Da-Garn Ep. 14: Heart-Pounding Date with Pink!


Butcho’s computer analyzes the data on the Brave Fighters’ commander and displays photos of local humans that fit his profile. Butcho has his small flying frog armored beast Francois choose a suspect and the latter eventually settles on Seiji. At school, Hikaru tries to wake up a sleeping Seiji but Pink manages to do it by whispering softly in his ear. Pink tells Seiji that he looks cute up close and Hikaru warns her that he’s a wannabe player, leading to Seiji and Hikaru insulting each other. Hikaru later spots Seiji and Pink in the school library where Pink asks Seiji out on a date. The ringmaster drops by Tsukushi and delivers the latest report from the commerce association to Haruo. Tsukushi offers the ringmaster a free cup of dandelion coffee, and the latter accidentally drops his basket of wet sponges when he tries to sit on the stool. Seiji walks in to have dinner and brags about having a date to everyone much to Hikaru’s annoyance. On the day of the date, Hikaru decides to follow Seiji in secret and immediately bumps into her parents on the way out. Haruo and Tsukushi say that they decided to spy on Seiji’s date with their rationale being that Misuzu asked them to watch over her son. When Hikaru makes up an excuse about being worried for Seiji as a classmate, her parents let her tag along. Pink shows up to the date wearing a very revealing outfit and Hikaru’s parents are surprised Seiji would go for a girl like her. Seiji and Pink sit on a bench and the former nervously keeps his distance. Seiji fidgets around and accidentally grabs Francois who was hiding behind the bench. Seiji freaks out and wraps his arms around Pink, then quickly backs away again. Observing through the armored beast’s eyes, Butcho warns Francois not to be seen again. He feeds wet sponges into his synthesis chamber and wonders what kind of armored beast will be made from them.

Seiji and Pink ride a rowboat and the former remarks to himself that dates aren’t very fun. Hikaru watches the pair from another rowboat and her parents tell her that watching Seiji made them decide to go on a date of their own. Pink tells Seiji to promise that he’ll stay with her all day no matter what happens. Butcho completes his new armored beast Jennifer and teleports it into the city where it goes on a rampage. Butcho then watches Seiji in anticipation of him revealing his identity as the Brave Fighters’ commander. GDO fighters engage Jennifer but get immediately taken down by its acid attack. Seiji slips away from Pink in order to contact Da-Garn. When Pink catches up to him, Butcho notices Da-Garn arriving to engage Jennifer. Da-Garn’s magnum shots bounce harmlessly off Jennifer’s rubber-like body and the latter retaliates with more acid. Butcho frantically scans the battle site but doesn’t spot Da-Garn’s commander anywhere. Seiji tries to ditch Pink but she hugs him tightly and says that she’s scared. Seiji says he has something very important to do and Pink asks him to kiss her so that she will have enough courage to go home by herself. Upon hearing this, a fuming Hikaru accidentally grabs Francois and ends up throwing him at Pink. Pink screams and throws Francois at Seiji, knocking him into the lake. Pink leaves in disgust and Seiji uses the opportunity to summon the Sabers to assist Da-Garn. Butcho orders Francois to stop following Seiji and look for the Brave Fighters’ commander just moments before Seiji suits up. The Sabers fire on Jennifer together but their attacks have no effect and Jennifer ensnares them with its tentacles. Jennifer knocks the Sabers into buildings and Seiji has Da-Garn combine into Da-Garn X to save them. Butcho is surprised at Seiji’s appearance and wonders where he was hiding. Da-Garn X attacks with Da-Garn Blade but that too bounces off of Jennifer. Jennifer’s acid hits Da-Garn X’s arm and Seiji wonders how they can defeat it. The Sabers suggest freezing the armored beast and Seiji quickly has them combine into Sky Saber. Sky Saber freezes Jennifer with Saber Blizzard and Da-Garn X obliterates it with Breast Earth Buster. Butcho seethes with rage and swears he will discover Seiji’s identity. The next day, Seiji tells Hikaru not to spy on other people’s dates and the latter retorts that he was doing things he didn’t want other people to see. Seiji apologizes to Pink for what happened and offers to take her on a proper date next time. Pink however blows him off and asks another student out on date.


A very tense episode. Butcho manages to get a very accurate first guess at Seiji’s identity and very nearly confirms it if not for Hikaru’s interference, some quick thinking on Seiji’s part and a bit of dumb luck. We also get the revelation that Butcho and the Mystery Circus are somehow connected because the sponges Butcho used to create Jennifer were the same ones we saw with the ringmaster. Hikaru spying on Seiji’s date is something you’d expect, but seeing both her parents do it too was kind of weird. Luckily they were too scatterbrained to see the task through to the end and just went off to have their own date. On the other hand, what exactly were the artists thinking when they made Pink’s date outfit? She’s supposed to be twelve years old but she looked like a hooker.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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