Zeta Gundam Movie III: Love is the Pulse of the Stars


On the Gwadan, an officer tells Haman that they can ram Axis into the Gate of Zedan or Granada on the Moon. Haman heads down to meet the Space Boat arriving from the Argama with Wong, Quattro, Kamille, Reccoa, Bright and Apolly. Haman escorts them to the throne room, where they meet with young Mineva Lao Zabi, the last of the Zabi family. Quattro is shocked that Mineva is on the throne and sees that Haman is just using her. Haman orders Quattro to approach Mineva, and Mineva recognizes Quattro from when he used to play with her. Quattro approaches the throne and sets off Haman, and he then grabs her and blames her for manipulating Mineva. Several soldiers attempt to restrain Quattro, but he fights them off until Haman and the other soldiers draw their guns. The AEUG team is placed in confinement, and Wong blames Quattro for the situation. Quattro asks Kamille for help in escaping, and the two begin to yell and punch each other. When a guard comes in to examine Kamille, Wong grabs his gun. Quattro escapes on his own, with Kamille and Reccoa following after him. Mineva panics because of the alarm and cries out for Haman. Quattro corners Haman in a passageway, and she says that he really is betraying them, but Quattro points out that he was never on their side to betray. Several soldiers appear behind Quattro, but Kamille and Reccoa shoot them. Haman escapes in the confusion, and Reccoa is hit in the shoulder. Elsewhere, Bright, Wong and Apolly make a run for a shuttle, but they come under fire until Quattro arrives. Kamille provides cover fire and opens the hangar door to allow the shuttle to escape. The Argama then deploys a large number of dummy asteroids to cover the shuttle and render the ship undetectable. Just then, a group of Titans mobile suits close in on the Argama. Apolly launches in the Rick Dias, followed by Quattro’s Hyaku-Shiki, Kamille’s Zeta Gundam and Reccoa’s Methuss. Quattro opens fire on the attacking forces, which include three Hambrabi mobile suits piloted by Yazan, Dunkel Cooper and Ramsus Hasa. The Hambrabis trap the Zeta Gundam in an electrified net, and Reccoa attacks Yazan before they can attack Kamille. Reccoa senses something strange from Yazan, and in her confusion he shoots off one of the Methuss’ arms and legs. Yazan senses something strange with the Methuss, and Reccoa then slams into Yazan. He uses his tail stinger to cut the cockpit open, and Reccoa asks if he was the one who called out to her. The Methuss then explodes, knocking Reccoa into the Hambrabi. Kamille cuts himself free and joins Quattro in attacking Ramsus and Dunkel. Emma and Katz arrive with reinforcements, causing the Dogosse Giar to signal a retreat. As Yazan flies away with Reccoa, he thinks about how she’s not what he expected. On the Gwadan, Scirocco pledges his loyalty to Mineva. Back on the Argama, Fa cries in Kamille’s arms because Reccoa has been listed as a casualty of war. At the Gate of Zedan, Jamitov and Bask discuss their plans, and Bask suggests using the Gryps 2 colony laser to destroy Granada on the Moon.

Elsewhere, the Argama and Radish rendezvous with La Vie en Rose for repairs. Bright argues with Wong about tactics, but Quattro interrupts with the news about the Titans creating a colony laser. At the Gate of Zedan, Scirocco tells a female aide that although he’s had the Dogosse Giar taken away, he has more supporters now like Reccoa. Scirocco then meets with Jamitov and Bask, who calls out Scirocco for his arrogance. Elsewhere, the Zeta Gundam, carrying a white flag, escorts Haman’s Qubeley to a meeting on the Argama. On the Dogosse Giar, Scirocco holds Reccoa in his arms and says that he has the time to consider her feelings, unlike the men on the Argama. Haman meets with Quattro and says that if it wasn’t because of the colony laser, she’d be pointing a gun at him. Bright gives Haman a letter from Anaheim Chairman Melanie Hue Carbine stating that the AEUG and its sponsors recognize the Zabi family and its claim on Side 3. Quattro asks what would happen if they didn’t recognize that claim, and Haman answers that she has enough nuclear weapons to bombard 20-30 cities on Earth. Haman asks what she has to do in exchange for control of Side 3, and Quattro says they want her to use her nukes to destroy Gryps II and the Gate of Zedan. Henken tries to interject, and Quattro asks Haman if she could at least destroy the Gate of Zedan. She mentions that she already has an agreement with Jamitov, and when Bright asks if she plans to use Jamitov, she says that will depend on Jamitov. In space, Reccoa trains on the Palace-Athene and laments that men like Scirocco don’t need women once they attain power. As Axis moves closer to the Gate of Zedan, Scirocco sends Sarah out in the Bolinoak-Sammahn to track Haman. On the Argama, Katz is angry about the alliance with Haman and his reassignment from the Radish. Everyone sits down over cake and talks about how Haman can’t be trusted and how to deal with Scirocco. On the Gate of Zedan, Jamitov gives Jerid a compact weapon to use in case something happens during their meeting with Haman. Haman tells Jamitov that supporting the revival of the Zabi family isn’t enough, and she says Axis is on its way. Jerid shoots at Haman, but she dodges and pulls out an earring that is set to release cyanide if she dies. Haman drops the earring and escapes, but Jerid takes Jamitov to safety. The AEUG fleet opens fire on the Gate of Zedan and begins launching its mobile suits. On the Dogosse Giar, Bask orders Yazan to protect Gryps 2 to ensure that he has control of it. Jerid attempts to attack the Gwadan with his Byarlant, but he comes under attack from AEUG mobile suits. Kamille arrives and attacks Jerid, forcing him to retreat. After initially refusing to launch, Katz takes off in the G-Defenser when he senses Sarah’s presence. At the Gate of Zedan, Bask reports to Jamitov that they have an hour until Axis hits, and that the AEUG is assisting Haman’s fleet.

