their mobile suits to Karaba and have only the pilots return to space. Quattro thinks they’re asking the impossible and leaves. Kamille and Emma come under fire from Titans soldiers with jetpacks, so he pushes her out of the buggy and then jumps out himself to find cover. Kacricon calls Emma and asks why she’s helping the AEUG, but she tells him he wouldn’t understand even if she explained it. Kamille throws junk at one of the Titans, and a Haro dislodges from a pile of junk and blocks a bullet that would’ve hit Kamille. The Titan falls back when Kamille returns fire, and he grabs the Haro and gives chase. Kacricon shoots at Emma, but Kamille provides cover fire so they can get back to the buggy and escape.


It’s fair to say that the ghost of Lila hangs over both Kamille and Jerid throughout this whole episode. On the one hand, Kamille is bothered by having had to kill her, but he’s a poor liar and not good at covering up how he feels. On the other hand, Jerid is angry over her death and wants to avenge her. Jerid switches to a Galbaldy, and his scouting mission ends up just being cover for confronting Kamille. It seems that Jerid definitely learned something from Lila, as he effectively used the terrain to his benefit and took advantage of Kamille’s lack of experience with lunar combat. It also proves a humbling lesson for Kamille and demonstrates that he has a lot to learn as a pilot. The Gundam hamburger tradition continues in this series with Quattro having a meeting at Macdaniel, which we all know to be a stand-in for McDonald’s. We’re introduced to Wong Lee, a high level AEUG supporter, and the image of a bunch of men in a smoke-filled room definitely paints a picture of a lot of power brokers making backroom deals. We learn that Quattro is against a plan to attack Jaburo (which we know he has experience with), and I appreciated his backhanded compliment about thinking that Wong was just an investor. I think it’s pretty obvious that when it comes to military strategy, you put more trust in Char Aznable than some rich jerk. We also hear about Haman Karn and Axis for the first time in this episode, and of course they’ll play a big role later on. 

Original Review: June 13, 2000

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Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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