Da-Garn Ep. 22: Lost & Found Director!


Violetche interrupts Magical Pinky’s morning bath and informs her that he used Redlone and Butcho’s data to locate a planet energy reservoir. Violetche reminds Pinky that him finding a reservoir immediately after arriving on Earth will discredit her completely in front of Ohboss and again extends an invitation for them to join forces. Pinky however refuses when Violetche puts the condition that she admits he had won. When he leaves, Pinky contacts Seven Changer and suggests that they join forces instead and split the credit on defeating the Brave Fighters and finding the reservoir. Seven Changer quickly guesses that Pinky expects them to gang up on Violetche and asks for time to think about the offer. Lady Pinky decides to investigate on her own in the meantime and changes to her Pink Yamamoto form. Seiji arrives late to school and ends up dropping his Director on the ground. When he arrives to class he finds everyone reading a news article about the Brave Fighters’ commander. Morisawa enters the classroom and shows everyone the Director that he found, which Pink, Hikaru and Hotaru recognize. He demands to know who brought it to school and Seiji is relieved because Morisawa thinks it’s a toy. Hikaru however points out that the Director is not a toy and belongs to the Brave Fighters’ commander, preventing Pink from discovering Seiji’s identity. Morisawa tries to use the Director to summon Da-Garn but nothing happens, further convincing him that it’s a toy. He declares that he’s keeping the Director with him until its owner steps forward. Pink however believes that Morisawa doesn’t know how to use the Director and decides that she no longer needs to find the commander if she can steal the Director and gain control of the Brave Fighters. Later during lunch break, both Seiji and Pink walk up to Morisawa in the teachers’ room to try and get the Director from him. Seiji feigns not being able to understand a certain lesson, but Pink gets a better idea. She leaves and changes to Magical Pinky wearing a very revealing outfit and pretending to want to talk to Morisawa privately about Pink. Seiji spies on them and Pinky uses a locket to hypnotize Morisawa into giving her the Director. Seiji is also hypnotized but Hotaru interrupts the meeting and snaps everyone out of their trance. Hotaru tells Morisawa to return the Director to its rightful owner.

Because of the confusion caused by Hotaru, no one is able to retrieve the Director from Morisawa. Pink finally has enough and decides to take it by force. She changes to her Lady Pinky form and contacts her servant, telling him to send the killer doll V-Vuitton to the school. When class resumes, everyone wonders where Pink went and Hotaru points at V-Vuitton flying towards the school. The students frantically try to run out of the class but Morisawa forces them to evacuate in an orderly fashion to the school yard. V-Vuitton corners the students and fires its finger missiles at them, knocking the Director out of Morisawa’s pocket but close enough for it to pick up Seiji’s cry for help. Pinky grabs the Director and tries to summon Da-Garn. Not knowing that Da-Garn actually responded to Seiji’s call, everyone including Seiji is surprised when Da-Garn actually shows up. Pinky orders Da-Garn to take out all the students, but Da-Garn responds by punching V-Vuitton away and proclaiming that he will never follow Pinky’s orders. An enraged Pinky orders V-Vuitton to attack. The killer doll uses a whip to grab Da-Garn and throw him around the school grounds. Seiji knows that Da-Garn doesn’t stand a chance if he doesn’t combine, but he can’t give the command without exposing his identity. The students start cheering for Da-Garn and Seiji gets the idea to have everyone tell Da-Garn to combine to confuse Pinky. The Earth Fighter arrives and blasts V-Vuitton, allowing Da-Garn to combine into Da-Garn X. Hikaru wonders how Da-Garn combined without his commander being here and Morisawa mistakenly surmises that Da-Garn responded to the students’ innocent hearts. Da-Garn X tears V-Vuitton’s whip and starts wailing on the killer doll. Pinky throws away the Director and runs away, allowing Seiji to finally retrieve it. Da-Garn X destroys V-Vuitton with Breast Earth Buster just before Pink comes running back towards the students. Later at Tsukushi, Seiji has dinner and Hikaru wonders why the killer doll attacked their school. An angry Magical Pinky enters the restaurant and makes a very large food order, saying that she always has a big appetite after a bad day. Pinky inwardly vows to destroy Da-Garn and his commander while Seiji thinks that Pinky is pretty even when angry.


Violetche only appears briefly at the start of this episode, but that’s enough to spur Pinky into desperate action, including forging an alliance with Seven Changer. Violetche finding a reservoir so fast however makes me wonder just what Pinky is doing with Butcho’s data. It’s also becoming increasingly obvious by now that behind all of Violetche’s cruel demeanor, he seems to have a thing for Pinky. I could have done without another episode where Seiji loses his Director, but at least the ensuing hijinks were fun to watch. It’s finally revealed that Pink Yamamoto was just another one of Pinky’s forms, and the outfit Pink wore on her date with Seiji back in episode fourteen makes a an appropriate return on Pinky’s adult form. Seiji again uses some clever thinking to shout his commands to Da-Garn without outing himself. On a lighter note, Pinky made another amusing display of practicality when she ordered her killer doll to launch despite her servant protesting that they haven’t finished giving it a wax job and manicures.

Overall Rating

Da-Garn Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shinji Takamatsu

Fuyunori Gobu
Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Masayuki Hiraoka

Musical Composer:
Yasunori Iwasaki

46 episodes

Japan 02.08.1992 – 01.23.1993


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