As Kamille closes in, Sarah fires at him and two Hi-Zacks come in from the sides. After dispatching the Hi-Zacks, Kamille follows Sarah into an asteroid. Elsewhere, Quattro is disgusted that Haman is bringing Mineva out to a battlefield, and Fa is annoyed that Apolly won’t use her in battle. Kamille follows Sarah on foot and enters an airlock. Sarah prepares to ambush Kamille by following him, but his normal suit is empty and he attacks her from behind. He tells her that Scirocco is just using her as a pawn, but she says she’s ok with that as long as it helps him create his vision for a new world. She tells Kamille that Scirocco trusts her more than he trusts Reccoa. She then grabs her gun and escapes. As Axis approaches the Gate of Zedan, Scirocco orders Reccoa to collect data in the Palace-Athene. The AEUG fleet opens fire on the Gate of Zedan, and Jamitov and Bask prepare to depart on the Dogosse Giar. Reccoa flies behind the Argama and prepares to attack the engine and not cause casualties, but Fa suddenly attacks from behind. Sensing something strange, Kamille returns to the area and warns Fa not to chase too far in. Fa chases Reccoa and causes both suits to crash in a hangar inside the Gate of Zedan. Fa asks Reccoa why she’s with the Titans, and Reccoa answers that she’s been looking for her emotions after losing them to war. She escapes when Kamille arrives, so he chases after her. Reccoa shoots at Kamille as she speeds through the hangar, and Jerid senses Kamille’s location. He attacks Kamille outside and rebuffs Reccoa’s offer to help. As he targets Kamille, Fa attacks and grapples onto the Byarlant. Apolly arrives and tells Fa to back off. He attacks the Byarlant, but Jerid fires back and destroys the Rick Dias, killing Apolly. The AEUG and Titan fleets retreat as Axis collides with the Gate of Zedan and breaks the asteroid fortress in two. Later, Kamille scolds Katz for his behavior while Fa discusses the Reccoa situation with Emma. Quattro and Melanie meet with Haman and Mineva on the Gwadan, and Mineva later plays the violin for Quattro. Katz grumbles in the Argama‘s briefing room about Quattro being gone to long, and he runs off when a call comes in from Torres. Kamille picks up the phone and is told that Haman is meeting with Scirocco. At the same time, Katz takes off with the G-Defenser. Scirocco approaches the Gwadan in The-O, accompanied by Sarah and Reccoa. Only two suits are allowed to dock, so Scirocco orders Reccoa to stay outside.

