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Code Geass Picture Drama 5: Stage 4.33


Viletta Nu asks Jeremiah Gottwald what it’s like to be in charge, and he tells her she’ll have problems if she speaks so impolitely. She says the difference between their ranks is too great, but the tells her that after the Purists take control, he’s going to recommend her for the rank of Baron. He says that Baron isn’t a useless rank, but rather one that will carry down throughout the generations. With Suzaku’s execution tomorrow, Jeremiah places Viletta in charge of the parade route. He says he’s counting on her because he can’t have any further stains on his reputation, after having two royals die in front of him. Jeremiah explains that eight years ago his first posting was to the security detail at the Aries Imperial Villa. One night, he was ordered by his superiors to lower the guard level to a minimum, which prevented them from capturing the assassins who killed Empress Marianne. He vowed not to accept failure, but after that he was sent to Area 11, where Lelouch, Nunnally and Clovis all died as well. Jeremiah begins to cry and says he’s a useless servant, and Viletta tells him he’s not acting like himself. Jeremiah says his little sister would laugh at him, so he vows to avenge Clovis and put his past behind him. Jeremiah declares that one day he will become the Knight of One, the personal bodyguard to Emperor Charles zi Britannia. Later, when Jeremiah is taken by Zero’s Geass, he orders his men to let Suzaku escape.


Set during episode 4, this picture drama focuses on Jeremiah and Viletta. Up to now, Jeremiah hasn’t been much more than the typical loser nemesis, in the vein of Zeta Gundam‘s Jerid Messa or Victory Gundam‘s Cronicle Asher, but this clip gives some insight into his character. His first job as a soldier was at the Aries Imperial Villa when Marianne was assassinated. The fact that he was ordered to lower guard levels shows that this was a planned murder, perpetrated from above. The question remains, however, who exactly ordered her assassination? Although Jeremiah is briefly in the spotlight after Clovis’ death, he has a hard fall after Lelouch uses his Geass on him and initiates the “Orange” event that causes many problems for Jeremiah. Jeremiah’s fall from grace leaves him destined to be one of those loser enemies who can’t beat the hero no matter how much he tries.

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Code Geass Info

Goro Taniguchi

Ichiro Okouchi
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Yuuichi Nomura

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kenji Teraoka
Junichi Akutsu
Eiji Nakata
Takumi Sakura

Character Designer(s):
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer(s):
Hitomi Kuroishi
Kotaro Nakagawa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 10.05.2006 – 07.28.2007 (S1);
04.06.2008 – 09.28.2008 (S2)
U.S. 04.27.2008 – 10.26.2008 (S1);
11.02.2008 – 06.07.2009 (S2)

Theatrical Release:
Japan 10.21.2017 – 05.26.2018


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