Katz is given permission to board the Gwadan, and he hides a gun in his normal suit so that he can kill Scirocco. Kamille forces his way into the Gwadan and is held at bay by Axis soldiers. He tells Sarah that she has to stop Katz because he plans to kill Scirocco. Katz attacks a soldier and struggles with another in a passageway until Quattro knocks him out. In another part of the ship, Haman meets with Jamitov and Scirocco. She asks if it’s true that the EFF is going to sever ties with the Titans, and Jamitov asks if she plans to sever her ties as well. Scirocco pulls a gun on Haman, and Quattro rushes into the room and shoots Scirocco in the arm. Sensing Scirocco’s danger, Sarah blasts a hole inside the ship with the Bolinoak-Sammahn. In the confusion, Scirocco corners Jamitov and kills him. Kamille and Katz escape from the ship, followed by Scirocco and Sarah. The Gwadan opens fire on the Titans, and Scirocco announces that Jamitov was assassinated by Haman. A furious Bask believes Scirocco is the assassin, but Yazan reminds Bask that he’s in charge now. Quattro escapes in the Hyaku-Shiki, and Haman launches in the Qubeley to face Scirocco. Elsewhere, Yazan tells Ramsus and Dunkel that they’ll deliver a present to Scirocco during the battle. Sarah and Reccoa both attempt to attack Haman, but they come under fire from her bits. Scirocco concentrates and manages to destroy several bits before Haman switches to psychic attacks. Katz rushes in and fires at The-O, but Sarah jumps in with her Bolinoak-Sammahn and takes the shot. Katz is shocked by Sarah’s death, and when Scirocco rushes in to kill Katz, he sees the image of Sarah protecting the G-Defenser. Reccoa cuts off Scirocco to attack Katz herself, but Kamille arrives and shoots at her. Kamille stops Katz from moving, and Katz says he wants to defeat Haman and avenge Sarah. Kamille then points his hyper mega launcher at Katz and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t return to the Argama. He tells Katz that he’ll only cause trouble for everyone if he acts on emotions during battle. Fa blocks Kamille and says he should understand how Katz feels. Elsewhere, Haman plans to take control of Gryps 2 and doesn’t care if she has to use the AEUG or the Titans. The AEUG fleet surrounds Gryps 2, and Quattro and Emma fight off Axis mobile suits. Mineva tells Haman that she feels uncomfortable, and Haman sees that Mineva is detecting the same pressure. Elsewhere, Yazan and his men attack the Dogosse Giar and kill Bask.

Fa saves Katz by destroying an attacking Gaza-C, and Kamille attacks Haman. She unleashes several bits, but Kamille survives the attack and moves in close with his beam saber. Suddenly, the two have a strange vision where Kamille sees all the women in his life and Haman sees her younger self with Quattro. Haman accuses Kamille of trying to confuse her and attacks. Kamille fires a grappling line to pull Haman in close and attack with his beam saber, but she manages to escape. Fa joins Kamille, but she lost track of Katz along the way. At Gryps 2, Quattro tells Emma to fall back. As Kamille heads for Gryps 2, he’s attacked by Jerid’s Baund-Doc. Emma heads for the Radish and is joined by Katz. The Hambrabis grapple the Gundam Mk-II with their sea serpents, but Katz blasts Emma free. Kamille senses something and flies away, chased by Jerid. Emma and Katz then dock so that Emma can use the Super Gundam‘s long rifle. Katz chases after Yazan with the Core Fighter, and Emma uses the long rifle to kill Ramsus. Yazan fires at Katz, and although Katz dodges the blasts, he isn’t paying attention and crashes into an asteroid. As he dies, he sees Sarah and knows that he’ll be able to see her again. Emma uses the long rifle to kill Dunkel, but Yazan attacks from behind and destroys the G-Defenser. Henken decides to move the Radish closer and cover Emma. The Radish opens fire on the Hambrabi, but Yazan circles around and hits the bridge. Kamille arrives and is grappled from behind by Jerid’s Baund-Doc. He manages to break free and fires several shots, which propel the Baund-Doc into the exploding Radish and kill Jerid. Kamille comments that things like that happen to people who think a battlefield is a playground. Kamille exits the cockpit and finds an unresponsive Emma. He tells her that even though Katz and Henken are dead, she’s still alive. H opens his visor and shocks Emma back to normal. At Gryps 2, Quattro launches with the Mega Bazooka Launcher while Fa brings the Gundam Mk-II back to the Argama. Elsewhere, Scirocco and Reccoa close in on Haman, who is leading a squad of Gazas. Suddenly, the Gazas are destroyed by a test firing of Gryps 2. Kamille attacks Reccoa, but Yazan decides to join in and attacks as well. Haman and Scirocco close in on Quattro, and the Qubeley’s bits destroy the mega bazooka launcher. Yazan grapples onto Kamille with a sea serpent, and just as Reccoa is about to fire, Emma arrives on a sled and attacks. Kamille then goes after Yazan while Emma fights Reccoa. Emma asks Reccoa if she heard Katz’s voice and tells her that he’s dead. Emma says that everyone felt Katz and Henken’s deaths, but no one will feel anything when Reccoa dies. Emma and Reccoa attack each other with beam sabers, but Emma manages to hit the cockpit and kill Reccoa. She then exits her cockpit when Kamille arrives. Yazan then blasts the wreckage of the Palace-Athene, causing a piece of shrapnel to hit Emma. Filled with anger, Kamille chases after Yazan as the Zeta Gundam begins to glow pink. He cuts into the Hambrabi with a massive beam saber swipe, but Yazan’s cockpit pod ejects before the suit explodes. Kamille then recovers Emma and takes her into a ruined Titans battleship that is slowly drifting into Gryps 2.

On the Argama, Bright watches the battle and realizes that the red cross beacon on The-O is being used to direct the Titans fleet. He wants to fire Gryps 2, even if the power level is only charged at 50 percent. In her dying moments, Emma tells Kamille that after what she saw, she knows that the Zeta Gundam can absorb a person’s life and use it as strength. Outside, Scirocco and Haman chase Quattro into Gryps 2. As Scirocco destroys the laser cannons, Haman attacks Quattro and destroys his beam rifle arm. Scirocco and Haman then team up on Quattro and destroy one of the Hyaku-Shiki’s legs. Quattro then escapes by going deeper into Gryps 2. Quattro wanders into a theater, but Haman is waiting for him and pulls a gun. Scirocco appears, and Haman asks Quattro to help her revive the Zabis. Quattro says he doesn’t want the world to go in the wrong direction and wants to awaken Newtypes. Kamille appears on the stage with his gun drawn and says that people like Haman and Scirocco need to die, to which Scirocco counters that normal people hold back the geniuses that can change the world. Kamille shoots at Haman, and Fa rushes in and shoots at Scirocco when he pulls a gun. Everyone returns to their suits and continue to fight inside Gryps 2. The colony laser is charged to fire, but Bright wants to wait until Kamille and the others escape. When they do, the colony laser fires and destroys most of the Titans fleet. Kamille chases Scirocco and attacks him. Haman attacks Quattro with bits, and he flies into a ruined Salamis. Haman chases after him, and he slams her into a wall and says she can’t use her bits now. She then uses the bits to destroy the Hyaku-Shiki’s remaining arm and leg. Quattro spots an exposed power conduit and fires his vulcans, setting off a massive explosion that destroys the Salamis as Haman escapes. Kamille attacks Scirocco above the Jupitris and accuses him of just using people as tools. The Zeta Gundam begins to glow with power when the spirits of Emma, Katz, Four, Reccoa and Rosamia appear to help Kamille. Sarah’s spirit tries to defend Scirocco, but Katz tells her to think with more than her head. The-O stops moving, and Kamille transforms into Waverider mode and rams The-O, impaling Scirocco on the tip of the Zeta Gundam’s shield. The-O then crashes into the Jupitris and explodes, setting off a chain reaction that destroys the ship. On Earth, Kikka and Letz watch the battle flashes stop, and Fraw says that the battle is probably over. She goes outside and tells Amuro that the battle is over. Elsewhere, Mirai drives around and asks for directions to an EFF base. Kai meets Sayla Mass at a seaside resort to ask her about Quattro. Haman reports to Mineva that they’re leaving the Earth Sphere until things quiet down, but she’s made arrangements for Mineva to study on Earth. As the AEUG fleet regroups, Torres and Saegusa eavesdrop and mock Kamille and Fa’s conversation in space. Kamille hugs Fa and says she isn’t an illusion because he’s holding her in his arms.


The Zeta Gundam trilogy closes with a very different ending from the TV series. Like the second movie, much has been cut and changed here. First, the entire Kilimanjaro/Dakar arc is gone, and it obviously can’t exist in the movie trilogy since Four was killed in Lovers. It’s an unfortunate loss because it’s one of my favorite parts of the show. Also, the entire arc where Rosamia is sent to the Argama as Kamille’s fake sister is gone. While many deride that arc, I enjoyed it because it showed the lengths the Titans were willing to go to turn people into weapons by destroying their minds. Speaking of Rosamia, since she isn’t killed in the movies and develops no personal connection to Kamille, it’s strange to see her appear as one of the spirits at the end. The end also features two major changes, the most noticeable being that Scirocco doesn’t fry Kamille’s brain. This was a known change from the beginning, since Tomino said he wanted to give Kamille a happier ending. I prefer the TV ending, but given that the arcs that gave Kamille a darker turn in the series are gone, a happy ending works here. The other change involves Axis. While Haman was clearly in a position of power at the end of the TV series, here the AEUG doesn’t seem to be in such dire straights, forcing Haman to inexplicably retreat. The ending also features some additional cameos by original series characters, giving Amuro, Fraw, Sayla, Kai and Mirai appearances they didn’t have at the end of the TV series. As with the first two movies, there are some ups and downs. Because the third movie only focuses on space events, Haman takes on a greater presence. Unfortunately, Jerid is shafted once again and is reduced to just barely more than a named grunt. Like the first two movies, there’s also new animation mixed in with the old. Personally, I’m glad that one of my favorite scenes, the battle inside Gryps 2, was redone. Overall, this movie is a solid experience, even though it removed parts that I enjoyed. It’s a good ending to this alternate retelling of the Zeta story, and the editing and pacing are much better than the at-times sloppy Lovers.

Overall Rating
Zeta Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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